Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Outfit 38 (Eat Pray Love)

Went to watch the sneak previews of the movie, Eat Pray Love recently as my mom had managed to get the tickets through some magazine event or something.

Funny thing was, my mom ended up dragging her best friend to join her and I did the same too, by pulling Pochi in. So there were 2 generations of best friends sitting in the same row in the cinema. And it became even funnier when we later realised that my mom's best friend's sister (whew! that was a mouthful) was sitting one row down with her own best friend! Small world.....

Wore a pretty simple outfit since I was just attending the premiere:

Outfit of the day (pardon the sleepy, half-closed eyes in this pic):
T-shirt: borrowed from mom (it actually has a heaphone design fromed by sequins, but my hair covered most of it)
Skirt: Delyle
Black Stockings: This Fashion
Engineer Boots: Bought in Macau
Red Leather bag: Louis Vuitton
After like 2-3 weeks of patiently growing out my hair (no thanks to that awful hairdresser who ruined my hair!), I am finally able to curl my hair and get it back to it's poufiness from before! I tried curling it slightly differently this time, not sure how to describle it, but I simply curled the opposite of how I normally do it, so the curls are reversed. So I finally managed to get that little curl just beside my fringe that I've always seen on various models, mostly Yumachi (or was it Yunkoro?)...
The movie wasn't too bad, thanks to it, I now have a serious urge to fly off for a whole year and explore other countries whilst learning to reconnect with myself. But instead of heading to Italy, India and Bali like the character, I'll head to Italy, Venice, France and Japan instead. These are all the countries I have sworn to myself to visit before I die or else, I'll try to get my ashes shipped there or something (touch wood!).
However, I do think ther movie lacks a certain oomph!, perhaps it's that little something that a movie can never capture like a book can, case in point, P.S. I Love You. I was sobbing and heaving with every paragraph, the clean tissues in my left hand, slowly reducing and becoming part of the used tissue pile that was ever-growing. However, with the movie, I just felt a divide between the characters, their emotions and I. There was this little magic, a small spark that somehow a moving screen can never capture as much or as well as the written word. I think it's the exact same case for this story too, however, as I haven't actually gotten down to reading Eat Pray love, I cannot confirm or deny so. Perhaps it'll be an addition to my "books to read" list.
Okay, reading back, I've just realised that I've pratically poured out a whole stream of emotions and words about books and movies and comparison between them both. I guess I've been reading alittle too much... Hahahah.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 6

This month's selection of songs:

Shiver (The Gazette): The opening song for Monoshitsuji (or Kuroshitsuji II as it's more commonly known). Didn't really appreciate or get it at first, but after giving it a few more tries, I'm quite liking this song now. Though Ruki should get his hair deep condtioned ASAP, his hair looks practically deep-fried.

Last Song (Gackt): The first song from him that i ever listened to and still my favourite song from him. Plus I like the fact that he wasn't so "plastic" looking as compared to now. Dude seriously needs to layoff the plastic sugeries, he's starting to resemble Micheal Jackson now.

On Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz): Their latest MV after their hiatus awhile back. I still prefer their older album but I'll still give this new one a go since I still deeply love Gorillaz! I'm so glad the whole team's gonna be back, their previous MV only had 2-D, Murdoc and a robot Noodle. I'm guessing this MV is signalling a reunion of the group, and hopefully they'll have more fun, wacky songs like before.

Pretending that Nothing Happened (Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin): One of the lesser known songs by the Vocaloids, I love the soothing melody of the song plus if you check out the lyrics, it's a kindda sweet breakup song. I think out of all the Vocaloids, the Kagamines are my favourite.

Servant of Evil (Vocaloids: Kagamine Len): This song is really sweet and shows the depth of sibling love the Kagamines have for each other. There's actually quite a few versions of this story told from each character's points of view. Now I'm really hoping to get a chance to recreate this video just like the Korean cosplayers did, it's such an amazing story with such beautiful costumes and the Len here shows such deep emotions in every single frame. Ugh too bad, my cosplay buddies and I are bogged down by other plans, so I guess I'll put this on hold until I can convince them to get it done.

One more month down and another to go, I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. I haven't really achieved much, but I really happy that I'm so into cosplay now (despite it constantly draining me of money), because it's a hobby that I've always wanted to get back into and now that I am in it, I seem to be having more fun and developed great friendships along the way. It's a hobby I can't stay with for long, but I'll just have as much fun as I can along its journey.

Note to self: Mixing Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood with Ilaria Graziano's songs would induce periods of simply staring out the window and zoning out, long walks to nowhere in particular, wondering about life in general and the drinking of copious amounts of coffee.

Not that it's bad, really....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Personal Outfit 37 (School's started!)

My outfit for last saturday:

Outfit consists of:
Spectacle Frames: random shop in Far East Plaza
Plaid coat: Borrowed from mom (more like borrowed and "forgot" to return it, I think she's pretty much forgotten bout it's existence by now)
Black stockings: This Fashion
Cross-strapped mary-janes: Charles & Keith
White lace dress (not seen, as it's under the coat): bought in Macau
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mook
Yes, like I mentioned in the title, I've started school. Well, technically bout 2 weeks ago but it doesn't quite feel that long as my lessons are on the weekends. This happens when your diploma is from a brand new course and isn't affiliated with what you wanna study in University, totally sucks!
It's due to crap like this, that I am forced to take an additional 3 modules before I can actually start my real course. Not to mention, they only have lessons for these 3 modules on weekends! So instead of being a crazy, 21 year old living her life and partying the weekends away, I am stuck in endless lectures which attempt to crash a whole module within 2 weekends and then force us to sit for an exam after those 2 nasty weekends. Woohoo! So fun!
Ugh, but gotta stick it through for the sake of one's future and for that silly piece of paper that'll guarantee me a better job.
I hate growing up...... :(
Anyway, I watched Wall Street with the Bf, pretty simple storyline made complicated with all the Wall Street jargon that made my head spin. I understand it and yet I don't understand it, get it?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Personal Outfit 36 (Lanterns & Mooncakes)

The Mid-Autumn Festival ended just recently (bout 2 night ago, I think...) but that's no reason why one can't have some fun and relive some childhood memories by playing with paper lanterns lit by candles (oh the excuse to play with fire!) or to enjoy mooncakes whilst admiring the full moon.

I ended up doing all that just last night with some of my cosplay buddies!

Strung up all the lanterns onto a single wooden stick! And yes, we were burning candles on the cement floor (but we were nice enough to clean up the mess before leaving)!

Esther and Minichaos, my 2 closest cosplay buddies, in fact Esther and I go way back, all the way to secondary school!

My outfit for the evening:
White shirt: Uniqlo
Denim Shorts: Cotton On
Black Stockings & Leopard print Scarf: This Fashion
Spectacle frames: Random shop in Far East Plaza
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Bought this awesome pair of frames on my last outing with Steph, I finally have a pair of large spectacle frames! I popped out the lenses for the evening, but I popped them right back in when I got home, just in case I need them next time...

And in case those of you are wondering what a mooncake was, it's basically a dough filled with sweet lotus paste and a salted egg yolk in the middle. There are alot of modern variations now, but this is the original version.
It was kindda weird and amusing when tourists started taking pictures of us, whilst we were playing with the lanterns but we just ignored them and carried on. But the most amusing part of the night has to be when our very first lantern caught on fire! The candle had dropped onto its side, thus setting the flammable paper alight, causing Esther to panic and swing it around in an attempt to put out the fire. Unfortunately, all the swinging only caused the flames to get bigger but we managed eventually managed to put it out by dumping it on the floor and stamping all over it.
Hahaha, to be kids again....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personal Outfit 35 (Shopping Mad)

Met up with Steph yesterday to collect some boots which we had ordered (and my cosplay costume) from a fellow cosplayer. Was totally cheated by the stinking Taobao seller, they gave the both of us the wrong sizes, like literally 2 sizes smaller then what we asked for. I'll be selling mine as Steph's giving me hers. Did some shopping after dumping the stuffs at her place, it's so nice to be able to live so near the major shopping district.

Wasn't really inspired for my outfit yesterday and since I've been talking to Steph alot about Mode style, thought I might give it a go. Unfortunately, the top that I wanted to wear was kindda dirty, so had to make do with this top instead instead:
My first real attempt at Mode, should have added a chunky necklace too:

Fake 2-piece top: Bought in Hong Kong

Black Skinny jeans: Red2

Black pumps: can't really remember

Bag: Chanel

The key thing bout Mode that separates it from other styles is the super strong eye makeup and large earrings to focus on the face. I don't have pierced ears, but luckily my mom has a stash of huge, chunky vintage earrings. Love they eye makeup, I look so fierce and ice-cool, if I don't smile... Its my favourite part of the whole Mode look

These are Karl Lagerfeld clip-ons, they don't make costume jewellery like these anymore....

Bought a few stuffs including the latest Popsister and a large pair of glasses, perhaps I'll do a "gets" post next time.

I finally cabbed home as the bags of stuffs were so heavy that I my fingers were on the brink of falling off. But I'm really glad that my costume is here, so I'm finally set for my 2 cosplay events this year.

Thanks alot Steph dear for letting me throw my stuff at your place and your outfit was soo hot!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Contact Lens Review: Jewel series aka Candy series Brown

Just last month or so, I bought a total of 3 different pairs of circle lenses as my old ones had been tossed out after they started irritating my eyes pretty badly (I swear the old ones were fake judging from the packaging and the numerous complaints I've read about the blogshop...oh well... luckily no harm done!).

After researching bout comfort, design etc. this pair, the Jewel/Candy series was my first choice as I've been seeing it everywhere! Literally!

Most recently worn by Kumickey in the September (I think??) issue of Popteen

And most famously by Tsubasa during her Dollywink campaign, I think in the various images for the different lashes, she pretty much wore most of the selection of colours (except for pink, I think)...
So after getting my own pair, I was really looking forward to how it would appear on my own eyes:

The usual one side lens in, one side no lens photo

Now with both lenses in

As you can see, the 14.5 diameter really enlarges the eyes, though most of the enlargement probably comes from the black ring around it. I like the colour from far, it really changes my eye colour to a soft hazel and resembles my old Max Pure Browns alot such as looking like the glass eyes of dolls and stuffed toys albeit with a large black ring around it.
However, if someone does peer closely at my eyes, the pixelation details that make up the brown colour is pretty obvious, but that's only if the person is really close to your face. So far I've only had good comments from friends who've seen me wearing it so I guess that's a good thing!
I do have to warn you that the lens is thicker then most other lenses I've gotten so far, so sometimes putting it in, can be a pain (but it could be because my eyes can be pretty sensitive at times), but giving it a little swirl in some fresh solution tends to solve the problem. Plus I do need some eyedrops now and then, as the lens do dry out abit and start threatening to drop out whenever I blink.

I also find my eyes do appear "doll-like" at times, meaning lifeless and glass-like, so if you're not a fan of the look then this pair of lenses probably isn't for you.
But other then all that, I do love this particular pair of lenses, though I treat them more as cosmetic lenses and wear them less often then others.
*Just a note: No, my previous lenses didn't start to irritate my eyes due to poor hygiene and/or care. I am very anal about keeping my lens clean and don't just dump them in solution, I take the time and energy to rub them with a protein remover/lens cleaner everytime I wear a pair before washing them with solution and storing it in a cleaned lens case and fresh solution. Plus, I have done proper research (which I admit I should have done earlier) this time when ordering the new lenses, so I am sure they are now authentic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Anniversary Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone, I know those of you who participated in my very first giveaway are wondering when I'll be releasing the result and who was the lucky winner!

Well wait no more! As promised, I've picked out the winner randomly

First step:
I listed everyone out and included and additional entries

Step 2:
Randomly pick out the winner!

Step 3:
The winner's name is highlighted!

I've already sent an email to dear Ayame, so reply me soon to sort out the details okays?
For the other participants don't despair, I'll be doing another giveaway soon so who knows if you'll win the next time round!
P.S. Some of you may find your entry maybe one short or not in the draw at all, that's because your entry was disqualified as it didn't comply to the rules stated or I couldn't verify the link left hence the additional entry wasn't included. So just read carefully next time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Personal Outfit 35 & Shopping, magazines and so much more...

Outfit of the day:
Striped maxi dress: This Fashion
Lace cropped top: Online (can't remember the shop)
Heels: Charles& Keith
Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bucket Bag in Black
(Originally had a scarf bow in my hair but it kept dropping off, so I gave up and stuffed it in my bag)

Notice how my outfit was a Spring/Summer kindda look, but with the darker colour palette and lace texture, I've managed to transition it into Fall/Winter outfit without sacrificing comfort in Singapore's warm, humid weather.

Met up with Steph last wednesday for some shopping and magazines-buying. I was late... again... ugh I seriously need to have control over my time, I used to be a stickler for being on time when I was younger, but after my secodnary school days were over, somehow, my time started to get more flexible, I think its because I tend to underestimate the time it takes to complete my makeup and hair.

Anyway I managed to grab the last copies of the latest Ageha and Edge*s, so maybe I'll upload some articles soon. But I was too late in grabbing Snidel's mook, the one that came with the ultra-cute mouton fur bag. The ironic thing was the bf had earlier sent me a picture of the mook saying that I'll probably like the bag (he's well-trained enough to know my tastes), and because I couldn't see the details clearly, it didn't really interest me initially. One Tuesday, I went down to Kinokuniya to check out the magazines and I saw how the Snidel bag looked like for real, and I really fell in love with it but was still on the fence bout it. So by the time I had made up my mind on Wednesday, the magazine was completely sold out by then... haiz....
P.S. sorry for the horrid, flat hair in my outfit pic, my last hairdresser (not Tony, was his friend whom he recommended), totally destroyed my hair. He cut off quite abit of the length and bulk of my hair when all I did was ask for a trim and some layers, not to mention, I can't curl my hair properly now. I seriously wish a hex upon him now, and I even found a "hole" in my fringe when I was adjusting it last night.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 8 (Highlight Stage)

Last post on the TGC event and the one I was most excited about! These are the 2 brands who had their debut during th TGC event, so a pretty good way to gain exposure. Who knows, in the near future we may just see their names and clothes being splashed across various magazines, so Id keep an eye out for them!

I am ooh lala love with this brand! Lovedrose totally breaks typical Japanese brand fashion by choosing the elegant equestrian style for inspiration and instead of doing the usual bowler hats and fedoras this season, they chose to do the top hat instead! Lovedrose may well be a rule-breaking brand, but done with pizzazz and class but not boring-ly so... I'll be keeping my eye for this one..

AG by Aquagirl does more basic causal pices that merry comfort with style with loose flowy tops/dresses, I can see the mori gal influence there. The mother-child outfit combo is so adorable and the entire outfit in the second pic from the right is the result of the AG by Aquagirl X TGC collaboration. A nice outfit that is casual comfy, but not short on style

Finally, gotten eveyrthing up, hopefully I haven't disappointed anyone by not uploading everything immediately, and omg I totally forgot to mention this earlier, you can click on the pictures to see them in a larger size! It's actually better if you look at the details closely, I swear.
The giveaway is closed now, so I'll be announcing the winner soon okay?
Ugh just gimme awhile to recuperate, the photoshoot from the day before totally drained out all energy from me, imagine being in charge of wardrobe, makeup, photography direction etc. for 2 PVs for a whole 10 hours. It's not easy and extremely tiring, I can't imagine being the cosplayer, but it'll be my turn soon... hopefully it'll be less work... cross my fingers!

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 7 (AKB48 Stage)

Not quite sure what was the function of this stage since not all the girls from AKB48 went down the runway and they didn't list out the brands of the clothes they wore or anything. So... oh well.. I'm just the messenger...

Well at least, they gave me some outfits inspiration...

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 6 (Natural Casual Stage)

Both brands for the Natural Casual stage had red indian theme going on, with the feathers and such, seems more like S/S kindda style then A/W.

The model in the blue dress in the first pic IS a guy, but looks pretty good IMHO hahahahh! The only more wintery items I could find were capes and the fur coat from mystic

Heather had some cool travel looks going on, if only I could looks that good whilst travelling instead of a frizzy, swollen eyed mess. I predict the next things that are gonna take over the usamimi are the fur "ears" on a hooded coat or pointed, furry "ears" not shown here. The entire outfit sans the neckalce, gloves, shoes and socks in the first pic on the right is the product of the TGC X Hetaher collaboration

Nothing much new with these brands, but perhaps they're marching to the beat of their own drum.. so ther'es no reason to keep up with the trends then.

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 5 (Select Stage)

My laptop is acting up again, so quick posts on the remaining stages of the TGC A/W 2010 show okays?

Topshop had models with really fierce eyes and stained red lips sent down the runway. They chose to stick to their British style instead of adpating to whatever's popular in Japan, hence the not-so copy-cat lookalike looks.

Free's Mart celebrated thier anniversary recently and from the casual cool clothes that they have in their collection, I won't be suprised to see many more celebrations in the future. TGC X Free's Mart collaboration created the long plaid dress/coat with fur vest on the first pic on the right

Beams too was casual cool, loving the outfit in the second pic from the left, so Mori gal-esque! The white dress and fur vest in the first outfit from the right is a TGC X Beams collaboration creation, love the tiffany blue pillbox hat, gives it a touch of vintage

Another Edition was vintage glam but up-to-date all the same, the fur trimmed hodded cape is sooo gorgeous! I want one! An idol (can't remember her name) modelled the TGC X Another Edition dress that comes with a furry neck warmer with fur gloves attached!

On to the Natural Casual stage....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 4 (Elegance Stage)

Last stage for today guys, I'm totally spent from spending all day choosing and slowly editing all the pictures. This one is the Elegance Stage and true to it's name, the outfits were all elegant and classy-looking, something I can imagine the rich housewives of Japan donning when they step out for tea and shopping.

31 Sons de Mode had a very muted colour palette which they kept throughout their collection, but it was far from boring. Over the knee boots and thigh high socks kept the looks from being staid and boring. The fedora and polka-dotted dress on the first picture on the right are from the TGC X 31 Sons de Mode collaboration.

Initally when I saw all the white floral outfits that L'est Rose had sent down the runway, I was thinking "oh no, not another Liz Lisa-ish floral crazy brand", but the Chanel reminiscent tweed outfits that came after roused my interest in the brand and my personal favourite is the second outfit from the left. Some of the models had teddy bears matching their outfits, very cute! I'm loving the L'est Rose X TGC collaboration item too, the floral dress with the attached vest on the first picture on the right is sweet but not sickeningly so as the red over-the-knee boots toughen it up abit.

I highly suspect Apuweiser Riche had a very fashionably elegant schoolgirl in mind when they designed this collection. Cardigans, plaid skirts and thigh high socks were aplenty but not juvenile in anyway, I bet Blair from Gossip Girl would approve! The ribbon cape and sweet floral dress are TGC X Apuweiser Riche collaboration items, kindda mori girl influenced I think. Not to mention, Apuweiser Riche just opened their new store in Marui City Shibuya 4F!

I'll continue again tomorrow if not the day after with the rest of the TGC 2010 A/W show, there's still so much more pictures for me to slowly sift through, select and put together so be patient okay?

Be back ASAP!

Information and photos from

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Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 4 (Designer's Stage)

The Designer's Stage showcased 4 different brands. The designs they sent down were catered for the older crowd, with serious, classic pieces that had a little twist here and there unlike the previous trend-led pieces of the Trend Stage. The models were also slightly more mature looking and there were a number of foreign/mixed-blooded models.

Mecuryduo had most of their models wearing a sun hats and wrist gloves, very lady-like. Hair was left long with soft curls, overall a very elegant, lady-to-lunch kindda effect. The first picture on the right showcased the coat and floral dress that was the result of the TGC X Mecuryduo collaboration.

Smork adored scarves and alot of dresses had prints or an actual scarf draped down. Love the cute couple outfit with plaid to tie them both together. TGC X Smork collaborated to produce the sweater dress and nordic leggings on the first picture on the right.

Blondy was very lady-like with ruffles, lace and floral added into most of their outfits. TGC X blondy's collaboration produced the very snuggly-looking red knit dress worn by the model on the first picture from the right.

Snidel parian chic with lots of elegant flared skirts and well-cut trousers, they had a large amount of outfits that they sent don the runway and most if not all the models were halfs or foreign ones. Their outfits look so well-cut and styled that they could probably do pretty decent on an international level. TGC X Snidel created the cute sweater, flared skirt and orange hosiery outfit, that's an outfit I don't mind having in my wardrobe!
I'm loving the pieces put out by the brands in the Designer's stage. They were mostly classic pices with a twist that could be worn for years to come. With this, I'm really looking forward to the other Stages!
Pictures and information again from

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 3 (Partner Stage)

There were 2 brands on the Partner stage, my guess is that they were major sponsors or something for the event, hence labelled as "Partner".

First was GOTTO3, lots of bustiers, damaged jeggings and skin. Added in a cute factor by bringing the little girl with matching attire

Second Partner was Aoyama Suit Collection, something for Office ladies and gents in the crowd. The men looked spiffy in their suits and tie, but I think the women could do better with some colour or jewellry.

Next up is the Designer's Stage! So stay tuned for more!

Pictures and infromation from

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 2 (Trend Stage)

The first brands to walk down the runway of the TGC 2010 A/W event were Miasion Gilfy, muse muse by ROYAL PARTY, Liz Lisa and Cecil Mcbee. These were grouped under the trend stage and showed off their latest stuffs that are hip and trendy and up-to-date.

Maison Gilfy went down first and opened with Anna Tsuchiya (above left), the other 2 pics was part of their collection. Love the leopard coat! Its a TGC X Maison Gilfy collaboration special!

Next was muse muse by ROYAL PARTY, they upped the celebrity factor by sending Tsubasa down. They also added colour and a fun factor by having the models sashay down the runway with balloons, flag and oversized shopping bags. The third picture from the left, the furry beret, vest, high waist shorts and lace thigh highs are TGC X muse muse by ROYAL PARTY collaboration items.

Liz Lisa showed their signature floral touch, but and chose to remain with a white background but added furs to winter-ize. The fur/floral cape is simple adorable! The ribbon socks on the first picture on the right can be yours by simple buying the Liz Lisa mook!

Cecil Mcbee was last on the trend stage, showed some plaid, floral, furs, one-pieces etc. pretty diverse selection of trend-led items. The leopard jacket and damaged jeggings on the second picture from the right are TGC X Cecil Mcbee collaboration items.

There are still a number of stages left so I'll try to upload them up as fast as possible kays? So come back for more!

Pictures and information from
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 1

The 11th Tokyo Girls' Collection was recently held on 4th of September at the mega huge Saitama Super Arena that had an average of 30,000 ladies all clamouring to catch a look at the latest fashions of the top Japanese brands!

This year's TGC theme was "Back to the Classic Future", roughly translated as "future inspired by classic elements" (looking back at the roots the brands and expressing them for the future), which is pretty much what's happening with international fashion lately, a little tweak to something a few seasons ago and tadah! new collection!

4 different trend stages were presented by the various brands which were "trend", "elegance", "select" and "designers".

The brands gathered for this show were:

- Another Edition

- Apuweiser- riche

- Beams

- Blondy

- Cecil Mcbee

- Free's Mart

- Hetaher

- Kitson

- L'est Rose

- Liz Lisa

- Maison Gilfy

- Mercuryduo

- muse muse by ROYAL PARTY

- Mystic

- Smork

- Snidel

- Topshop

- WC

- 31 Sons de mode

- + rich

- AG by aquagirl (debut)

- Lovedrose (debut)

Pictures and stuff will be up tomorrow, so come back for more!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Finds from a Local Underrated Store

*Note this is not a paid advertorial

I know that the majority of my readers are from every country possible but unfortunately, today's post is catered more for my local readers (I know there are Singaporean readers out there despite never leaving a comment, because I have a blog tracker...eheheheh.....), so sorry to my international readers, however if you do ever come to Singapore, be sure to check out this nifty little (okay, it's not really little...) store, that's pretty underrated locally.

For my local readers, if you're still scratching your heads at what kindda store I'm talking about, does This Fashion ring a bell? I knew the majority of you would reel back in disbelief or even gag at the very thought of going within a 5 feet range of the shops' vicinity, however, despite the mostly, shoddy, poorly made and even downright tacky clothes they have, there are hidden gems waiting to be found if you have the patience, time and energy to try dig around.

I have come to learn that This Fashion is actually pretty up to date in terms of being on trend, heck, I once even found some clothes that I strongly suspect came from the Tokyo Girl collection that Donki sells, and considering the rate at how people describe the quality, I have a strong hunch that they are actually the very same pieces.

Still don't believe me? Well then lets see what I managed to find on 2 separate shopping trips to the same This Fashion store (in this case, it was the 4 stories shop at Dhoby Ghaut):

Knit dress with Norwegian print on it

Tibetan fur vest

Fur vest/cape

knit off-shoulder cape, great for Mode!
Monotone and animal print zip-up cardigan/mini dress

Leopard print and shoulder detailing, again a very Mode-inspired piece

Animal print, monotone and studs all rolled into one cardigan

Trench coat, with waist tie, functional buttons and a collar that is stiff enough to stand on it's own (I actually crumbled and ended up buying this piece for myself!)
They also had a whole load of Spring/summer trend items such as white lace dresses and denim shirts/dresses and such that they were trying to clear. Not to mention, if you actually check the quality of the clothes, some of their stuff actually are of decent quality! Take the coat that I ended up buying for example, it's actually made of the same materials of a similar coat that my mom paid like nearly $80 for (and that's when it was on sale!), it is made of a stiff water-resistant material, with a silky inner lining and the lapels fit perfectly on my shoulders! No one believes me when I tell them I found it whilst browsing thru This Fashion or the fact that it costs only $35! Yes! Your eyes aren't fooling you! Okay, technically it was being sold at $40++ but the price was lowered as I got it during a sale! But the point is, people think I paid thru my nose for it when it's just the contrary!
Plus, all the clothes that I've tried in the above pictures, the trench coat was perhaps the most expensive article of clothing. The rest were around $35 at the max, if memory serves me right but I remember most hovered around the $25-$30 range.
So how about giving this store a try the next time you walk past it? Who knows what steals you might be able to get at waay cheaper rates?
P.S. A number of my cosplay friends and I shop here too for clothes to incorporate into our costumes, haha in fact, whilst helping my friend with her outfit, a separate group of cosplayers assumed we had her costume specially tailored!
(Oh yes, do remember to try your luck at my giveaway! It's still opened till the 11th of September!)