Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 4 (Designer's Stage)

The Designer's Stage showcased 4 different brands. The designs they sent down were catered for the older crowd, with serious, classic pieces that had a little twist here and there unlike the previous trend-led pieces of the Trend Stage. The models were also slightly more mature looking and there were a number of foreign/mixed-blooded models.

Mecuryduo had most of their models wearing a sun hats and wrist gloves, very lady-like. Hair was left long with soft curls, overall a very elegant, lady-to-lunch kindda effect. The first picture on the right showcased the coat and floral dress that was the result of the TGC X Mecuryduo collaboration.

Smork adored scarves and alot of dresses had prints or an actual scarf draped down. Love the cute couple outfit with plaid to tie them both together. TGC X Smork collaborated to produce the sweater dress and nordic leggings on the first picture on the right.

Blondy was very lady-like with ruffles, lace and floral added into most of their outfits. TGC X blondy's collaboration produced the very snuggly-looking red knit dress worn by the model on the first picture from the right.

Snidel parian chic with lots of elegant flared skirts and well-cut trousers, they had a large amount of outfits that they sent don the runway and most if not all the models were halfs or foreign ones. Their outfits look so well-cut and styled that they could probably do pretty decent on an international level. TGC X Snidel created the cute sweater, flared skirt and orange hosiery outfit, that's an outfit I don't mind having in my wardrobe!
I'm loving the pieces put out by the brands in the Designer's stage. They were mostly classic pices with a twist that could be worn for years to come. With this, I'm really looking forward to the other Stages!
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