Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recent Clothes, Shoes & Accessories Haul

In my quest to change my wardrobe, I've been doing plenty of shopping lately. I've kind of split my wardrobe into 3 sections so far, office, casual & dress-up. Dress-up is more of my cult party kind of influenced look as it's been the most inspiring to me thus far. Lets take a look at what I got so far:  

Patent leather pumps with patent leather and metal ribbon detailing on the front. From Itti & Otto, these shoes weren't cheap at $89.90 but I snagged them at a 15% off sale so only got them for $76++! These are my investment shoes for the office and they've been worth every cent so far, as they're super comfy and look great

Taobao haul consisting of pink streaked wig, creepers, two cross necklaces, circular sunglasses, velvet hair band and velvet choker

Was surprised that the choker has the word "Alice" engraved on it, i had assumed it was gonna be a plain pendant

Also grabbed these Grimoire verum inspired stockings

After searching like crazy, I managed to hunt down this special RinkaXSweet shirt that Rinka had sold to gather funds for the flood victims, I didn't manage to get my hands on it earlier as it sold out almost instantly but now, it's finally in my hands! Though my larger bust size doesn't quite agree with it as much as I would like it to. Also bought a Lowry's Farm pleated maxi skirt

One of my favourite buys, this lovely Jouetie baseball jacket, made with a silky satin material. It's surprisingly warm but fits me so well.

LOL check out the Engrish

After intensively trawling the Internet, I finally got my hands on these babies. The Jeffrey Campbell Skate shoes.

Just look at the amazing wooden carved heel!! I feel like I'm wearing an elegant scupture on my feet and it's more stable then I had expected. I'm trying to convince Steph to get a black pair so that we can be shoe twins!

In case anyone's wondering how the wig looks like, this was the picture shown on the website. It's actually inspired by Amo's pink hair and it reminds me of my old faded pink hair that I love so much

Last but not least, a lace dress that will probably be the main skeleton for my new look and a purple cardigan, both from Cotton On. The dress was on sale from $39.90 to $19.90, score!!

I'm already feeling excited to try out some outfits I have in mind but I'll probably buy a few more accessories to spice things up, I really want a few rosettes and I might get a bag too. Hopefully my new look will go the way I hope it will because I'm starting to feel excited and inspired about fashion once again, a feeling that I thought I had lost awhile back. So hope my dear readers are excited to see my new outfits

Monday, March 25, 2013

Roses, Filigree & Personal Outfit

Accompanied Steph today as she got a new tattoo to fill in a space on her arm, she got roses and some filigree done which looked amazing!! The tattoo artist, Joseph, was also really fun to chat with throughout the entire process.

Drafting out the design on her arm
Starting on the outlines and apparently, its the most painful part of the process, Steph's face at times, was contorted in pain.

Taking a quick break after Steph was yelling "Chill! Yo, Chill!" to Joseph rofl!!

Starting on the shading in process, think Steph's arm was numb by then because she told me it wasn't hurting anymore.

Nearly done, looks amazing!

Shading in the filigree and rose at the back of the arm, Steph told me this part hurt quite alot

The end result!! Three beautiful roses with filgree all around it 

It also wrapped around her other wolf tattoo, framing it very nicely. Joseph is seriously talented and he completed the entire tattoo within a couple of hours!!

When Steph was midway doing her tattoo, this guy came in asking for a tattoo of this anime character called Ichigo from the series Bleach, you can see how it looks like here. Despite being a huge anime fan, I'm still not entirely convinced bout having an anime tattoo. I've seen plenty of beautiful tattoos mostly from Sailormoon and Howl's Moving Castle but I dunno, it just seems bit superficial for something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But it's its body so whatever floats his boat I guess.

On a side note, I took the opportunity to dress up abit for the day, and wound up with this somewhat Lolita style outfit, though it wasn't intentional.

Pussy bow blouse: Osmose
Tulle skirt: Forever 21
Heart print stockings: Topshop
Mary-jane wedges: Rubi
Hair ribbon barette: Salvation army
Charm bracelet (not seen): Dior
I tried to do Zipper style makeup with the intensified blush just below my eyes but I guess it's either I didn't put enough blush or my Iphone camera washed it out or a combination of both. I also used super simple Dollywink otona lashes just to add some volume to my lashes though the camera can't really pick it up.

I may eventually stop wearing iris-enlarging lenses for my daily and fashion wear since I will no longer be using such heavy lashes though of course I will still use them for cosplay purposes. It just looks odd to wear 14.5-16mm lenses when I'm not wearing heavier lashes to balance it out and I find the resulting look plain scary. I'll probably move onto lenses that are 14-14.2mm or maybe 14.5mm but without the black limbal ring so as to appear more natural. Though of course, I'll miss the enlarging effect.  

Camwhore with Steph after her bf, P, came down to meet us for dinner and we later chilled at a nearby Starbucks for abit.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dollywink Nail Polish Review & Quick Update

Gonna do a quick review on my Dollywink no.8 nail polish. The colour is pretty blue, like a sky blue which is really sweet looking. I'm not sure about the price as I received it for free during the gyaru event run by Watsons ages ago, but I do recall it not being that worth the price for its tiny size as compared to say OPI brand.

Outer Packaging: Was inside a plastic package which had cute lace designs and a large bow print on the top (sorry I forgot to take pictures but you can find it all over the internet). It was relatively easy to open as it was secured simply by tape, so cut the tape and you're ready to go.

Design: the bottle is shaped abit like a jewel, so its really endearing and just screams cuteness. The cap was long enough to paint with though the entire thing is rather small and only contains 4.5ml of nail polish.

Ease of use: The brush was large enough to glide along my nail, however, the formula was thick and gloopy causing alot of product to land on the sides of my nails and made it difficult to control. When I tried to reduce the amount of polish on the brush, I wound up with super thin streaks of polish and I had to apply many times just to create one layer of polish. This created alot of ugly streaks on the nail.

Drying time: It takes an insanely long time to dry! I was watching a movie whilst painting but even after the movie had ended, the polish was still soft when I pressed gently against it. It could be becasue I had to build up a pretty thick layer for the colour to look nice on my nails and to remove any streaks.

Lasting ability: I applied my Majolica Majorca glass drop top coat over it to give it a gel-like shine and it looked really pretty, but it started chipping after 3-4 days. Then again, I do housework and stuffs so nail polishes don't last very long on my hands, however, I've had polishes that last up to a week so comparatively, this polish isn't really resistant to external factors.

Overall: 4/10, only the Dollywink brand and cute colours attract me to it. However, the colours can be bought else where so I probably won't ever purchase Dollywink nail polishes. I'm just glad I got it for free instead of shelling out money only to be disappointed.

On a side note, I'm settling into my new job as a marketing executive pretty nicely, my colleagues have been very nice and patient and there's been alot of guidance along the way. I.m really hoping to stay in this company for the long haul so I am trying my best to get used to everything despite being on a steep learning curve as I've never done design work, whichc now I'm required to do.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time or energy to dress up lately as I'm either deadbeat or not planning to go out these past weekends. I am getting a shipment of new clothes to suit my cult party/mori/dolly wadever mix it is style that I'm heading at so hopefully, things will get more vibrant on this blog in time to come. In the mean time, here's a super simple outfit I wore last week on a date with the bf:

Shirt: Uniqlo
Inner camisole: Giordano
Shorts: Uniqlo
Wedges: Pretty Fit

I wanted to do simpler makeup a la Rinka style but I ended up back in my old heavier gyaru style, though I only put Dollywink half lashes and only mascara on my bottom lashes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Personal Outfit (Hello, Shibuyas Tokyo Fashion Show)

I managed to score 2 invites to the Hello, Shibuya Tokyo private fashion show, so naturally I grabbed Steph to be my plus one for it. The show was held at Red Dot Design Museum and the size was perfect for the event as it wasn't too large, just small and cozy enough but still had enough space for a catwalk and ample leg room for everyone watching. The designers showcased that evening were very avant-garde and incredibly mind-blowing, I'm still replaying that evening's show in my head.
We had wanted to wait for the professional pictures of the show to be released before posting bout it on our respective blogs, but since they're being impossibly slow with it, we decided to just blog it anyway.

The slogan wall to pose at, the photographer took a picture of us but we haven't seen it surface yet.
Took our seats and waited for the show to start

All the beautiful, cool and funky people slowly streaming in

I forgot to bring my camera, so I tried to take shots of the show with my Iphone, but the lights were too glaring and there's only so much a phone camera can capture, so I gave up after a few shots.

The only professional shot that's been released and my favourite brand of the night. I love how the designer used black light to show off the cage dresses

This was also the first show I've been to where the designer was actually present to take a bow after his/her designs had been paraded before us. It felt good to clap enthusiatically to show just how appreciative I was of being able to see their amazing work.

I rushed down to the event after a tiring day of work and having to be part of a work event where we had to schmooze with the bigshots of the company so pardon my terribly tired face and lack of a good outfit, I tried going mode since it's the only style that's appropriate for the office and fashion show.
Shirt: Emoda
Belt: Borrowed from Mom
Skirt: 2nd-hand from Mom
Heels: Charles & keith
Bag: Jimmy Choo

Wore my vintage mechanical men's watch with open face, I love looking at the machinery in a watch
Also wore my new pinky ring from JRunway, not sure what brand is it from but probably Osewaya. I know it's bit hard to see but it looks like 2 hearts entwined together with 2 diamante 

Makeup for the evening, I touched up my base and applied my lashes and a darker lipstick on my way to the event LOL

With the ever gorgeous Steph, her red hair is simply WOW!