Monday, March 25, 2013

Roses, Filigree & Personal Outfit

Accompanied Steph today as she got a new tattoo to fill in a space on her arm, she got roses and some filigree done which looked amazing!! The tattoo artist, Joseph, was also really fun to chat with throughout the entire process.

Drafting out the design on her arm
Starting on the outlines and apparently, its the most painful part of the process, Steph's face at times, was contorted in pain.

Taking a quick break after Steph was yelling "Chill! Yo, Chill!" to Joseph rofl!!

Starting on the shading in process, think Steph's arm was numb by then because she told me it wasn't hurting anymore.

Nearly done, looks amazing!

Shading in the filigree and rose at the back of the arm, Steph told me this part hurt quite alot

The end result!! Three beautiful roses with filgree all around it 

It also wrapped around her other wolf tattoo, framing it very nicely. Joseph is seriously talented and he completed the entire tattoo within a couple of hours!!

When Steph was midway doing her tattoo, this guy came in asking for a tattoo of this anime character called Ichigo from the series Bleach, you can see how it looks like here. Despite being a huge anime fan, I'm still not entirely convinced bout having an anime tattoo. I've seen plenty of beautiful tattoos mostly from Sailormoon and Howl's Moving Castle but I dunno, it just seems bit superficial for something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But it's its body so whatever floats his boat I guess.

On a side note, I took the opportunity to dress up abit for the day, and wound up with this somewhat Lolita style outfit, though it wasn't intentional.

Pussy bow blouse: Osmose
Tulle skirt: Forever 21
Heart print stockings: Topshop
Mary-jane wedges: Rubi
Hair ribbon barette: Salvation army
Charm bracelet (not seen): Dior
I tried to do Zipper style makeup with the intensified blush just below my eyes but I guess it's either I didn't put enough blush or my Iphone camera washed it out or a combination of both. I also used super simple Dollywink otona lashes just to add some volume to my lashes though the camera can't really pick it up.

I may eventually stop wearing iris-enlarging lenses for my daily and fashion wear since I will no longer be using such heavy lashes though of course I will still use them for cosplay purposes. It just looks odd to wear 14.5-16mm lenses when I'm not wearing heavier lashes to balance it out and I find the resulting look plain scary. I'll probably move onto lenses that are 14-14.2mm or maybe 14.5mm but without the black limbal ring so as to appear more natural. Though of course, I'll miss the enlarging effect.  

Camwhore with Steph after her bf, P, came down to meet us for dinner and we later chilled at a nearby Starbucks for abit.


  1. The tattoo looks good! And so does your outfit~ I love love the tights :D