Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jil Sander for Uniqlo Collection

Seems like the duo from Fashion Nation has gotten the scoop before I did, but then again, I'm a fan of theirs.... so doesn't matter.

If you haven't read their article yet here's the breakdown, german designer Jil Sander is creating a capsule collection for Uniqlo, not surprising since the Japanese market laps up her stuffs pretty much the instant it hits the shelves, plus I heard that she's hoping that the partnership would last longer then this one collection.

Anyway, taking a look at the photos online, seems that she has stuck to her trademark minimalism, and suppsoedly the entire line comes only in a neutral palette of black, white, grey, navy and eggplant. Bit of a bore if you ask me, but then again it'll match with anything in your wardrobe, a plus point in today's economy...

"I have always sought simplicity and high quality. Uniqlo is maufacturing highly functional fabrics and presenting them for a very reasonable price. I think its possible that if we put our strengths together, we can make pieces that are beautiful and comfortable, with simplicity, sophistication, and a sense of luxury as well. I think this is exactly what near-futuristic fashion truly is"

Considering tha pieces I've seen, I thik they've pretty much accomplished what she hopes for. Still no word whether the line would be available in Singpaore though, but I'm crossing my fingers...

Comme des Garcons Beatles bags

Seems like the super hip Japanese brand Comme des Garcons has decided to enter into a partnership with Apple Records in order to produce a line of handbags featuring The Beatles.

Seems abit weird the combination, but then again with a fresh release of all their songs, I guess a new revived Beatles-mania would sweep the world again, thoguh maybe not as big as in their heyday.

The first batch of bags are rumoured to be available in a few select stores in November. Initially, the only stores to carry these bags would be Gyre in Tokyo and Dover Street Market in London, however, probbaly when the collection is on sale, other shops would probably be able to grab some stock.

Unfortunately no official pictures have been released or even leaked, so we'll wait to see how the end results look like.

Information from

Disappearing act

Seems like I've disappeared for a few days (or weeks on blogging terms), so my posts had stopped temporarily. But at last I'm back!!

I went MIA as I had a short term job involving the F1 event in Singapore, was a simple waitress at the event, but I was lucky (and stressed to the max!) that I was sent to the Super VIP room, it was really a room filled with the creme de la creme, and I mean politicians, foreign dignitaries and such.

But the main thing is that I'm back, so any news involving the world of fashion in Japan that comes by me would definitely be up sooner or later. So thanks for the patience!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Will Always be Myself

Whatever happens,

I will always be myself.

I don't care anymore,

What the people are thinking about me.

Because the fashion makes me attractive.

It's very cool!! Isn't it?

I just want to keep my style!


I like this poem that the brand Mercuryduo has put up onto their posters. This is just the thing that keeps me going when I hear about how other people has mocked me about my "weird" dressing.

Being in a country where self-expression is often considered "weird" simply because I do not look like the typical beehive hairstyle, overdone eyeliner, blogshopping, trend jumping clones that rule most of the streets and schools here. I have been the subject of mockery by simply wearing things that I like and being myself.

But then again who cares? I'll just stab them with my stiletto heels... Muahaha....


Considering that fashion is ever-changing and one thing could be "the new black" today and the "oh my god!" tomorrow. This post is about something that is absolutely permanent unless one subjects his/herself to extrememly painful removal processes later.

I'm talking about tattoos!!

Being a tattoo virgin, I cannot say whether its a good or bad idea to get one, though I do admire really really good and beautiful ones. I am also hoping very very much to get one myself, however having really sensitive eczema ridden skin, it'll probably be waaaay in the future or even never before I get one.

However, if I do get one, it'll probably be something small first like the pics above.

I totally cannot remember where I got the above pics from and all I know is that its from a street style post, so if anyone knows, please leave a comment with the link so that I can add it in. Arigatou!!

Kitson New Flagship Store

Suddenly there seems to be alot of new stores popping up in Japan, just after I finished writing about H&M, I hear the news of yet another fashion label opening another store.

This week, its KITSON that's hogging the headlines, after opening their first store in Shinjuku last spring, they're drawing up the big guns by opening a massive flagship store in Harajuku.

This is of course joined by massive queues outside the store, barricades along Meiji Dori and tons of police officers and security guards.

Who says there's a recession going on?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Personal outfit 4

White dress: China
Grey zip-up hoodie: Uniqlo
Cowboy boots: China
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag: Gift
Red rose hair clip: random shop in Far East
White rose ring: Topshop (borrowed from mom)
Went out with The Bf today to watch 9 and window shopped abit...

Monday, September 21, 2009

New H&M store in Shibuya

A H&M girl with really really cool leggings...

Despite the current recession issue, H&M opened its newest flagship store in the Shibuya area of Tokyo last weekend. This would be their 5th store in Japan and yet another would be open in Shinjuku by the end of the year. The new store is located pretty near the 109 building.

The crowds weren't as massive as anticipated probably because it coincided together with the limited edition Rei Kawakubo collection. The new store is 4 stories tall with the 4th storey specially for meswear, plus it'll be the first store to be carrying the H&M underwear line.

P.S. H&M's latest collaboration is with Jimmy Choo to produce shoes, garments & accessories for both men & women and would be available from November 14.

P.P.S. Someone please bring H&M to Singapore already!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion Blogger Giveaway

One of my favourite looks from her, don't you just admire her god-given long long legs?

The said bag, I love the ironic statement

Despite me ranting on and on about Japanese fashion and following it closely, I do read a variety of fashion blogs from other parts of the world.

One girl whom I've been following from her LookBook days is non other then Shelley of the Shelley & Joachim duo that hail from Stockholm.

Anyway, she's giving out a "Shopaholic on the Loose" bag from, and all you need to do to get a chance to win it is to simply leave a comment of the 3 items you'll wear tons of this Fall.

The contest ends on 24th September, so better hurry!

Personal outfit 3

Introducing, Pochi!!! Haha...
My outfit consisted of
T-shirt: Liz Clairborne
Butterfly beaded skirt: Present from Mom
Flower necklace: Borrowed from Mom
Black wedges: DMK
Marc Jacobs Canvas Bag: Birthday gift from Pochi
Pochi, the ever creative hairstylist, did this fringe braid for me and bundled the ends into some sort of hair "flower"

Went out for alittle window shopping session with my best friend, Pochi (no, that's not her real name...), we ended up meeting bout 2 1/2 hours later then we had originally planned as we both had wardrobe malfunctions today.

It was just one of those days where nothing seems to look, feel or fit right on you...

Top 2 Hair Accessories for Fall

As a typical round-about of fashion, the top 2 hair accessories that are flying off the shelves in Japan and showing up everywhere in various magazines are non other then berets and hairbands.

They vary in colours, sizes and texture, so there's something to suit everyone...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Personal outfit 2

Top: Borrowed from mom
DKNY Skirt: From 2nd hand clothes shop
Red patent kitten heel pumps: Borrowed from mom
Kate Spade Bag: Borrowed from mom
Had a project meeting in school today, and considering that I knew it would be a short meeting, I simply threw on one of my no-brainer outfits.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Unusual Street style shot

This is a pretty unusual street style shot in Shibuya. Why unusual? If you look at Japanese street style long enough, you would realise the most basic thing that sets them apart is the intricate layerin of clothes, nothing ever clashes yet nothing ever totally matches either.
This girl doesn't do the typical layering and is pretty simple overall with just a cute dress, hair pulled back in a ponytail and only a pair of sunglasses & simple necklace for accesories.
But yet, the cute print still screams "Kawaii!!!"
Ah if only I could bottle the essence of dresing Japanese..

Hair Plaiting

Other then the hair bow trend that has sparked off a craze in the western world (no thanks to Lady Gaga, note, the Japanese did it first!), another hair trend would be plaids, girls of all hair lengths are tying braids in their hair in an assorment of methods, be it the french plait, or a more unusual braided fringe.

The best part is how the braids need not be the only decoration on the hair, a combination of braids with a hat or hairband makes it so much more unusual and intriguing....

Fall Accesories

Bags that are popular include, bucket bags, clutches, quilted, structured and the ever-popular eco bags Accesories include, decorated belts, belts with ribbon detailing, fedoras, knit beanies, and jewelled and feather headbands
Other accesories are, short gloves in all materials from leather to lace, studded jewellry, pearl necklaces, long dainty necklaces and black leather boots

There are alot of accesories that are becoming big this season, and some simply a recycle of previous seasons...

Jelly magazine did a fantastic breakdown of the accesories that supposedly are what the Japanese market are clamouring for.

Some I wouldn't mind wearing, others.... hmm... we'll see....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Checks & Flower

Despite the many magzines, blogs, fashion websites etc. throwing about what's the latest pattern/texture, I cannot stress enough just how huge CHECK & FLOWER patterns are.

They are so big and literally splashed anywhere and everywhere that its really difficult to miss unless you're a half-blind thwat or something.

Seventeen clearly shows their hugeness by having a page dedicated to each pattern... now that's really huge folks...

Mid-season clothes

Boho skirts are cool yet sassy

Vintage tees & plaid shirts are great on their own and for layering

Overalls and short dresses are comfy, yet look great when layered

In Japan, its the cool period right now, cool enough that its no longer sticky & humid but yet enough to start experimenting abit with warm clothes though its not cold enough to swaddle one's self in coats and furs.

Here's some clothes to have fun with during this period of "perfect" weather...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet/ Cool looks with Boots

Long boots

Short/ankle length boots

Having a certain pair of boots doesn't mean you're chained to a particular look. With abit of creativity, the same pair of boots can go together with a sweet, girly dress or a tough leather jacket. Just experiment abit...

Outfits for different boots

Boots can instantly transform your look and can go with a multitude of outfits, just take a look at Seventeen's outfits for each pair of boots and get inspired!!

10 boots to get this season (by seventeen)

Knee high boots, purple boots(??? I don't agree much), engineer boots, furry Ugg-like boots and Long cowboy boots

Short fringe boots, fur-trimmed boots, lace-ups, Doc Martens and short cowboy boots

Boots, boots, boots... every magazine I flip through features them one way or the other. Not surprising since its a stylish way to keep warm in the winter

I'll start with Seventeen's report of the 10 boots to get this season

Sunday, September 13, 2009

hair bows

Hair bow overload?!!! (^___^)V

Me likey...

Leather pants/leggings

Guess I was right bout Leather pants/tights coming back up, suddenly Lookbook is popping up with people wearing them...

Guess I should go grab my own pair soon enough...
Images taken from

Personal Outfit

Wore this outfit for dinner with the family
Top: Uniqlo
Dress worn as skirt: Market in China
Beret: Accesorize
Cowboy boots: China
(Pardon the messy hair)
A look at my cute lamb wool rucksack, I'm always pawing at it whenever I bring it out of storage
Bag: Stussy (Bought in flea market in Australia)

Lately been kindda in a style rut, wich is pretty ironic since I have like tons of clothes in my wardrobe which are threatening to bury me alive should I tug something I shouldn't...

So this could only mean one thing and one thing only.... a wardrobe exorcism!!!!

Problem is actually getting started on it, the sheer mountain of clothes piled messily turns me off instantly, but I do know I have to get round to doing it... soon... maybe tomorrow.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seen on the runway at the TGC show (image on top from Another Edition, below from Kitson)

This skirt was shown in Jelly magazine

There seems to be a new trend that's happening among Japanese fashionistas ==> Skirt that looks like tops that had been wrapped around the waist.

The ones that can be seen so far appear to be skirts that look like long-sleeved plaid tops that had been tied in a way to replace skirts. This trend could probably stem from the fact that many girls tie their plaid shirts as accesories instead of actually wearing it.

If this trend does take off, it'll be an easy one to replicate...

A short video of the Tokyo Girls Collection with a behind-the-scenes look and a short interview with one of the guest models, Tsubasa Masukawa

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nicky Hilton Japan Launch

Nicky hilton@something borrowed something new Nicky's cute outfit at the press conference, love the zipper detailing on the blazer
Nicky hilton japan line @something borrowed something new Some of the clothes from her line on display

Nicky hilton @ Tokyo girls collection @something borrowed something new Nicky Hilton on the Tokyo Girls Collection show

Using the recent Tokyo Girls Collection, Nicky Hilton also took to the runway in order to launch her fashion line in Japan and held a press conference on Monday.