Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comme des Garcons Beatles bags

Seems like the super hip Japanese brand Comme des Garcons has decided to enter into a partnership with Apple Records in order to produce a line of handbags featuring The Beatles.

Seems abit weird the combination, but then again with a fresh release of all their songs, I guess a new revived Beatles-mania would sweep the world again, thoguh maybe not as big as in their heyday.

The first batch of bags are rumoured to be available in a few select stores in November. Initially, the only stores to carry these bags would be Gyre in Tokyo and Dover Street Market in London, however, probbaly when the collection is on sale, other shops would probably be able to grab some stock.

Unfortunately no official pictures have been released or even leaked, so we'll wait to see how the end results look like.

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