Saturday, October 27, 2012

Darkening My Locks

Quick post about my newest hair colour which I finally did today so tht it'll be "fresh" for my University convocation this coming Monday. No more hair roots to deal with!!

Sadly, due to Singapore's more conservative stance on what's appropriate for the workplace, I decided the safest bet for a new colour would be dark brown colours. But being the closet rebel that I am, I am adamant about not becoming a coporate clone and will fight tooth and nail for it!!! Office rules be damn! Okay, not really... but being still unwilling to totally give up my Gyaru roots, I found an old picture of Momoko Ogihara and used it as inspiration for my new hair colour.

 I showed my hairdresser this old picture of Momoko, back when she had dark brown hair in like 2010?

However, due to my previous hair colour, we couldn't get the exact same shade of colour as Momoko's hair and I also wanted to ensure that my new hair colour wouldn't fade out like before. So sadly, my only option was to go darker and I wound up with this:

It's a dark chocolate brown with alittle ashy colour as the ends due to the previous bleaching. Honestly, I just think it looks like straight on black in some light but thankfully it isn't as there is a slight orange-red tinge in certain lightings. 

I'm still trying to get used to looking at myself with darker hair colour but one thing I'm grateful for is that my hair looks really strong and healthy now as the dark colour masks all my damaged ends. Not to mention, I always though red lips looked better with darker hair as it produces a more seductive appeal. So I might just be breaking out my red lipstick once again!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sponsored Review: SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Facial Mask

I've been down with a bad stomach flu for the past week or so and today is the only day where my illness seems to be getting better. I've lost about 2-3kg in water weight alone from all the vomiting and stuff as well as the lack of appetite, so I'm feeling pretty weak and lousy.

However, life goes on and I finally got round to reviewing this super late review of this fabulous mask I received. 

Introducing the SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Facial Mask

Back of the packet. Ingredients include Bird's Nest and Gold Caviar to delay the aging process of your skin and repair damaged skin cells.
Inside the packet is an ultra thin facial sheet soaked in facial essence 
First apply the mask onto your face. Here's a very unglam pic of it slapped onto mine.

Make sure to use the innovative 3D ear hook design to securely hook the mask onto your face!
There's also a chin/neck patch underneath that you also need to secure with the ear hook!

First thing about this mask that I noticed was how tightly stretched it was!! The moment I hooked the masks onto my ears, I could feel it literally stretching my facial muscles back. It wasn't painful just alittle uncomfortable but still bearable throughout the 20 minutes that I left it onto my face.

The moment I removed the mask, I could feel my face was tighter and areas like my jawline was definitely sharper and more contoured. I figured it was simply a mixture of the tightness of the mask and the serum in it and the effects would be gone the moment the serum had all been absorbed. 

However, the very next day, the tightness was still evident in my face! I could see the difference all day long! My pores were also tightened and my face had a soft dewy glow all day, I was in love with everything this mask had done for my skin.

 My plan for this mask is to probabaly use it before my cosplay events or photoshoots, since most anime girls have defined chin and facial contours. However, it is good for anyone who just wants a more defined facial line anytime. This mask definitely has my stamp of approval!

To get this mask head to their website to order or you can check out their Facebook page too at Secretive FB, SexyLook FB & LoveMore FB

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiger & Bunny Movie Outing

Late post again but I've been really busy with interviews and cleaning out my room and preparing for future review posts! So don't judge me!

Today's post is about a particularly fun outing I had with friends to watch the premiere of the movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning. Tickets were sold out wihtin a couple of hours and luckily, Mini is a majorly huge fan of the series (no suprise since her "hubby" is one of the protaganists of the story), so she managed to grab tickets for us.

Movie posters on display at the cinema location

In the spirit of fun and fandomness, Mini, Selicia and I decided to cosplay as characters from the series! It wasn't that big a deal since the three of us had already planned on cosplaying Tiger & Bunny ages ago, but we just didn't have time to actually shooting the costumes.

 The cinema was filled with many cosplayers, anime fans and photographers. So it felt almost like a huge cosplay gathering of sorts LOL

 Picture of us three taken after the movie (picture "stolen" from Sgcafe lol)

 Mini and I hugging her home made Tiger & Bunny toys, so squishy!!!

 Selicia as Barnaby Brooks Jr. doing her best saleman pose whilst showing off the poster we received

 Camwhore time!! Mini and Selicia cosplaying as Kotetsu and Barnaby

 Mini and I, I'm cosplaying Karina Lyle whose alter ego is the hero, Blue Rose.

 Cute Esther, who managed to squeeze out enough time despite having a massive load of schoolwork to watch the movie with us

One last narcisstic camwhore shot of me LOL!!!

The movie was great! It was a re-hash of the first few episodes of the series but with plenty of additional scenes thrown in and a new enemy. It was also incredibly funny to observe the background of the show to spot Origami Cyclone doing the funniest things. If you're a fan of the series, it's a definite must watch!

I was so into the movie that after watching it and changing out of my costume, I rushed to the nearest Uniqlo shop and got myself this:
A UniqloXTiger & Bunny collaboration shirt

Barnaby isn't my favourite character (Origami Cyclone is!), but this was the best design out of the lot and luckily they still had it in size S! Though it's alittle annoying that it only came in male sizes like most of the nice UT shirts that Uniqlo produces >:(

It was definitely fun to cosplay to a movie, especially when I chickened out on doing it for the Harry Potter movies. However, I doubt I'll actually be doing it for all anime movies, haha! After watching the movie, my inner fan girl is now dying for the new movie to be released, however, it's only coming out late next year *gross sobbing* NOOOOOOOO!!!

In the mean time, I''ll just satisfy myself by rewatching the series again haha!

Monday, October 15, 2012

CyberJapan Bikini Night 2012 Singapore

Yet another super late post, but I've been really busy running to interviews all week building my new chest of drawers and slowly clearing and cleaning my room. I've still got two more backlogged posts so lets get straight down to the details.

Steph and I attended the Bikini Night party at Zouk. I hardly ever go clubbing but being able to see the CyberJapan girls was more then enough of a reason to go!

If you still don't know, the CyberJapan group is the most well-known go-go dancer club in Japan and they often attend events overseas as guest artistes. Some of the dancers also work as models (for magazines such as Nuts and HappieNuts) or brand ambassadors (like Skinny Lip)

The CyberJapan girls often make trips to Singapore as guest artistes for other performing DJs, but this is the first time I recall having 4 of them together in one night (most cases, only 2 dancers are present).

I was alittle disappointed that my favourite dancer, Rino, wasn't part of the 4 to come to Singapore this time. But at least I got to see the Watanabe sisters, Raika and my second favourite dancer, Hiroko.

 Promo poster in Zouk's bathroom LOL

Steph and I both wore our F21 dresses and heels that we had gotten during our KL trip. Basically, my entire outfit (dress, heels & bracelet) came from KL, my bag is the only exception haha. Steph wore her fab leopard print dress, I think it suits her really well.

 Lovely Hiroko, too bad her hair wasn't curled in the Mode style that suits her so well

 Steph's favourite dancer, Watanabe Kazue

We were barely able to take shots of the girls due to all the dancing, and the both of us were pretty much the only girls up close to the stage, the rest of the area were crowded with insane fanboys. Some were pretty sweet, I remember seeing one guy give Hiroko a bouquet of roses.

 Met two other friends and P during the event. We hung out at the bar and drank some more, though I was already pretty high and tipsy at this point in time.

Super fun girls night out with Steph. 

 Closer look at my dress (hadn't worn my heels and bracelet when this pic was taken)
Love the ruched detailing and the 2 "stripes" are actually zips exposing hidden panels with extra studs and beading details

Heavier eye makeup which I hadn't done in a long long time. No idea why my face looks so pink in this pic LMAO

After the event, Steph, P and I cabbed back to Steph's place where we hung out for awhile and it also gave me a chance to sober up alittle. I was so drunk, my phone "slipped" from my fingers and wound up being flung behind Steph's bed! It was hilarious watching Steph drunkenly cursing at me while fishing for my phone, haha I owe her big time for that.

Oh! I also forgot to add that I was clumsy enough to actually fall down some stairs just before the event started! The best part was, I hadn't even drunk a single drop of alcohol before falling down, hahahah!!! I had 2 spectacular bruises on my knees to remember that night for the entire week after. 

It was an incredibly fun night and definitely something I'll remember for a long while as it was also the first night that I had ever gotten that drunk and had a hungover the next day (I've got super high alcohol tolerance lol). However, I do hope that the next time the CyberJapan girls come to Singapore, Rino will be part of the troupe this time. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tagged: Hair

Feeling crummy again so I figured why not distract myself with a light-hearted post :/
Was tagged by Mitsu of Universal Doll bout the topic: Hair
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1. My hair's texture is slightly wavy and I'm prone to having flyaway ends if I don't condition my hair properly. I also get frizz sometimes, which I combat with a drop of organic shine serum.

2. I wash my hair every alternate day with a deep moisturizing shampoo and condition with a hair mask. I also make sure to comb out my hair before sleeping and apply alittle hand cream to the dry areas. If my hair/scalp gets alittle oily, I'll spray on and comb out with a dry shampoo (review coming soon!)

3. I curl my hair with a normal, cheap Philips hair curler and adjust the barrel size according to how much my hair has grown out from its last cut. The longer the time from the cut, the smaller the barrel to get the curl and the longer I clamp my hair down with the curler. I straighten my hair on lazy/normal days with a cheap Watsons brand hair straightening iron. Not that great but it neatens everything though I still get kinks along my shoulder area

4. To retain my curls through the day, I spray a crazy load of hairspray on my hair to combat the humidity. My hair literally became crunchy in the past, but I've cut down from before as it caused alot of breakage. Now it's just alittle stiff

5. My favourite hair colours that I've done on myself were my recent red hair, my platinum blonde and the faded pink hair I got when my purplish/pink/red hair washed out ages ago.

6. I have no idea how to backcomb my hair till I can actually get the Agejo style pouff at the crown, my arms get too tired even after alittle while of backcombing. I also don't know how to get the side braids/dreads that the Ora Ora girls do so well. I've been wanting to get it done for awhile now. 

7. I brush my hair out every night with a boar bristle brush and comb through with a ox horn comb. They contain natural ions that help me get shiny hair with less frizz and minimal products.

7. I plan to get my hair done soon, but considering I'm still job-less and uncertain bout which industry I'll be going to, I'll probably just dye my hair a safe chocolate brown or something. That way, I won't be forced to change my hair colour if I wind up in a corporate environment.

I'm not going to tag other people for this since most of the time when I do tag, I am mostly ignored. So if you wanna do it, just let me know. Hmm... since the topic this time is hair, perhaps my choice of topic will be "Makeup", but it's really up to whoever who wants to take up the challenge.

Will be updating bout my night out with Steph to see the CyberJapan girls soon, but if you can't wait, just head to her blog first. She's already done her post.
Going to sleep now... perhaps sleep will help me forget my emotional turmoil for just abit.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun With Kayo & Friends

Today's been a rather sucky day for me, firstly, I attended a stupid job interview that is completely different from the job scope they had listed initially, my heel got stuck in a drain grate and as I was pulling it out, 2 girls were laughing at me through the whole process. Then I left my handphone at the bf's house and now, there's a stye on my left eyelid causing me quite abit of pain. Yup, great life... so I figured why not blog bout something happy to take my mind off things, and not to mention, I am behind on posts once again.

Anyway, globe-trotting gyaru, Kayo, was in town last week so naturally, Steph and I arranged to be able to meet up with her to show her around. We didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped as we were rushing around quite abit :(

Canwhored while waiting for Kayo to get her nails done

She did Gelish in this lovely wine red, I did my nails too, but in a softer, glittery pink. No pics because I forgot to take (>_<)

We let Kayo try out some local fare for dinner

But before that, camwhore time again!  

Yummy wanton mee with black sauce for Kayo and I (Steph ordered hers with ketchup lol), Kayo kept commenting how it reminded her of Yaki Soba and loved the Chinese style char siew (marinated and roasted pork) slices alot! She finished the whole bowl despite constantly saying she was too full hahaha. 

Kayo left early that day, so I wound up at Steph's favourite darts bar

My outfit that day:
Shirt: Snidel
Leather skirt: Murua
Studded boots: Gripz
Studded hairband: random shop online

Steph also loaned me her amazing circle sunglasses with a holographic cat image on the lenses. Too cool!! I need one in my collection too. I also tried out a different makeup style, kinda like Nuts with the cats eye, lashes with defined ends and orange blush and lips

We met Kayo again on another day, this time with another friend, Hana. We headed to Old Airport Road food court for more delicious local food, and Hana let Kayo try out Prawn mee with the largest freaking prawns I had ever seen! I also let Kayo have a taste of a local snack called Goreng Pisang (malay for Fried banana), she loved it lol!

Shared Soy beancurd for dessert!

After lunch, we headed down to Mustafa, Singapore's only 24-hr shopping mall and a great place to get sounvenirs for cheap. Camwhored on the train ride over haha

Rows and rows of chocolates and biscuits with the Merlion image slapped upon the packaging

Kayo was surprised at the low prices of all the foods stuffs, honestly, I think the price is meh, but according to Steph, food prices in Japan can be pretty high

Steph reccomending pineapple tarts to Kayo haha

She also spotted this insanely creepy biscuit packaging, the kid's eyes look like they're staring right into your soul *shudders*

Headed to the Esplanade after our adventure in Mustafa. We managed to reach as the sun was setting across the Singapore River
Obligatory touristy shots of the Marina Bay Sands haha, I stayed at a room during my 21st birthday celebration but their prices are scary. The Preseidential suite is currently at SGD$20,000/night

Steph's turn to do the tourist shot LOL, me love her new Vivenne Westwood flats!

Group picture of all of us!

Kayo finally got to see up close the one thing most Japanese tourists are obssessed about in Singapore. Our Merlion, and honestly, it was my first time being up close to it hahah fail as a local. Oh look, the Merlion used me as target to hurl upon 

we ate ramen for dinner at Ippudo Tao except for Kayo because she was on a diet

Brought Kayo to play darts, the extra guy is Lester, he works at the darts bar

One more group pic of us!

Kayo having fun at darts

Hana too

My outfit:
3 -way Top: Murua
Shorts: Spiral Girl
Shoes: borrowed from Mom
Cat-ear hairband: Taobao

I really really loved my hair and makeup that day

It was really enjoyable hanging out with Kayo and chatting with her. She's a great person and I deeply admire the courage it must have taken her to decide to quit her job and go travelling around the world while being shown around by people that she met on the Internet. She's definitely something else.

Also, with her advice, I've decided to try out Aquadoll wigs, since her wig looked really good and she said the quality was close to Prisila's but for cheaper.

 Kayo's currently enjoying her stay at Kuala Lumpur but I'm hoping to be able to meet her at least one last time before she flies back to Japan. Crossing my fingers!