Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waseda Shibuya Seiransai 2012 - Time Warp Nippon

Once again, major apologies for the really late post. It's been a real tiring week so far, every time I'm about to sit down and blog something comes up or I'm so tired out from the day's events that I just can't spare anymore energy to think and type. Anyway, today's entry is about last week's Seiransai at the local Japanese high school called Waseda Shibuya.

The theme this year was Time Warp Nippon so there were alot of cultural and hostorical references, though of course some classes didn't really stick to the theme haha!! It's also my first ever year attending the event as something always cropped up for the past 2 years. I accompanied Joshua and Kenneth to the event as they are seasoned pros and know what's good!

The joyful decor all around the school

Snapped this cute little lantern as I was in the queue for the haunted house. The haunted house is like one of the must-see events and there were actually 2 different ones this year!

Tried out their school uniform, I really don't know how they can last all day with the thick shirts and knee high black socks, some girls were even wearing their school cardigans! I tried out with the blazer in the air-conditioned classroom and even then, I was dying from the heat.

Maid Cafe, another must-see attraction! Their mascot is Totora not Totoro hahaha!!

The maid cafe, notice the stained glass and brick wall decor? Everything was stuck on individually by them, the windows and walls are usually plain. It's amazing how hardworking and detailed they are in making the place look great.

Table decor and another Totora

Ordered Steamed green tea cake and coffee jelly. The cake was subtle and light, would be nice with a pot of floral tea, while the jelly was insanely strong!! It was eating espresso jelly and the cream on top did little to help mask the bitterness.

Our dorayaki came alittle later as I think the kitchen was having a shortage of them. These are the bes dorayakis I have ever eaten! They were warm from the pan and light and fluffy with a thin layer of smooth red bean paste. I was in foodie heaven as I savoured these little things.

The school flag, reminds me alot of the Final Fantasy Type-0 school flag

Their school crest and I think their mascot?

Super casual outfit (sorry was having a bad face day)):
Top: Uniqlo
Shorts: Uniqlo
Bag: Jimmy Choo
Hair clip: Tangs

The best camwhore pic I could come up with that day, somehow my makeup just didn't look right and funny enough, I look fine when I clip my fringe back that way in real life, but in pictures I just look like my face had a botched face lift or something eugh!

The event was really fun, I took part in alot of their activities such as watching their version of the Hana Yori Dango story, playing games and with help from Joshua, managed to converse with some of the students there. It was nice to see the girls wearing yukatas and looking all dolled up while the guys ran around screaming and trying to promote their class's stall. The whole atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and innocent fun, it's definitely an event I plan to attend again! 

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