Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sponsored Review: SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Facial Mask

I've been down with a bad stomach flu for the past week or so and today is the only day where my illness seems to be getting better. I've lost about 2-3kg in water weight alone from all the vomiting and stuff as well as the lack of appetite, so I'm feeling pretty weak and lousy.

However, life goes on and I finally got round to reviewing this super late review of this fabulous mask I received. 

Introducing the SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Facial Mask

Back of the packet. Ingredients include Bird's Nest and Gold Caviar to delay the aging process of your skin and repair damaged skin cells.
Inside the packet is an ultra thin facial sheet soaked in facial essence 
First apply the mask onto your face. Here's a very unglam pic of it slapped onto mine.

Make sure to use the innovative 3D ear hook design to securely hook the mask onto your face!
There's also a chin/neck patch underneath that you also need to secure with the ear hook!

First thing about this mask that I noticed was how tightly stretched it was!! The moment I hooked the masks onto my ears, I could feel it literally stretching my facial muscles back. It wasn't painful just alittle uncomfortable but still bearable throughout the 20 minutes that I left it onto my face.

The moment I removed the mask, I could feel my face was tighter and areas like my jawline was definitely sharper and more contoured. I figured it was simply a mixture of the tightness of the mask and the serum in it and the effects would be gone the moment the serum had all been absorbed. 

However, the very next day, the tightness was still evident in my face! I could see the difference all day long! My pores were also tightened and my face had a soft dewy glow all day, I was in love with everything this mask had done for my skin.

 My plan for this mask is to probabaly use it before my cosplay events or photoshoots, since most anime girls have defined chin and facial contours. However, it is good for anyone who just wants a more defined facial line anytime. This mask definitely has my stamp of approval!

To get this mask head to their website to order or you can check out their Facebook page too at Secretive FB, SexyLook FB & LoveMore FB

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