Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiger & Bunny Movie Outing

Late post again but I've been really busy with interviews and cleaning out my room and preparing for future review posts! So don't judge me!

Today's post is about a particularly fun outing I had with friends to watch the premiere of the movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning. Tickets were sold out wihtin a couple of hours and luckily, Mini is a majorly huge fan of the series (no suprise since her "hubby" is one of the protaganists of the story), so she managed to grab tickets for us.

Movie posters on display at the cinema location

In the spirit of fun and fandomness, Mini, Selicia and I decided to cosplay as characters from the series! It wasn't that big a deal since the three of us had already planned on cosplaying Tiger & Bunny ages ago, but we just didn't have time to actually shooting the costumes.

 The cinema was filled with many cosplayers, anime fans and photographers. So it felt almost like a huge cosplay gathering of sorts LOL

 Picture of us three taken after the movie (picture "stolen" from Sgcafe lol)

 Mini and I hugging her home made Tiger & Bunny toys, so squishy!!!

 Selicia as Barnaby Brooks Jr. doing her best saleman pose whilst showing off the poster we received

 Camwhore time!! Mini and Selicia cosplaying as Kotetsu and Barnaby

 Mini and I, I'm cosplaying Karina Lyle whose alter ego is the hero, Blue Rose.

 Cute Esther, who managed to squeeze out enough time despite having a massive load of schoolwork to watch the movie with us

One last narcisstic camwhore shot of me LOL!!!

The movie was great! It was a re-hash of the first few episodes of the series but with plenty of additional scenes thrown in and a new enemy. It was also incredibly funny to observe the background of the show to spot Origami Cyclone doing the funniest things. If you're a fan of the series, it's a definite must watch!

I was so into the movie that after watching it and changing out of my costume, I rushed to the nearest Uniqlo shop and got myself this:
A UniqloXTiger & Bunny collaboration shirt

Barnaby isn't my favourite character (Origami Cyclone is!), but this was the best design out of the lot and luckily they still had it in size S! Though it's alittle annoying that it only came in male sizes like most of the nice UT shirts that Uniqlo produces >:(

It was definitely fun to cosplay to a movie, especially when I chickened out on doing it for the Harry Potter movies. However, I doubt I'll actually be doing it for all anime movies, haha! After watching the movie, my inner fan girl is now dying for the new movie to be released, however, it's only coming out late next year *gross sobbing* NOOOOOOOO!!!

In the mean time, I''ll just satisfy myself by rewatching the series again haha!


  1. Oh that looks so fun and cool! The only anime movies that come to the theaters here are the Miyazaki films :/ It seems like so fun to be in the theater cosplaying and hanging out with fellow anime fans! And your costume was great!

    1. Aww shucks, it sucks that the only anime films shown at your area are the Studio Ghibli films :( but it's definitely an experience to actually cosplay for a movie haha.

  2. omg you are one of those lucky few people who got the premiere tix *A*
    missed the chance to see tiger and bunny in real ><
    you guys look so awesome in those costumes la! it must have been a wondrous experience to be in your costumes and watching a movie with fellow comrades in the cinema hahaha xD

    by the time i went to watch it, there weren't much fans but rather random audiences (i spotted two old grannies lol)

    1. LOL Yes!! If you had managed to secure premiere tix, you would have seen us sitting close to the front haha. It was definitely a fun experience to cosplay to a movie.