Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cosplay Tip: Safety Shorts

Since I'm pretty deep into cosplay lately, I figured why not add alittle section to my blog called "Cosplay Tip"? I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything, but I figured it'll be nice to give out little advice here and there to help budding cosplayers. Of course, you may agree or disagree with some stuffs I may write but that's entirely up to you.

In the mean time, today's topic is safety shorts! It's become a cosplay staple of mine ever since I realized that the majority of Japanese school girl uniforms in Japanese anime have them wearing outrageously tiny micro skirts that barely cover their bum.  Of course, in reality, not only is it difficult to walk around with such short skirts without feeling self-conscious, but you'll be attracting plenty of unwanted attention from pervy people. Sometimes you may also unintentionally "flash" yourself without realising, it could be bending down to pick up something or simply going up a rather long escalator, well you get my drift. I'd rather be safe then sorry, so I always wear a pair of safety shorts, just in case of anything.

This is my favourite pair of safety shorts. I actually have a few others but they are slightly longer so sometimes they can be seen peeking out from beneath my costume.

Showing how it looks like underneath one of my shorter costumes, my Persona 4 cosplay of Fujiwara Rise.

Not only will the safety shorts help to protect your modesty, but it will help in creating unwanted situations. I've seen poor girls tripping over in their sky-high heels only to land flat on the floor, unintentionally exposing themselves to a group of nasty photographers taking advantage of the situation.

Some of my friends choose to wear boy leg panties instead as it doesn't affect the look of the outfits, or even bloomers if they wanna feel extra girly underneath a ruffled dress. My point is, with revealing costumes, it helps to have alittle security 

Monday, April 14, 2014

J- Obsession 2014

I attended the smaller cosplay event, J-Obsession, early this month and it was more like a gathering of friends to me then an actual event. I didn't really get my pictures taken during the two days I went but I had fun meeting up with friends and getting to know new people too.

Cosplayed as Junko from Danganronpa for day 1, and I'm glad I chose to cosplay that character as it was easy to move around the crowded event space. I also used a new push-up bra to create Junko's insanely large boobs and they were quite effective though I did get a pervert who kept openly staring at my chest. Ewwww....

For day 2, I went to the event space earlier to catch the latest movie of Tiger & Bunny.I definitely prefer this movie compared to the first one though I was annoyed with some changes made to the characters such as Origami Cyclone's awful hair! 

Cosplayed as Karina again (Blue Rose's civilian clothes) for the movie and it never fails to surprise me at how people have completely no idea who I am cosplaying even if they are fans of the series. Sad but true fact.

Silly fangirl faces with the movie poster outside the cinema 

I spent the day accompanying Alex and Mini who were cosplaying Barnaby and Kotetsu. Here's a perfect hubby & wifey moment hahahah

Met some other Tiger & Bunny cosplayers at the movie too

Friends that day and I finally got to talk with Peggy, one half of the amazing Peggy and Darcy cosplay partners. I felt so bad always not talking to her but to her partner despite him being from Aussie and she being local, but she recognised me and said Hi! Was also amused at Selicia's cosplay that day, her sad/puzzled brows made her look really adorable even if she was screaming or irritated. No one could take her seriously that day.

Mini's mini Wild Tiger figurine just hanging around on her suspenders

Jean is a natural Satsuki (from Kill la Kill), I mean look at her, she isn't even really trying.

This guy did a really funny cheap cosplay of Ragyo from Kill la Kill, gotta admire his guts

And omg!!! a super cute and utterly squishable chibi Ryuko, I wanted to hug her so bad

Khym Chi cosplaying as the male lead from the anime Kyoukai no Kanata, and trying to get me to wear a apair of spectacles (his obsession). Hell no!

Ended the day with Wild Tiger digging into some lime sherbet

I was also able to get up close and personal with the Japanese guest cosplayer, Naoya, during the meet and greet session. However, I once again got tongue-tied and didn't ask for an autograph or a picture with her. I'm really happy that I got her cosplay card, and it'll join my collection. I'm just incredibly happy that this is my third card of the amazing VENaS.S performing cosplay team of Japan as I managed to snag cards from 2 other members, Ginga Ion and Martha Asahi, awhile back!

Things haven't changed much for me thus far, been sending out resumes and getting occasional paid gigs for odd jobs. It's allowed me to experiment abit and experience things I wouldn't normally have if I was still working. One example was me acting in a small film production, I was a strict teacher and had only one line (one word to be exact!) but the experience was fun. I've signed up to play as an extra in another film production at the end of the month, but I haven't gotten news if I've been selected yet, so crossing my fingers!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Compiled Update

Hey guys, sorry bout the lack of updates, just alot has been  going on for me mentally and emotionally. With me being unemployed and free at the moment, I took it as a much needed break/ holiday for the first week or so, but after that, doubts started plaguing me and my self worth and esteem has kinda plummeted especially when some negative things were said to me by my ex-boss. 

I've been trying to keep myself busy to stave off the negative thoughts so I've been catching up with friends and stuff. Here's a lightning post on what's been happening in my life lately:

Attended Mini's 21st birthday party. Here she is cosplaying as her favourite character Kotetsu (from the anime, Tiger & Bunny) and posing with her cake made in his comic likeness. I attended dressed as Crista Lenz/ Historia Reiss from the series Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan but didn't really take a pic.

Also attended Skippy's birthday and had a blast drinking beer, getting stupid and playing truth or dare while almost everyone was half wasted. The silly antics we did were really fun.
Shirt: Emoda
Skirt: Bought in KL
Thigh high socks: Cosmode
Choker: Taobao

Went to the premiere of The Wind Rises and a few of us in the group decided to dress up as Studio Ghibli characters. I did another wardrobe/ ghetto cosplay of Kiki with a blue dress I dug out from my wardrobe this time.
Dress from Nichii
The movie was really nice, and really evoked alot of emotions. Definitely a fitting end to Hayao Miyazaki's amazing career.

Watched an Indie film with my mom called, Size Does Matters. It's quite a cute show.
Dress: Jouetie
Jewelled hairband: Osewaya
Stockings: Taobao

Accompanied Steph when she got another tattoo, this time of her other cat on the other thigh. Felt like dressing up abit that day though I did mostly window shopping on my own.
Dress: Topshop
Inner blue shirt with white polka dots: Uniqlo
Belt: Taobao
Beret: Accessorize
Round framed spectacles: Taobao
Badge: Katie

The final product! Now she has both her beloved cats' portraits on her.

A friend of mine wanted to explore cafes, so we went to a pie specialty cafe called, Windowsill in the Woods. It's really popular among the local hipster crowd but their pies are definitely worth it. Threw a jumble of clothes on and somehow they fitted together hahah.
Inner striped Turtleneck: Uniqlo
Shirt: Candy Stripper
Mullet skirt: Bought in KL
Red bowler hat: Can't remember
Round framed spectacles: Taobao
Shoes: The Salvation Army

Since I have time on my hands now, I decided to start on a healthier diet. So I've been whipping up alot of home-cooked meals whenever I can. I cook mostly salmon, white fish and chicken with lots of vegetables and very little carbohydrates.
So far, my stomach has become less bloated and I definitely feel more energised and my skin has become alot clearer now. Hopefully I can continue whipping up healthier meals when I get a new job.

I also took the opportunity to clear out and streamline my wardrobe, so my wardrobe is less cluttered now. I'm getting round to cleaning my room and updating it as I've had the same posters stuck on my room walls since I was a teenager. Man I feel so old knowing I'm in my twenties now and I still have posters on old anime stuck on my walls. I've been looking at Tumblr for inspiration but since I can't exactly change the layout of my room and my furniture, I'm left with just sprucing up my walls and neatening everything out. let's see how I can make the best of it.