Saturday, January 24, 2015

AFA 2014

Super late post again but I can't possibly miss blogging about the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) event that I went to last year as too many wonderful things happened there.

Firstly, I could only attend a day of the event due to work commitments but I happily attended the event with my Studio Ghibli group as Kiki!! It was a pretty comfy and easy costume except that I had to bind my chest, since Kiki's still a little girl. 
Friends I met during the day

The one exhibit I couldn't miss was the Psycho Pass booth!! I zoomed straight to it upon entering the event space and was like a rabid fangirl, snapping multiple pictures from all angles.

The event was also the first time I ever joined a cosplay competition! I usually don't bother with such things as I prefer to cosplay as a fun, social thing instead of dealing with it competitively. However, during the day, the invited guest cosplayers were allowed to roam around the event space and were tasked to find "representatives" for the cosplay competition. I was lucky enough to be picked by Hyko though when I got backstage and saw all the amazing armour, LED lights and fancy props, I felt incredibly out of place with my broomstick. I didn't win anything naturally, but it was a fun experience nonetheless and I hope I did Hyko proud.

Pic of my amazing Ghibli girls team, can you tell who belongs to which movie?

Flying off after the event!! Pic courtesy of Val.

Thanks to the competition, I managed to get up close and personal with some of the invited guest cosplayers. Hyko is the Gackt cosplayer and she's super hawt in real life, she's really friendly and sweet. I also finally got a card from Reika and Kaname *squeal*!!! Kaname is also super friendly and even went out of his way to tell me he liked my costume and greeted me again when I happened to cross his path after the competition, he wanted to autograph his card but the marker ran out of ink :(

The event tore thru my already slim wallet but I don't regret my purchases one bit! I bought the Sailormoon brooch powder and wand lipbalm. The Psycho Pass folder was a freebie.

My most expensive anime purchase everwas this Dominator Proplica from the series, Psycho Pass. I'm still waiting for it to be shipped over so no pic, but you can watch this guy's review of it (though its in Japanese, but the video is captures everything). 

Last but not least, I found myself being filmed during the competition, see if you can spot me!

AFA was definitely one of the most memorable events I've had in awhile. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gamestart 2014

Gamestart was a really new event last year centring round.. well, games. Keen to have a look and test out new games, I decided to drop by the event plus it helped that you could enter the event for free if you were a cosplayer, so why not? I don't have that many game cosplays so I dug out whatever I could.

Cosplayed as Rise from Persona 4 for Day 1 and a girl actually yelped in excitement upon walking past me and then hurriedly shoved a camera to her companion insisting he take a quick shot of the both of us. 

At the event, there was a major testing area for the launch of the English version of Final Fantasy Type 0 so I decided the night before to cosplay as Cinque once more. Also convinced Jo to join me that day and I borrowed her Moogle toy as a prop as I didn't feel like dragging my mace through the crowd.

The event was small but promising as it was pretty well-organized with guest cosplayers and loads of places to test a wide variety of games. I do hope that they organize another event this year.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

STGCC 2014

Too many backlogged posts, so I'm just gonna write quick summaries for them. So sorry for the delay, I just haven't been  in a mood to write for such a long time.

Anyway, here's a back post on STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention ) 2014. It's one of my favourite events as it's the only time you can openly be hardcore bout your favourite western comics/animation characters and people actually recognise your character and call out to you in your character's name. I don't get that as much at other events.

Did Black Widow during Day 1, quite a comfortable costume and it was so funny when I said "excuse me" to a guy to try and move past him, he turned around looking like he was gonna say something negative, only to quietly reply "So sorry, Black Widow" and shuffled off.

Did my own intepretation of a Steampunk Harley, but I need to improve it further by adding more details, some of my friends told me it looks more like a Burlesque Harley which I agree. Also met a Joker by coincidence.

As with all events, its always fun to meet new people and I made friends with a Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. They also had a pretty Cat Woman who's missing from the pic.

And what's an event without meeting old friends? Black suits twins with Noshuu that day.

On a personal note, I'm looking out for a new job, and as much as it pains me, I will probably be cutting down on my cosplays as I really wanna save up to travel and stuff. Not to mention, I need the money to get my own apartment in the future too.

Guess real life is calling...

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I hope it isn't too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I have many many things to update and progress has been painfully slow, I hope people who are still sticking by will have the patience to hold on abit longer. I'll definitely update this blog, it's just a matter of when. 

And special shout out to a dear reader I met, Rukiya. I don't know your real name and I can't seem to contact you again. But I just wanna thank you for your kind words, you know where to find me and I hope we can meet again.