Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personal Outfits (Ku De Ta & School)

My life is still very much devoid of anything interesting lately, I'm either in school, at home or at the bf's place attempting to help with my prop which will debut during next week's Cosfest event. I'm very much looking forward to it however, I need to deal with a current roadblock in my path to fun which is a test this Saturday. Very boring & mundane, I know so I apologise for having rather stale posts.

Wore a simple outfit to celebrate my aunt's birthday. My uncle booked a suite at Marina Bay Sands so we did alittle shopping around the area.
Dress: Spiral Girl
Nude Pumps: Taobao

 My uncle also treated the family to dinner at Ku De Ta. I've heard that it's a decent watering-hole but didn't really hear much about the restaurant, so everything they served was a surprise. The meal there totally ruined my diet but everything was just so good! I still recall the caramelized Kurobuta pork on skewers with mint jelly, fried noodles with sambal, crunchy calamari and fresh cod with miso seasoning and Umami paste. I'm drooling just thinking about the food, so I'm really sad that I didn't manage to take pictures of the awesome food.

I don't really bother dressing up much for school (though I still apply makeup lol), but this outfit was really comfortable & I think it looked fab too whilst managing to keep me cool despite the blazing sun and extreme humidity. I'm especially impressed by this new "knit" top tht I purchased from Uniqlo, it's actually made from linen with some crazy technological stuffs that helps to reduce body heat. I espeically like the fact that it looks like a summer knit without having to deal with itch-inducing wool.

 Top: Uniqlo
Inner tank (can't be seen in pic): borrowed from mom
Shorts: Spiral Girl
Nude Wedges: Prettyfit

I've also embarked on a journey to slim down and improve my fitness level. I'm attempting to exercise every night (most nights I'm pretty successful in completing the exercise regime) and to control my diet in order to get a healthier, fitter body. So far, my muscles have been toning up and my body does feel smaller as previously tight-fitting clothes are now just the right size or alittle loose.

I might write a post on my workout regime and diet but I'm still indulging myself with the occasional treat every now and then, lately my main vice is bubble tea (aka tapioca drink), so we'll see how well it goes.

I'll probably write about the upcoming cosplay event soon, so stay tuned!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's In My bag (Streamlined)

Snapped a quick picture of the contents of my bag before going out on an errand. These are the stuffs that I've been carrying lately in my easy, go-to bag for quick trips. I love how its  bigger then its appearance & I snagged it for an uber cheap price during a Mphosis sale.
  • Umbrella (for Singapore's crazy, unpredictable weather)
  • Purse
  • IPhone (what will be my life be without this awesome gadget?)
  • A book (in this case, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which inspired the anime-style movie)
  • Mp3 (I always listen to it while commuting)
  • Sunglasses (Protection against the terrible sun, these cats eye zebra print glasses are fun & add a quirky touch to any outfit)
  • Cardholder 
  • Lipgloss (Elf brand for those who are curious, my current favourite gloss)
  • Hadanomy collagen mist (a quick spritz quenches the skin & perks me up)
What do you guys have in your bags?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Personal Outift (Heat Wave)

The weather in Singapore has been incredibly hot lately, reaching about 31degrees celcius (or bout 88 degrees fahrenheit) when it is at it's hottest. This stifling heat isn't the only terrible thing lately, to add to one's discomfort, the humidity levels has increased due to the intense heat which only creates more of those terrible sticky and uncomfortable feeling one gets in the heat. All I ever feel like doing lately is lie atop a giant block of ice with the fan blasting at full speed in my direction with a pitcher of sweetened iced tea conveniently within arm's reach.

Whenever I am compelled to step out my house for god knows what reason, I wind up with my clothes sticking to my back, my hair damp with sweat and looking like I'd just run a marathon and seeking the closest available air-conditioned place to try and cool myself down before I faint from heat stroke. Such weather makes one incredibly reluctant to leave the comforts of one's home, but social obligations do come a-knocking and I'm forced to leave the comfort of my cool house. To combat the heat, I've figured a uniform of sorts that has served me well over the last few days.

Loose white top: Uniqlo (made of cooling linen material)
Denim Shorts: Cotton On (simple, functional & comfy)
Bag: Nine West (light, easy yet able to stuff in essentials)
Sunglasses: Cotton On (must-have to combat the blazing sun)
Sandals: Chanel (easy, functional but cute)
Hairband: Accessorize (too keep hair out of one's way) 

I'm not a fan of the ponytail look unless it's a high ponytail however, I needed a way to keep my hair off my neck and stop it from bothering me so a braid was the best alternative. By combining it with my hairband scarf, it also kept the look from being boring. 

To call this weather summer would be a complete irony considering I live in a country of eternal summer, not to mention if someone did try to tan themselves in this heat, they'll probably wind up frying like a piece of bacon. I just hope the weather will cool down soon since the monsoon season ought to be rolling in within 2 months. Hopefully, the rains will finally bring some respite from this crazy heat wave.

I haven't been out much lately due to the heat so I apologise for the lack of interesting posts, I'll try to come up with more interesting things to talk about next time but for now, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with this sad excuse of a blogpost.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Outfit (Neko Hairstyle & Snow White)

Went out last weekend and finally got the chance to dress up after too damn long. It's been rather mentally challenging on me with some of the things I had to do lately, hence the delayed post. I've also been sleeping alot lately to make up for the strain but enough about me and my poor woes.

Like I said, I finally got the chance to dress up abit, and unfortuantely I wasn't feeling that inspired so I randomly threw on some clothes and hey! presto! A more rokku style outfit, though not exactly so.... I later decided to try out the famous Neko (cat) ear hairstyle to spice up the outfit.

Top: Can't remember
Jacket: Ed Hardy
Skirt: Laggy

 My Neko mimi hairstyle though the "ears" aren't exactly pointed or as large as I had hoped, shall use larger bunches of hair on my next try. But I still think it isn't bad for a first attempt despite being lopsided (>.>)

I love love love my new Ed Hardy jacket, it isn't the typical tattoo print style that Ed Hardy is known for, instead it's a grey shade with distressed effect with a metallic butterfly on the back. It's also incredibly comfy and large enough to bury myself in, plus it has a large hood so it's the perfect jacket to hide myself when I don't feel like communicating with anyone in the public.  

I watched Snow White & The Hunstman that day, and I already knew it wasn't gonna be a masterpiece judging from all the scornful remarks my friends had made but what I didn't expect was how I would wind up laughing continuously at everything in the movie.

I found alot of things amsuing like how Snow White was the only person in the army not wearing any armour despite being the most person of most importance when they went to war, and like how the meeting with the stag in the forest was like a copied scene from Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke movie. Plus, sorry to all Kristen Stewart fans, but the girl has as much expression as a brick wall! I only saw 1 facial expression from her throughout the movie and it was the same face she made in the entire twilight franchise. In the end, the only things I truly liked bout the movie was how well the evil queen was portrayed by Charlize Theron, her wardrobe, and watching Chris Hemsworth swing his axe around like he was still Thor.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chobits Photoshoot

I finally got to shoot my Chobits, Freya cosplay! I recall being extremely frustrated with the long wig and was ranting about having to deal with the horrible knots in the wig and becoming so desperate that I messaged Esther asking if she could loan me her own wig. She was sooo sweet to meet me and help me deal with the knots that very night!

Initially, I had planned for the shoot to be just Kenneth and I with Minichaos (or Mini for short) and Esther as assistants. However, everyone actually surprised me by having Esther come totally prepared as my twin, Chii! That totally explained why she was hesitant in lending me her own chobits wig hahah... anyway onto pictures!

 Took some solo shots with Kenneth while Mini and Esther were secretly getting ready. All that while, I just figured that the heat and humidity had gotten to them and they needed some rest. After the whole group surpised me with Esther's amazing Chii cosplay, we got down to the business of taking some great photos.

 Esther looks really really pretty in her Chii bridal version cosplay

As always, no shoot is complete without some crazy, unexpected photos:

 Whilst I was shooting solo, a whole group of foreign students spotted me and I winded up being completely surrounded by them. They were really sweet and polite but there were too many of them, I was like (@_@) throughout the entire time that they were taking pictures of me (I can barely be seen in this picture, just look for the long black train hahah)

 Playing around with Esther midway through our shoot

Kenneth, Esther, Mini and I wound up playing with Ken's camera after the shoot. We took plenty of crazy pictures using the self-timer function, this is one of the pictures where we still look like sane, reasonable adults unlike the others.

The shoot was really fun though rather tiring as I was wearing an entire costume made from PVC as well as knee high leather boots in like 32 degrees celsius of weather, not to mention it was extremely humid and there were tons of insects all around. I was constantly removing my arm sleeves in between shots to try and cool myself down, but the pictures and great company I had, made all the suffering totally worth it.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Casual Photoshoot

I had a casual photoshoot some time back as I was feeling incredibly deprived of photoshoots and I had intended to try out an audition for a maid cafe at that time. Well, the maid cafe audition fell through because I had an immensely negative vibe as I was typing out the application (I trust my sixth sense alot, & I found out later there were people involved in the cafe that I'd rather not meet) but I did get some lovely pictures out of the shoot.

Kenneth was again the amazing photogrpaher for the day and we also had another model that day, Millie! She went for the audition and passed, so I'll definitely head down to the Japanese Arts Fiesta event just to suppport her!

 Casual Outfit with a short wig, I felt really lazy to bother styling my hair that day, so wigs came to the rescue!

 I like the whole look of the outfit plus the wig, very boyish casual style.

 Changed to another outfit & wig after some shots. This is my other Priscila wig, looks pretty real right? I also used the same wig for my Penguindrum cosplay last Cosfest

 We had tea at TWG, I had a super scrumptious apple tart with vanilla bean ice cream and a sticky caramel wafer. I also ordered White Tea (the proper name eludes me, I remember it was moon something and I ordered it simply because it was the tea that Ciel's soul was trapped in the box in Kuroshitsuji II), the tea was really light and sweet with a delicate scent. I really wanna go back there again!

 Camwhoring (or as Millie calls it, selca) with Ken's DSLR while I enjoy my tea

 Pervy smile because Millie was letting me listen to a Japanese dating game's voice actor. Millie bought the really cute earphones from Swimmer in Japan, I want it soo bad!!! It's so cute and comfy and the sound quality is pretty good! 

 The super adorable Millie! Isn't she pretty? I wanna hug her everytime I see her, she just oozes cuteness in the most natural way. Do support her at the maid cafe if you pop by the Japanese Arts Fiesta event!

Millie later loaned me her beautiful dress for this shot

I was hoping to be able to get at least one cosplay shoot done during my holidays, but unfortunately Kenneth has been pretty held up at work and I'm waiting for my other team members to get their costumes and stuffs done. So my next cosplay shoot will probably be in June, but it's alright as this will give me time to get my Cosfest costume and prop ready as I was recruited at the last moment for a massive team cosplay.

So I've got to settle my cosplay stuffs as well as cope with my schoolwork, it's a tricky thing balancing the two but things always work out in their own ways.