Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Personal Outift (Heat Wave)

The weather in Singapore has been incredibly hot lately, reaching about 31degrees celcius (or bout 88 degrees fahrenheit) when it is at it's hottest. This stifling heat isn't the only terrible thing lately, to add to one's discomfort, the humidity levels has increased due to the intense heat which only creates more of those terrible sticky and uncomfortable feeling one gets in the heat. All I ever feel like doing lately is lie atop a giant block of ice with the fan blasting at full speed in my direction with a pitcher of sweetened iced tea conveniently within arm's reach.

Whenever I am compelled to step out my house for god knows what reason, I wind up with my clothes sticking to my back, my hair damp with sweat and looking like I'd just run a marathon and seeking the closest available air-conditioned place to try and cool myself down before I faint from heat stroke. Such weather makes one incredibly reluctant to leave the comforts of one's home, but social obligations do come a-knocking and I'm forced to leave the comfort of my cool house. To combat the heat, I've figured a uniform of sorts that has served me well over the last few days.

Loose white top: Uniqlo (made of cooling linen material)
Denim Shorts: Cotton On (simple, functional & comfy)
Bag: Nine West (light, easy yet able to stuff in essentials)
Sunglasses: Cotton On (must-have to combat the blazing sun)
Sandals: Chanel (easy, functional but cute)
Hairband: Accessorize (too keep hair out of one's way) 

I'm not a fan of the ponytail look unless it's a high ponytail however, I needed a way to keep my hair off my neck and stop it from bothering me so a braid was the best alternative. By combining it with my hairband scarf, it also kept the look from being boring. 

To call this weather summer would be a complete irony considering I live in a country of eternal summer, not to mention if someone did try to tan themselves in this heat, they'll probably wind up frying like a piece of bacon. I just hope the weather will cool down soon since the monsoon season ought to be rolling in within 2 months. Hopefully, the rains will finally bring some respite from this crazy heat wave.

I haven't been out much lately due to the heat so I apologise for the lack of interesting posts, I'll try to come up with more interesting things to talk about next time but for now, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with this sad excuse of a blogpost.


  1. I feel your pain, Penang's pretty hot here as well :l keep tying my hair into a ponytail nowadays.

    You look really chic though :3

    1. Thanks alot, & the weather has been insane right? But I recently saw Los Angeles's weather & it's soo much hotter, I dunno how the people there can tolerate it

  2. Hair scarf looks really pretty! It looks like your hair is growing back after all the dying. Looks great :)

    1. Thanks Mitsu, it was an old buy but I kept it till now, funny how fashion cycles over right? No more bleaching for me as much as possible now to let my hair rest though I do miss having lovely blonde locks