Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chobits Photoshoot

I finally got to shoot my Chobits, Freya cosplay! I recall being extremely frustrated with the long wig and was ranting about having to deal with the horrible knots in the wig and becoming so desperate that I messaged Esther asking if she could loan me her own wig. She was sooo sweet to meet me and help me deal with the knots that very night!

Initially, I had planned for the shoot to be just Kenneth and I with Minichaos (or Mini for short) and Esther as assistants. However, everyone actually surprised me by having Esther come totally prepared as my twin, Chii! That totally explained why she was hesitant in lending me her own chobits wig hahah... anyway onto pictures!

 Took some solo shots with Kenneth while Mini and Esther were secretly getting ready. All that while, I just figured that the heat and humidity had gotten to them and they needed some rest. After the whole group surpised me with Esther's amazing Chii cosplay, we got down to the business of taking some great photos.

 Esther looks really really pretty in her Chii bridal version cosplay

As always, no shoot is complete without some crazy, unexpected photos:

 Whilst I was shooting solo, a whole group of foreign students spotted me and I winded up being completely surrounded by them. They were really sweet and polite but there were too many of them, I was like (@_@) throughout the entire time that they were taking pictures of me (I can barely be seen in this picture, just look for the long black train hahah)

 Playing around with Esther midway through our shoot

Kenneth, Esther, Mini and I wound up playing with Ken's camera after the shoot. We took plenty of crazy pictures using the self-timer function, this is one of the pictures where we still look like sane, reasonable adults unlike the others.

The shoot was really fun though rather tiring as I was wearing an entire costume made from PVC as well as knee high leather boots in like 32 degrees celsius of weather, not to mention it was extremely humid and there were tons of insects all around. I was constantly removing my arm sleeves in between shots to try and cool myself down, but the pictures and great company I had, made all the suffering totally worth it.