Monday, February 28, 2011

My Current Favourite Songs 11

This month really flew by so fast, and now its time once again for the next 5 songs selection:

butterfly (On/Off): Another song from the anime Durarara! I quite like the beat of this song and its a definite improvement from this group's first single (Vampire Knight first ending song, if you're curious). However i think they could definitely improve themselves and maybe get a new stylist. Their outfits in this video makes them look like a host or something.

dress (Buck-Tick): This is the opening song of one of my favourite anime, Trinity Blood. It was also my first introduction to this group. I haven't fully explored their works yet but I have to admit their stuff are good.

Senkou (Alice Nine): Woohoo!! Alice Nine's new single!!! I love it alot and my sis is such a fan that she's started buying all the first copies of their newly released stuffs. Haha, but she's pretty protective over her possessions because she likes to keep them in as good condition as she possibly can so I'm the evil one who downloads their stuff.

Resuscitated Hope (Lisa Komine): Another anime song. This is a fairly new anime that was just released with the new batch of animes, I'm usually not interested in animes that have prepubescent girls as the main character a la Rozen Maiden. But this story with its crime solving intrigues and Victorique's (the main girl) secret past hooked me real good. I'm impatiently waiting for the next episode to be released.

Blind Justice ~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~ (Zektbach, Pop n Music): I got addicted to this song after my friend roped me in for yet another cosplay and sent me this link. Its a really great piece to listen too whilst studying, because it doesn't make me listen too much to the lyrics but yet not sleep inducing at the same time. Its actually from the game Pop n Music, somewhat like a predecessor to the Vocaloids game. This composer has me highly addicted to his works. And if you're wondering, I'll be cosplaying the girl in this video, her name is Matin.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personal Outfit 53 (A Day at the Spa)

I had a day of relaxation today, after all the stresses of completing assignment after assignment for the past 6 weeks. My mom treated me to a full scrub and massage treatment and it was so heavenly, I seriously did not want it to end despite the fact that the masseuse pressed and kneaded my muscles really hard during the session. It was painful fo that moment but oh so good later.

So another lazy day outfit:

Ack! My leggings and ankle boots have blended in with the carpet!
White dres: Bought in Macau
Grey leopard cardigan: Lip Service
Black leggings: Random shop in Chinatown
Ankle boots: Christmas gift from the Bf
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs mook
I know that lately I've been posting more and more lazy outfits and maybe they're not all that gyaru but its seriously hard to muster up the energy to think up of outfits all the time or do my fancy makeup when I'm so strapped for time. I'm constantly fighting to finish my assingments on time and just when I thought I could finally catch my breath, another one comes along.

Because of that, i'm seriously contemplating stopping or at the very least, lessening my gyaru-based posts. I'll update bout fashion and the like when I have the time, but it'll probably be simpler outfits instead of the usual. Yes, I'm gonna be a weekend gyaru at the very least(whatever...).

I still adore gyaru makeup and hairstyling but I don't fully agree with the fashion at times and when I look my bulging wardrobe, a part of me feels the pain of not having worn some clothes that I love but have been labelled as "not gyaru enough". In some twisted way, instead of dressing how I love and what I feel like wearing at the moment, I am starting to become someone who's obsessed with whether a look is "in" or not. Instead of feeling more confident in my appearance, I've started to nit pick on everything and in the process, I've lost a part of who I am and my sense of self.

I don't know where I'll go from here, maybe I'll still be gyaru, maybe not. But at the very least, I'm still me...

P.S. I'll probably change my blog title soon I guess, should drop the "gyaru" title before people start coming after me for redundant things

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Fringe or Not?

Now that my fringe is growing out due to the lack of time to go see a hairdresser to get it trimmed, I'm kindda wondering if I shld still stick to my straight blunt fringe or grow it out into a side fringe. I'm really on the fence about it because I love both looks for different reasons, so perhaps my dear readers could share their opinion on it?

Side fringe (Sorry Steph, this was the best picture with a side fringe so I had to use it >.<")
Pros: Easy to maintain
Slims my face down slightly
Easier to get the Agejo sexy look with it
Something different after so long
Cons: Most girls have this fringe
I need to slowly grow it out
I look more 'Ah Lian' (a kind of local derogatory term)

My current straight fringe (okay while it was shorter, my fringe is now a side fringe because it's grown out already)
Pros: Looks cuter
More identifiable as a Gyaru hairstyle
Certain hairstyles are only able to go with it (e.g. the hair buns)
I look 'done' even if I just tie a ponytail
I like this look and I've had it for awhile now
Cons: Need to go for constant trimming to maintain it
Need to style it daily
Tends to develop a centre-parting that isn't particularly attractive
Face looks wider
I've had this fringe for awhile now, perhaps its time for a change?
I'm seriously on the fence about this issue because while I love my straight fringe alot and my current idol, Rinka is still rocking the straight fringe, I do feel an itch to change things up abit. I asked The Bf's opinion and he's more partial to the side fringe, though he did say it's up to me how I want to style my hair.
Gah!!!! I seriously do not know, and I definitely will never buy a clip-on fringe because I change my hair colour constantly so there's little point in doing so. How how??

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ageha's Rin Makeup Line: Ange Rin Doll!

The youtube video showing the range of products in the Ange Rin Doll line. It features a detailed breakdown of the use of the products, Rin participating in the production of the products and a selection of normal Japanese girls trying out the products.

The full line of Ange Rin Doll products that's available so far

It seems like most gyaru models follow the usual money-making route of first getting a modelling gig on a famous magazine followed by being the face of numerous products and then finally jumping on the gravy chain of creating a line of self-branded makeup.

The model this time is Rin from Koakkuma Ageha magazine and also known as the face of gyaru brand, Tralala. But to differ from her competitors who have pushed out numerous fake lashes, lipglosses and blush, Rin smartly deviates her products slightly but still pushes out products that gals everywhere would love.

Her line named, Ange Rin Doll, consists of the ubiquitous fake lashes, a tube of lip gloss in what appears to be a nude shade, 2 brow mascaras, 2 liquid eyeliners, a carbon paper with "lifting" properties and a set of 'power pierce' gems.

From what I can tell from the advertisement, the carbon paper helps to slim down and 'lift' the face to create the desired "V" shape from the cheek down that most models seem to have. I've also seen the 'power pierce' gems at work before when Momoeri was sponsored by a salon to do an advert in her blog, its supposedly able to help slim down the face by using electrons or crystal energy or something to reduce puffiness and water retention to slim down the face. I don't wholeheartedly believe that these products would work, especially since Japan is famous for coming up with the craziest beauty gadgets that don't always work, but if it's not priced too highly, I might just give it a shot.

The liquid eyeliner in a pen form might be useful to drawing the underside of my upper eyelid as Rin demonstrated in the video, if it's not too watery that is. On the otherhand, the other products don't interest me in the least bit, the lashes look similar to other designs by Diamond Lash or Eyemazing, the lipgloss shade looks bit generic and the eyebrow mascaras look eerily similar to Kate's version.

I'm pretty surprised that Rin hasn't mentioned anything about her new line of products in her blog, so I'm just waiting to see if she's gonna rope in Ageha to help promote her products just like what Sakurina did for her lash line. But so far, the products are only available via a Japanese TV shopping channel, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the products do well.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Personal Outfit 52 (Final Chinese New Year Celebration)

My final Chinese New Year celebration was a small affair, just alittle gathering of my dad's side of the family. For those of you who don't know, Chinese New year is actually celebrated for 15 days of the beginning of the Lunar New Year, with everyday having a different reason to celebrate, though most people don't really follow the tradition much anymore.

Simple outfit for a simple affair:

Dress: Nichii

My makeup for the day, and I didn't get a chance to do much to my hair because my dad was after me again for taking the time to get ready
I'm getting really irked out by my dad for always coming after me whenever I take the time to do my hair and makeup, to him, I'm doing something unnecessary and just plain wasting money, time and effort to do something so pointless in his eyes.
Too bad he had a daughter who is into makeup and fashion. He always forgets the fact that I have a tomboy-ish streak in me that likes weaponry and martial arts and goes fishing with him...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makeup Review: Covermark Basic Formula Foundation

What I am about to review is perhaps the biggest secret for my flawless skin! Of course it helps to have good basic skincare to minimise the amount of flaws on your skin, however sometimes its not anyone's fault that your skin decides to go bit crazy and start to produce lots of bemishes and nasty pimples. When that happens, I turn to my trusty concealer for help in faking awesome skin even if my real skin is anything but smooth and clear.

So drumroll for the most fabulous concealer I've encountered yet:

Covermark Japan's Basic Formula paste-type Foundation in E6
Covers dull spots and freckles
Sweat and water resistant
SPF 33 PA+++
Highly breathable
Contains plant extracts to nourish the skin such as ginseng

My bare skin from last month's breakout (I haven't gotten a breakout like this since I changed my moisturizing cream, which I'll review at a later date)

Most blemishes have been covered after applying my Kate base and RMK foundation, however the more stubborn ones are still visible

After applying the Covermark Japan paste-type foundation as a concealer, all blemishes have been concealed

I do get that some of you are confused as to why this was supposed to be a concealer review but what I've produced is a foundation instead, but hear me out. I was recommended this product by Pochi after lamenting to her that I was so sick of constantly running around and wasting money and time on sub-products and really really wanted a great concealer. She immediately rifled through her makeup bag and produced this little wonder in a pot and gave me a smug smile.

The foundation is really thick and waxy in texture and was created to cover not blemishes but birthmarks, scars and discolorations on the skin. So if it works effectively on major problems like these, covering blemishes would be a breeze and it really is as you can see in the above pictures. However, I would recommend that you avoid using it on your eye areas because of the thick waxy texture unless you're willing to spend awhile blending it into place.
One thing about Covermark Japan is that its so coveted in Japan for its amazing coverage that its always ranked one of the top few brands in for its foundations and concealers. Its very little known even here in Singapore and I bought my product from the counter that was stuffed in a corner of Takashimaya with a single salesgirl manning the counter.

So in summary:
Coverage: 9.5/10 (almost perfect, flawless coverage if you blend properly, I'm tempted to give it perfect score but hey nothing's perfect right?)
Texture: 6/10 (Its thick and waxy in texture so blend carefully for even coverage. It also helps to dust some loose powder over it to increase its staying power)
Price: 8/10 (its pricey at $40 for a little pot, however, because you need only a teensy amount to cover blemishes, you could probably end up using the same pot for many months. I've used mine for bout 5 months now and there's just a slight dent on the surface)

Its truly a product that I recommend for people who really want to cover their blemishes and fake smooth, perfect skin. As a foundation, it's perfect for people who require heavy makeup such as entertainers because all you need is this and nothing else for your base. I have a friend who works as a race queen and party ambassador and she uses it whenever she's on the job because of its sweat and water resistance and because she's required to put on super thick makeup that could be compared with drag queens.

Gosh! I just realised how far behind I am on my reviews, I'm really sorry about it because more often then not, I just use the makeup without bothering to take any pictures of them. I'll get to them as soon as possible!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Personal Outfits 50 & 51 (Chinese New Year Eve & Day 1)

I've finally found some time to sit down and write this post after the last few days of complete madness. My Family's Chinese New Year celebrations tend to zap quite alot of energy out of me as we zoom about from one house to the next before finally ending up at one house and hanging round there till the wee hours in the morning while everyone gambles away.

So two outfits for this post as I'm too tired to write out 2 separate posts and I actually wore another outfit today but forgot to take a photo of it, I'll do it next time when I'm visiting my dad's side of the family.

For New Year's eve, I wore this simple outfit, since its just a time for relatives to come together and eat till we're just bout to burst.

Spectacles: Uniqlo
Top: One Spo
Boho Skirt: Fleamarket find
Bag: Jill Stuart Mook Bag
My current super lazy mode hair, the double buns

Finally, for the first day of the new year, I got to dress up. It's also customary to wear new clothes to symbolise a new beginning

Shirt: Uniqlo
Tiered Skirt: One Spo

This cute shirt I got from Uniqlo was very much Liz Lisa inspired and the best part is, it's actually double-sided, so I have sort-of 2 different shirts for the price of one! And I snagegd it for only $9.90 at the current sale!

Tried this new hairstyle at the last minute in a tutorial I found in Betty magazine, the model's looked alot nicer because her hair was longer and thicker, so she had a higher messy bun. (Pardon the dirty mirror, my foundation sponge and mascara wand happened to knock into it while I was doing my makeup)

And a closer look at my makeup, I toned down on the eyeliner because my dad was chasing me out of the house.
This year's celebrations ended alot earlier because the older folks didn't have the energy to play their favourite mahjong game. It's bit sad since I grew up listening to the clacking of the mahjong tiles at every new year celebration, so it's quite a worrying sign for me at how much time is left to be with my grandparents.
On a good note, I met my Malaysian relatives today. Its hard to meet up with them since we aren't really close and we do live in different countries (despite being geographically near), but it was a good sign to finally hear the mahjong tiles clacking against each other again. As I sat on the sofa, half watching the show on TV and half listening to the noises around me such as the loud laughter of my aunts and uncles, the screaming of kids dashing around, the clacking of the mahjong tiles and coins, I actually felt like I was home, after a very long time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Personal Outfit 49 (Running Errands & Housewarming)

Last sunday was a real hectic day for me, I ended up running some errands, accompanying Esther and Kenneth to Artfriend to check out materials and finally ending up at my uncle's housewarming party.

I'm pretty bummed about my uncle selling his old condo away as it had the most awesome clubhouse ever! It was a 2 storey stone building between the numerous apartments and the interior had a beautiful sweeping, stained wood staircase, crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows. I had been planning to ask them about the rates of renting the clubhouse for a potential shoot however, with them deciding to sell the place instead of renting it out as initially planned has completely thrown out my plans. So I'm back to the beginning of finding possible shooting locations once again.

It's been raining like crazy here in Singapore, and hasn't been helping my hair much so no matter how much I style my hair, it goes flat within a couple of hours because of the humidity. The only good thing so far is the weather has cooled down considerably and my skin isn't as oily as before.

So a simple outfit for a day of running around:

Oversized shirt: Uniqlo
DIY Denim shorts: IP Zone
Over the knee socks: Random shop in Heeren
(Sorry for the crappy pic, I forgot to bring my camera and had to make do with the lousy Iphone camera)
As you can see from the pic, just how bad the weather is, it totally caused all my curls to fall flat. Hence I was left with really flat hair for the rest of the day.
Today is the eve of Chinese New year so I'll be going for my reunion dinner in the evening, but I've yet to complete all my assignments so I'm hoping to get some done in the afternoon, if not, I'll probably be forced to do my assignments amidst the festivities. That is so not a good thing as it could mean I could end up having to do alot of homework for the rest of the lunar year, argh!!