Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Personal Outfit 49 (Running Errands & Housewarming)

Last sunday was a real hectic day for me, I ended up running some errands, accompanying Esther and Kenneth to Artfriend to check out materials and finally ending up at my uncle's housewarming party.

I'm pretty bummed about my uncle selling his old condo away as it had the most awesome clubhouse ever! It was a 2 storey stone building between the numerous apartments and the interior had a beautiful sweeping, stained wood staircase, crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows. I had been planning to ask them about the rates of renting the clubhouse for a potential shoot however, with them deciding to sell the place instead of renting it out as initially planned has completely thrown out my plans. So I'm back to the beginning of finding possible shooting locations once again.

It's been raining like crazy here in Singapore, and hasn't been helping my hair much so no matter how much I style my hair, it goes flat within a couple of hours because of the humidity. The only good thing so far is the weather has cooled down considerably and my skin isn't as oily as before.

So a simple outfit for a day of running around:

Oversized shirt: Uniqlo
DIY Denim shorts: IP Zone
Over the knee socks: Random shop in Heeren
(Sorry for the crappy pic, I forgot to bring my camera and had to make do with the lousy Iphone camera)
As you can see from the pic, just how bad the weather is, it totally caused all my curls to fall flat. Hence I was left with really flat hair for the rest of the day.
Today is the eve of Chinese New year so I'll be going for my reunion dinner in the evening, but I've yet to complete all my assignments so I'm hoping to get some done in the afternoon, if not, I'll probably be forced to do my assignments amidst the festivities. That is so not a good thing as it could mean I could end up having to do alot of homework for the rest of the lunar year, argh!!


  1. Love love love the outfit babe!~
    I wish I could wear it, were expecting a huge snow storm tonight in toronto and I'm not looking forward to this at all!

  2. Love your outfit & your phone case! ♥
    I hope you have a Happy Lunar New Year & not too much work, haha XD

  3. Your outfit is gorgeous <3
    And aw, it sucks about the condo being sold :( Hopefully you'll find a good place to for photoshoots!!

  4. @ Keely Valentine - Oh!!! Hoped the snowstorm didn't affect you too much! Perhaps you could wear something like it when the weather warms up?

    @ Tori - Thanks, I need to get my case fixed, some of the stones have fallen off =3=

    @ Melody - Haha, yea I'm really hoping for a good place to shoot too, lately alot of people have been getting chased out of areas which we've previously done shoots at. Sux!!