Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ageha's Rin Makeup Line: Ange Rin Doll!

The youtube video showing the range of products in the Ange Rin Doll line. It features a detailed breakdown of the use of the products, Rin participating in the production of the products and a selection of normal Japanese girls trying out the products.

The full line of Ange Rin Doll products that's available so far

It seems like most gyaru models follow the usual money-making route of first getting a modelling gig on a famous magazine followed by being the face of numerous products and then finally jumping on the gravy chain of creating a line of self-branded makeup.

The model this time is Rin from Koakkuma Ageha magazine and also known as the face of gyaru brand, Tralala. But to differ from her competitors who have pushed out numerous fake lashes, lipglosses and blush, Rin smartly deviates her products slightly but still pushes out products that gals everywhere would love.

Her line named, Ange Rin Doll, consists of the ubiquitous fake lashes, a tube of lip gloss in what appears to be a nude shade, 2 brow mascaras, 2 liquid eyeliners, a carbon paper with "lifting" properties and a set of 'power pierce' gems.

From what I can tell from the advertisement, the carbon paper helps to slim down and 'lift' the face to create the desired "V" shape from the cheek down that most models seem to have. I've also seen the 'power pierce' gems at work before when Momoeri was sponsored by a salon to do an advert in her blog, its supposedly able to help slim down the face by using electrons or crystal energy or something to reduce puffiness and water retention to slim down the face. I don't wholeheartedly believe that these products would work, especially since Japan is famous for coming up with the craziest beauty gadgets that don't always work, but if it's not priced too highly, I might just give it a shot.

The liquid eyeliner in a pen form might be useful to drawing the underside of my upper eyelid as Rin demonstrated in the video, if it's not too watery that is. On the otherhand, the other products don't interest me in the least bit, the lashes look similar to other designs by Diamond Lash or Eyemazing, the lipgloss shade looks bit generic and the eyebrow mascaras look eerily similar to Kate's version.

I'm pretty surprised that Rin hasn't mentioned anything about her new line of products in her blog, so I'm just waiting to see if she's gonna rope in Ageha to help promote her products just like what Sakurina did for her lash line. But so far, the products are only available via a Japanese TV shopping channel, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the products do well.


  1. great post!
    gal makeup brands are so tempting just for the packaging!

  2. OMG they're making their own cosmetic line?!??!!
    Time to spend so much money on overpriced CUTE cosmetics ♥

  3. I personally love Rin so I would def buy these, haha XD ♥ Thanks for sharing~!

  4. @ Keely Valentine - haha I know!!! Its so tempting to buy them JUST for the packaging!

    @ Emy - Omg yes, so overpriced but somehow you can't resist them no matter what.. ugh..

    @ Tori - hahah, okay hope you can get your hands on them soon!