Monday, August 29, 2011

STGCC 2011 Cosplays

Ugh I'm behind on posts again, but I do have a valid excuse!! I've been bogged down by plenty of cosplay shoots lately, so you can expect lots of nice pictures once I've edited them!! Hahaha, okay, it isn't much of an excuse but it does rob me of time to blog amongst other things.

I attended the recent STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) event, so I managed to get some pictures there. I didn't have much planned for the 2 event days though so I took the opportunity to test out my Freya (from Chobits) costume and I re-cosplayed Alois Trancy on the second day.


I tried my hardest to give off a gentle demeanor and I think I managed to succeed in that. I tend to give off a natural fierce and intimidating vibe which can be useful for certain characters but its extremely bad for characters that tend to be considered kind and gentle.

Chobits is one of those classic anime/manga that you can never go wrong with, I'm cosplaying Freya, the sister/twin of one of the main characters. I love her character so much more then her sister because she's far more complicated and darker in nature unlike the super sweet and innocent sister.

Bleaugh, ignore the plastic bag behind me

Love this pic! I look super tall and you can see how long my train is, not easy dragging a train made of PVC all around the event space.

I re-cosplayed Alois Trancy on the second day but I had a different guy cosplay as my Claude Faustus, because Daisy's costume shrunk in the wash. Good thing is, Kazu (my new Claude), is taller then Daisy, so he managed to create the appropriate height difference between the characters without trying. I actually brought a blue and brown lollipop along as a prop, but after licking it for abit, the lollipop turned my lips and abit of my teeth blue!! So I had to stop using it hahahahah. I saw another Alois and Claude couple at the event too but I feel we did a better job (biased much!! XD), we also did a shoot together today (or rather yesterday) so I'll be getting more pictures soon! But here's some taken at the event itself:
Introducing Kazu!! He's the more appropriate 1.8m tall height, whereas Daisy was only 1.7++m tall, so he had to wear height increment insoles but even that showed only minor differences in our heights after I wore my heeled boots.

Can't miss the opportunity to make some funny faces! Its a must do for an Alois cosplay hahaha!

Love this shot alot, the lighting shows the characters' personalities well in my opinion, though I could have attempted to look less innocent and happy (=_=)"

An up close facial shot, somehow I quite like the angling of this shot

So far I've done 3 shoots (including today's) that I haven't written or posted pictures about. I'm bit upset at the result of my Sheryl Nome shoot because the photographer didn't edit the pictures much and trust me they need major editting which I totally suck at! Anyone wanna offer their photoshop skills to me for editing purposes? Hahahah!!

I've more or less done editing the pictures from one of the shoots already so I'll write up the post about it soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blondie No More!

I've finally stopped being a blonde! But begrudgingly so, because I loved the colour alot, however my hair is seriously dying from the numerous bleaching sessions and my parents have been nagging me about my hair dropping all around the house.

I had initally planned a post to decide about the next colour for my hair, but after talking it over with my hairdresser, she told me that considering how bleached and light my hair was, no picture I showed would ever come out the way I wanted it to. I had to slowly introduce colour back into my hair so the resulting colour would be really unpredictable and it would still fade out after awhile. So even I was surprised with the eventual result.

I chose to bleach my roots first, because I wanted my whole head to have a uniform colour, not colour blocks and especially not visibly darker roots.

Resulting hair colour. I left my pink streak alone because my hairdresser and I didn't want to take the risk and produce a weird coloured chunk there, since we couldn't predict what kind of colour would come out when we mixed the dyes. (Sorry, I only had on basic makeup here, this is how I usually look like when I go to school)

My hair is definitely brownish in colour, but its not a dark brown, its kindda ashy, with hints of gold and I can definitely see a pinkish hue to it and it looks bit orangish at times too. Esther called it strawberry brown but I don't know if there's any real name to this colour.

Unfortunately during the bleaching process, I tolerated the painful process for a tad too long because I totally forgot I had to put on another colour after that. So when the other colour was applied, I nearly screamed from the pain, it hurt so bad! I had no choice but to tolerate the pain otherwise I would have suffered for nothing, so I sat through the pain and I'm glad I did.

I'm still getting used to the colour but I'm really liking it, it's definitely different from the majority but I've stopped getting snide comments from delusional people who assume I'm trying to copy eitehr Lady Gaga or Xiaxue. Considering my hair colour would fade out and change over time, I'm wondering how it'll look like in the future, so I guess I'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kocchi Muite Baby (Vocaloids) Shoot

Had a rather packed weekend by attending 2 events. First was the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) and then on Saturday evening, I also attended the annual Natsu Matsuri festival. I was cosplaying on boht Saturday and Sunday that's why I didn't wear a yukata to Natsu Matsuri this year and besides, I had initially planned to purchase another yukata but it was sold out online. There's always next year!

Since I'm still in the process of gathering my pictures taken over the weekend and Esther is helping me to edit them, I'll post pictures bout my old Vocaloids shoot instead. It was a relatively simple shoot in a rented music studio with Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin as the students and I as Megurine Luka was their teacher. At least that's the relationship they had in the PV (Vocaloid relationships are extremely confusing and can differ greatly from pv to pv).

So pictures:

Not many shots of us three together but this one is cute

Forgive me if I am holding the drumsticks wrongly, I've never once played the drums in my life

One of my favourite pictures from the shoot. Esther is helping me make it into my next coscard!

Playing around with the drumsticks

And finally, a full length shot!

I'm not very fond of the outfit as it was a office style skirt with a blouse tucked in. Problem was, the blouse kept riding up resulting in funny looking lumps on my waist making my waist look fat and because it was sleeveless too, if I held my arms wrongly, my arms would look super fat.

The good thing was that it was relatively free and easy shoot with just some feelings of irritation I got from a particular person, but shadn't elaborate.

I've planned another shoot for my Alois Trancy cosplay. I doubt I'll use the costume anymore because as fun a character as he is, it gets pretty sickening to wind up bumping to at least 2 other lookalikes at an event and everyone of us wind up sizing up each time we glance at each other. Plus, I should get ready some other costumes or upcoming events.

I'll update bout STGCC and my other shoots soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Personal Outfit 69 (Window Shopping, Purikura & Red Velvet Cake)

Finally had a catch-up session with Jo after so long. I'm so glad that she's back here in Singapore, she's going back in October but still, at least we can meet up abit to catch up and stuff.

I planned a haircut early that day because my mom gave me a promotional voucher for a free haircut. It was okay, but the guy kindda took my idea of curls too far and instead of using tongs, he used a diffuser which resulted in a really messed up hair do that resembled a rat's nest. Jo helped me to comb it out so my hair looked rather plain and unstyled for the rest of the day. We didn't have much planned after that so we randomly wandered around before deciding to take some purikura. We purposely travelled all the way to Bugis for this really amazing purikura machine that Jo was telling me about. It enlarges our eyes, applies eyeliner, softens and smoothens skin and lengthens and slims our legs, a really awesome machine to bring out the narcissistic side of any girl possible.

My favourite purikura shot, my eyes look huge here! Jo's eyeliner was also darkened and our skins look so soft and perfect hahah!

The blush was added on later, too bad that they didn't have varieties of blush, just 2 options of pink or orange, I wish the pink blush they had wasn't so stark

A fun purikura

The full length shot made our legs look super long and slim, love it!!


Top: Taobao

Ripped Leggings: Taobao

Jeffrey Cambell Lita look-alikes: Galstar

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Goggles: Lips Enterprise

I am so gonna try and do my purikura at this machine from now on, I love the effects despite the fact that it looks bit over exposed hence why we look so fair and my hair looks white.

Jo also introduced me to red velvet cake. I was bit apprehensive bout it initially because I detest cream cheese and heavy cheese cakes (I only like light Japanese cheese cakes) but the cake was so scrumptious, my mouth is watering at the thought of it and I'm actually having cravings for it now. I tried it at Cedele, but does anyone locally have anywhere else to recommend a good red velvet cake?

Oh yea, I'm gonna dye my hair next week, still trying to decide what colour because alot of hairdressers have told me not to dye my hair black right after belaching so much because I won't be able to lighten my hair after that. So I'm trying to decide between Muto Shizuka's ashy blonde do or Sakurina's more reddish-brown hair. I'll do a proper post about it next time with pictures so that you guys can get an idea okays?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Casual Shoot & Preview of Other Shoots

Been pretty busy with plenty of shoots ever since my school holidays started. I've had bout 3 or more like 2 and an attempted one so far with yet another planned for this Sunday. Busy, but feeling quite satisfied because I can get nice pictures of my costumes and me in character, which rarely happens during events when lighting sucks and bad photographers are everywhere and putting up pictures that make me look ten times more hideous.

On to pictures! First will be the casual/ attempted shoot:

We went to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes for the shoot, love the view!!

Esther, Joshua, Kenneth and I ended up sitting by the Singapore River and spacing out and chatting while watching the sun go down. Kenneth managed to shoot these few nice shots though hahah!

My favourite shot and I only just realised that the waves in the water happened so nicely above my head!

Outfit consisted of:

Inner Camisole: Tutuha

White top(tutuha-inspired): Taobao

Skorts: Laggy

Thigh high stockings: Can't remember

Jeffrey Cambell Lita look-alikes: Galstar

Next shoot was for the Vocaloids PV, Kocchi Muite Baby, I cosplayed Megurine Luka. After sifting through my cosplay pictures, I think my face suits Megurine Luka better then the other Vocaloids. Too bad my height is meant more for Kagamine Rin or Hatsune Miku (and that's if I'm in heels) Hahaha!

Camwhore picture with Esther right after applying makeup

Super funny picture during the shoot, hahaha you should totally check out my face up close! Esther and I still laugh like mad at the ridiculous face I made.

I kept wondering why did the face look so familiar, then it hit me, I resembled Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, a comic I grew up with! Hahha, so unglam but too funny to not share!

Okay, here's a more "glamorous" shot of me which Esther took. Hahha, I look like a lady boss checking for quality control of the pictures in Kennth's camera. My legs look impossibly long here...

My last shoot, shall keep the theme secret till I get the pictures. Super shy bout it because its bit risque, so I'm still wondering if I should post the pictures here >.<""Super messy wig because I was lying down sideways and I'm glad my 2 weeks of dieting worked out. My tummy flattened and my thighs look slimmer too! Too bad I can't maintain this figure for long, I love food too much...

Whee! After Sunday's shoot, I'll be meeting Josephine on Tuesday, she's finally back in Singapore again! Yay! Then it'll be another cosplay event this weekend called Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention aka STGCC but the first day of the event will be clashing with Natsu Matsuir so I'll probably be rushing from the event to get to the next one and then back to the cosplay event the very next day! Bet it's gonna be super tiring but I'm sure nonetheless, it'll be fun.

Too bad that I'm not wearing a yukata for Matsuri this year! I won't have time to style my hair after the cosplay event so its pointless to wear it and I also couldn't get my hands on the one I wanted. But I'll definitely wear a yukata again for next year!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bf's Birthday Celebration

The post is a few days late and that's because since my return from the getaway, I've already done 2 shoots within the 2 days that have passed since then, I'm resting for a day before my next shoot comes along. Shoots are fun, but ultra tiring, anyway the Bf and I had a quick getaway last weekend to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) to celebrate the Bf's birthday.

Stayed at the Festive Hotel, the room was of a decent size with an extra kiddy bed and a sofa bed, a good room for families I guess. Took this pictures off the official website, I don't wanna take pictures of hotel rooms right now in the midst of the seventh month (chinese ghost month) in case I find an extra lodger in our room.

We had a free and easy first day to explore the whole place, Sentosa has seriously changed so much from the little island that I used to frequent as a little girl. It's now become a super entertainment centre, which is good for the economy I guess, but I still miss the old Sentosa at times, when it was less commercialised.

We went to Universal Studios Singapore the next day.

Obligatory tourist photo at the USS globe, haha!

Super cool Egyptian statues, I've always had a fascination with the history of ancient egypt.

The castle of the land of Far Far Away from Shrek

Took this pic at the entrance to the land of far Far Away, ignore the guy photobombing my pic

Found this super sweet statue on the roof of a shop, it so cute to see Donkey playing with his kids

The Bf bought this dinosaur bottle at the Jurassic park area, I find the dino has a rather mischevious look

Me totally drenched after riding the Jurassic Park River rapids ride. I sat in the worst seat in the entire raft, the others got away with just minor splashes while I had to wringe out water from my clothes after the ride. Amazingly, my makeup stayed put even after that unexpected bath! Hehe!

We stayed till 9pm to catch the fireworks show. It was nice but I personally preferred the ones I saw at Disneyland Hong Kong

We had fun the whole by simply letting our inner child out and running around like crazy kids. My favourite ride was the Battlestar Galatica, Cylon version! It totally satiated my thrill-seeking side that day though most of the other rides became a tad boring after that super adrenaline rush we got from it.

The Bf and I were also "married" by Donkey from the movie Shrek during his "live" show though he made me swear to change the Bf's hairstyle hahahaha. We even had a staff congratulate us on our "wedding" later during the day when we were randomly wandering around.

The whole getaway was rather fun and was made better by the fact that there weren't too many people around, so we didn't have to queue too long for any single ride and managed to more or less catch most rides and even sat through the cool Rock The Musical show.

On the whole a great way to spend some much needed time with the Bf and to celebrate his special day.

P.S. Didn't put up pics of the Bf because he's not so fond of having his face shown on this blog, so shall respect his wishes

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Be Friends (Vocaloids) Shoot

I'll be away for the next 2 days as I'm celebrating the Bf's birthday with a quick getaway to Universal Studios Singapore. So I'll leave you guys with pictures of my old, forgotten shoot, Just Be Friends by the Vocaloid, Megurine Luka. It's essentially a breakup song so and because it's easy to gather the stuff and costume needed for the shoot, alot of cosplayers all over the world have already done it.

The shoot was done at 2 different locations, most were at the backstaircase of a mall and after we got chased out, we found another location with some tiled fountains but the grey didn't quite suit the theme and we were already losing light so we did just a few shots there. On to picturess!

The iconic shot for Just Be Friends. Eeek! Pardon my fat thighs!

My favourite picture, though Daisy (my partner) looks like he's in shock *sniggers*

Another shot

Esther helped me photoshop this picture abit and I like how she made me look like a drawing or something since technically the "master" is "breaking up" with a Vocaloid aka basically the dude stopped using the Megurine Luka voice program. Hence the fact on why I look unreal in this shot.

I love the colours in this shot, my skin looks super fair though my sharp brows made me look pissed off, I've stopped angling them so harshly now.

For this shoot, I applied so much makeup on my face that I basically looked like a clown in real life. I had to appear made up in pictures because Luka is the kind who would apply makeup as compared to Miku or Rin and since cameras tend to wash out alot of things, I applied tons of blush, eye shadow, lipgloss and super thick lashes and as you can see, it turned out just right. But I like how the makeup turned out, definitely my favourite cosplay makeup so far!

Okay, it's pretty late and I need to wake up early tomorrow to check into the hotel in time, so till next time!