Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bf's Birthday Celebration

The post is a few days late and that's because since my return from the getaway, I've already done 2 shoots within the 2 days that have passed since then, I'm resting for a day before my next shoot comes along. Shoots are fun, but ultra tiring, anyway the Bf and I had a quick getaway last weekend to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) to celebrate the Bf's birthday.

Stayed at the Festive Hotel, the room was of a decent size with an extra kiddy bed and a sofa bed, a good room for families I guess. Took this pictures off the official website, I don't wanna take pictures of hotel rooms right now in the midst of the seventh month (chinese ghost month) in case I find an extra lodger in our room.

We had a free and easy first day to explore the whole place, Sentosa has seriously changed so much from the little island that I used to frequent as a little girl. It's now become a super entertainment centre, which is good for the economy I guess, but I still miss the old Sentosa at times, when it was less commercialised.

We went to Universal Studios Singapore the next day.

Obligatory tourist photo at the USS globe, haha!

Super cool Egyptian statues, I've always had a fascination with the history of ancient egypt.

The castle of the land of Far Far Away from Shrek

Took this pic at the entrance to the land of far Far Away, ignore the guy photobombing my pic

Found this super sweet statue on the roof of a shop, it so cute to see Donkey playing with his kids

The Bf bought this dinosaur bottle at the Jurassic park area, I find the dino has a rather mischevious look

Me totally drenched after riding the Jurassic Park River rapids ride. I sat in the worst seat in the entire raft, the others got away with just minor splashes while I had to wringe out water from my clothes after the ride. Amazingly, my makeup stayed put even after that unexpected bath! Hehe!

We stayed till 9pm to catch the fireworks show. It was nice but I personally preferred the ones I saw at Disneyland Hong Kong

We had fun the whole by simply letting our inner child out and running around like crazy kids. My favourite ride was the Battlestar Galatica, Cylon version! It totally satiated my thrill-seeking side that day though most of the other rides became a tad boring after that super adrenaline rush we got from it.

The Bf and I were also "married" by Donkey from the movie Shrek during his "live" show though he made me swear to change the Bf's hairstyle hahahaha. We even had a staff congratulate us on our "wedding" later during the day when we were randomly wandering around.

The whole getaway was rather fun and was made better by the fact that there weren't too many people around, so we didn't have to queue too long for any single ride and managed to more or less catch most rides and even sat through the cool Rock The Musical show.

On the whole a great way to spend some much needed time with the Bf and to celebrate his special day.

P.S. Didn't put up pics of the Bf because he's not so fond of having his face shown on this blog, so shall respect his wishes


  1. Awe, you look so cute & happy! ♥ Looks like it was a fun day & I love your tie-dye top, haha~

  2. @ Tori - Yea! It was super fun and thanks, snuck the top from my mum, hehe!