Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blondie No More!

I've finally stopped being a blonde! But begrudgingly so, because I loved the colour alot, however my hair is seriously dying from the numerous bleaching sessions and my parents have been nagging me about my hair dropping all around the house.

I had initally planned a post to decide about the next colour for my hair, but after talking it over with my hairdresser, she told me that considering how bleached and light my hair was, no picture I showed would ever come out the way I wanted it to. I had to slowly introduce colour back into my hair so the resulting colour would be really unpredictable and it would still fade out after awhile. So even I was surprised with the eventual result.

I chose to bleach my roots first, because I wanted my whole head to have a uniform colour, not colour blocks and especially not visibly darker roots.

Resulting hair colour. I left my pink streak alone because my hairdresser and I didn't want to take the risk and produce a weird coloured chunk there, since we couldn't predict what kind of colour would come out when we mixed the dyes. (Sorry, I only had on basic makeup here, this is how I usually look like when I go to school)

My hair is definitely brownish in colour, but its not a dark brown, its kindda ashy, with hints of gold and I can definitely see a pinkish hue to it and it looks bit orangish at times too. Esther called it strawberry brown but I don't know if there's any real name to this colour.

Unfortunately during the bleaching process, I tolerated the painful process for a tad too long because I totally forgot I had to put on another colour after that. So when the other colour was applied, I nearly screamed from the pain, it hurt so bad! I had no choice but to tolerate the pain otherwise I would have suffered for nothing, so I sat through the pain and I'm glad I did.

I'm still getting used to the colour but I'm really liking it, it's definitely different from the majority but I've stopped getting snide comments from delusional people who assume I'm trying to copy eitehr Lady Gaga or Xiaxue. Considering my hair colour would fade out and change over time, I'm wondering how it'll look like in the future, so I guess I'll see how it goes!


  1. That color is soooooo gorgeous! I also love how you kept a pink streak. Strawberry Brown suits it ^^ Although if it was a box color it'd probably be something like Raspberry Brownie or something tasty sounding :D

  2. I think it looks really cool & unique! ♥ I like the pinkish hint to it a lot, & your bright pink streak just helps to bring it out more~

  3. The pain sounds terrible.. the things we do for beauty D:

    I featured you on my blog today, please do check it out

  4. You look very good with that colour :3

  5. Congrats, I think you may have just found your "signature/trademark" hair color. (:

  6. @ Mitsu - Hahah thanks! And its become a new game with my friend and I to think of foods that resemble my hair colour, so far we've called it Latte, brownie and alot of other foods hahahah!

    @ Tori - Yea, the pink streak gives it more dimension I think, thanks for the like!

    @ Mie - Yess!!! I agree whoelheartedly!! How us girls willingly suffer so much pain for the fleeting thing called beauty ah!! Oh thanks babe for the mention in your blog, took a quick look at it! Glad you like my shoots hahah and my real name is Sandra hahah, now you know!

    @ Mika - Thanks alot!!

    @ ursie - Hmm, I won't really go so far as to call it my "signature/trademark" hair colour, but it is unique hahah, so my family and friends can now use it to eaily distinguish me from afar haha! So it has its uses!