Saturday, August 13, 2011

Casual Shoot & Preview of Other Shoots

Been pretty busy with plenty of shoots ever since my school holidays started. I've had bout 3 or more like 2 and an attempted one so far with yet another planned for this Sunday. Busy, but feeling quite satisfied because I can get nice pictures of my costumes and me in character, which rarely happens during events when lighting sucks and bad photographers are everywhere and putting up pictures that make me look ten times more hideous.

On to pictures! First will be the casual/ attempted shoot:

We went to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes for the shoot, love the view!!

Esther, Joshua, Kenneth and I ended up sitting by the Singapore River and spacing out and chatting while watching the sun go down. Kenneth managed to shoot these few nice shots though hahah!

My favourite shot and I only just realised that the waves in the water happened so nicely above my head!

Outfit consisted of:

Inner Camisole: Tutuha

White top(tutuha-inspired): Taobao

Skorts: Laggy

Thigh high stockings: Can't remember

Jeffrey Cambell Lita look-alikes: Galstar

Next shoot was for the Vocaloids PV, Kocchi Muite Baby, I cosplayed Megurine Luka. After sifting through my cosplay pictures, I think my face suits Megurine Luka better then the other Vocaloids. Too bad my height is meant more for Kagamine Rin or Hatsune Miku (and that's if I'm in heels) Hahaha!

Camwhore picture with Esther right after applying makeup

Super funny picture during the shoot, hahaha you should totally check out my face up close! Esther and I still laugh like mad at the ridiculous face I made.

I kept wondering why did the face look so familiar, then it hit me, I resembled Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, a comic I grew up with! Hahha, so unglam but too funny to not share!

Okay, here's a more "glamorous" shot of me which Esther took. Hahha, I look like a lady boss checking for quality control of the pictures in Kennth's camera. My legs look impossibly long here...

My last shoot, shall keep the theme secret till I get the pictures. Super shy bout it because its bit risque, so I'm still wondering if I should post the pictures here >.<""Super messy wig because I was lying down sideways and I'm glad my 2 weeks of dieting worked out. My tummy flattened and my thighs look slimmer too! Too bad I can't maintain this figure for long, I love food too much...

Whee! After Sunday's shoot, I'll be meeting Josephine on Tuesday, she's finally back in Singapore again! Yay! Then it'll be another cosplay event this weekend called Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention aka STGCC but the first day of the event will be clashing with Natsu Matsuir so I'll probably be rushing from the event to get to the next one and then back to the cosplay event the very next day! Bet it's gonna be super tiring but I'm sure nonetheless, it'll be fun.

Too bad that I'm not wearing a yukata for Matsuri this year! I won't have time to style my hair after the cosplay event so its pointless to wear it and I also couldn't get my hands on the one I wanted. But I'll definitely wear a yukata again for next year!


  1. shoot looks good^^ i like the pic with you sitting down too. you look really good as megurine luka~you suit pink hair^^ x

  2. The casual shoot is GORGEOUS & you know I love your cosplay too, haha ♥ Looking stunning as always, bb~!

  3. Your cosplay looks amazinggg!
    I can't really see but the last photo looks like Sheryl Nome's wig ! But I might be wrong xD !

    Anyway you look gorgeous as Luka *_*! I'll be doing Rin in the next few weeks ..I'm not sure how I'm gonna look as her but ;_; hopefully it'll be okay!

  4. @ kalai - aww thanks! I think I only suit this light pink, hahah I'm not sure I can pull off shocking pink like how Steph does.

    @ Tori - hahah thanks babe!! The shoot pics will be out soon! Just compiling and doing some editting to them first.

    @ Melody - Thanks and you guessed it! It is a Sheryl Nome wig, I did the shoot based on Pink Monsoon and Universal Bunny CD covers >.<" if you check them out you'll understand why I'm bit shy bout posting them.

    Oh! Rin is pretty easy to cosplay because she's really natural, I prefer using a peach blush for her because its more natural looking. Juz remember to cake on the makeup to smoothen the skin and do pink lips and add false lashes. Cameras always reduce any makeup you wear and don't forget she wears yellow nails!