Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Usamimi Headband

My black floral Usamimi. I also have another in white with tiny blakc polka dots and am thinking bout getting a denim one soon...

I don't always jump onto the bandwagon of the latest trends, on the contrary, I like to sit back, let it simmer abit before having a taste.

So of course it took me awhile to warm up to the whole idea of the Usamimi headband. I kindda felt it was bit stupid and bit much to wear on a regular basis, but after my friend showed me a shop that was selling it pretty cheaply, I crumbled and decided to give the trend a try.

After 2 days of wearing it, I can safely say that I am a convert and pretty addicted to it now!

It gives blah outfits an instant boost and makes everything appear that little bit more fun and playful, which is what spring and summer is totally about I guess.

Sure, it does illicit lots of stares, gawking, finger-pointing, whispers and others when I am wearing it down the street, but what's fashion when you cant have a little fun once in awhile?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal outfit 29 & Party

Sabbie, Wan Keeat & I, missing you guys already!

My outfit for the night:
Flowery dress: bought 2nd hand
Can-can hat: Yesstyle
Straw bag: gift from mom
brown wedges (not shown): random shop in Orchard central
Wan Keat has finally arrived back in Singapore!! I was so excited that I immediately asked her out even if it meant meeting up after work.
We did quite abit of catching up before managing to attend the D'J (extended) party held at The Cathay, thanks to Sabrina who was one of the performers (Rock on sabbie!!).
I can't say I was loving all the performers, especially the last band, who, according to Akimme, seeemd to have 'rolled out of bed and simply decided to give a performance that evening just because they felt like it" or something along those lines. I couldn't agree more! I mean, usually the last to everything is supposed to be like the 'Bang!' to end an event right? Sadly, that last band left me with a bitter taste in my mouth....
Anyway after the whole thing, Sabbie, Wan Keat and I ended up chatting the night away whilst supping at a nearby 24hr cafe. Despite waking up the next day with symptoms similar to a hangover due to a lack of sleep, I wouldn't have changed the evening for the world.
Hey... lets have another meetup like that soon kays?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup Review: Candydoll Loose Powder

Lately, I've been overhauling my current makeup and skincare collection. So I've been through more products then I probably have for the past 6 months to a year. So far, I've been pretty lucky and gotten pretty decent products that have been doing wonders for my complexion and skin, but this could be because I did ample research before making any snappy purchases.

Anyway, to cut short, this post is about Candydoll Loose powder!

Yes! Moi finally got her hands on one and hasn't looked back since.

Mine is the normal 01 face powder, not the shimmery limited edition version, and I love it alot. The powder is very finely milled so it goes onto your face smoothly, the powder also doesn't cake up so no wories about looking like you've put a mask on. It does help to make my complexion smoother and set my makeup to last longer, this way, I have absolutely no need to even touch up through the day, just a little blotting of excess shine here and there. This a pretty amazing feat considering my workplace is surrounded by spotlights that radiate high amounts of heat, so if my makeup hasn't turned into a horrid mess after my shift, imagine how long it could last when you're doing somehting normal, say shopping?

The container is small enough for you to slip it easily into your bag, but becasue the powder is so fine, there's a large quantity of powder packed into that little container, so one container could probably last bout 2-3 months, if you use makeup everyday like moi.

Now I can understand why lots of girls are raving about this loose powder, and personally, it's the best one I've ever gotten. Now to attempt to get the shimmery, limited edition version... hmm....

Personal outfit 28

My outfit consisted of:
white dress: bought in Macau
Denim shirt dress: Series
Belt: online find
Can-can hat: Yesstyle
Straw bag: gift from mom
Ankle boots: random shop in Orchard Central

On my last off day, I finally managed to actually put some effort into my slowly stagnating social life.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze numerous tasks into that one day. It started by meeting a seller all the way at Tampines, hitching a bus ride to Ikea Tampines to visit some ex-colleagues and finally rushing down to The Cathay to meet the BF for dinner and a movie.

Quite a frutiful day actually considering I managed to catch The A-Team, which I've been wanting to watch for quite awhile, spend alittle time with the BF and rekindle some old friendships....

Considering Wan Keat's home from Australia, I think I can pretty much forgo all my rest and off days in order to catch up with her and of course, prepare for next month's cosplay event. Now just crossing my fingers and praying damn hard that my wig reaches in time and my costume is done well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shopping Luck!

The first pair that caught my eye, its kindda like a milky brown that also appears somewhat nude in certain lighting.Love the rope detailing! My only gripe is the sole is completely flat and smooth so I'm worried that I might just brain myself on a lamp post or something whilst walking down the street... but at $29... heck! I'll take that risk...

Finally! I've found a pair of ankle cowboy boots! They're actually dark brown and in a velvety material. Usually I stay away from shoes in that material as they tend to turn to mush in the rain, but at $15.90 only... I'm not complaining....

Lately, I've been pretty broke lately after spending tons of money on make up and skincare, so I've only had a little bit left for clothes and shoes which is really difficult as I constantly have to resist all the great deals that are now flying around thanks to the Great Singapore Sale.... ugh, somebody just kill me already!
Anyway, it seems that the Goddess of Shopping has once again decided to bestow some shopping luck to me and this time, I managed to find 2 pairs of shoes in styles that I've been hunting high and low for! Not to mention, the prices of both combined are less then $45! Total steal!
Now if only some money would miraculously drop down from the sky, so that I can purchase the maxi dress I've been eyeing all week.... please?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Curiouser & curiouser.....

I was out doing grocery shopping today when I found this:

Milk Green Tea!!!

Out of curiousity, I bought it....

How did it taste like?.....

Lets just say....

Curiousity killed the cat......

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dreams... of My Own Home

Here's to dreaming:

In a city, but near the sea so that I can smell the fresh sea breeze everyday...
I'll walk down quaint streets like these...
And chill at cafes like these on my off days...

I'll have a reading corner in my home with piles of books scattered on the floor, high windows for plenty of light and a small table nearby to leave my pot of tea...

Of course I'll have a walk-in wardrobe, maybe as opulent as Kimora Lee Simmons... with plenty of shelving for shoes, bags, accesories and clothes...

The walls would have plenty of frames and pictures up like this, to hold photos of family and friends and...

Crazy artwork like this...

My living room would be filled with random furniture that don't exactly match but complement each other all the same....

My dining table would be small and round with a few chairs, I hate how cold, long rectangle tables are, you can only interact with those directly opposite or next to you...

My bedroom would be simple, as would my makeup table...

I'll take plenty of bubble baths with scented candles nearby....

I'll listen to music using my steampunk style Ipod...

Using the Grado RS1 heaphones (with a better sound system of course)...

And surf the net with my steampunk style computer and use a pocket watch to keep time...

I'll be 21 next month.... 15th of July to be exact and it's really dawning on me that I am already an adult. I've many more things to accomplish, things which I used to think when I was younger that I would have already accomplished by now such as getting my driving licence, having a job I love or in University doing a course I love, having a crazy social life etc.

But my path to where I am has been paved with plenty of fences and cobblestones so I need to get my head out of the dream cloud and really start to work on what I want to achieve, which is my dream job of being an Image Consultant.

However, despite my need for a dose of reality, I still love dreaming and lately, I've been dreaming of the kind of home I'd like if I could have it anywhere in the world and at any cost....

Now to only make this dream of mine real...

New Nail Colour

Anna Sui Nail Colour N in 700

Despite being a Japanese makeup brand, Shu Uemura is really strict about numerous things, for one, my hair colour is technically toeing the line on being too bright, but I guess because I'm a part-timer and on a 3 month contract, they're closing one eye about that matter.

However, during the training session, I was immediately pointed out for having on nail polish so I had to hastily come up with some random excuse and a promise to not wear such nail colour again (it was dark blue polish btw).

After deliberating between leaving my nails bare or painting on nude polish, I naturally chose the latter. I don't know, but in my opinion, having painted nails, even if they're plain shows that the person is more professional especially in this industry (I'm very concious about little details like these).

After hunting around for the perfect nude polish, I found mine by accident thanks to the Anna Sui counter conveniently located next to my counter and being on desperation mode to have some decent nails for my graduation ceremony.

I like that the colour is pinkish instead of simply beige and it matches my skin tone perfectly! My fingers look longer and slimmer everytime I paint it on (which is a godsend for short, stubby fingers like mine). The paint stays on for a decent 2-3 weeks before chipping and not to mention the signature rose scent of the polish, so that I don't have to suffer from inhaling noxious, headache- creating polish smells.

Sometimes desperation and accidents create the best results....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Makeup Review: RMK Cream Foundation

The product in question: RMK Cream Foundation in 102, $78 from RMK makeup counter

This is my bare skin, after a poor diet, stress and lack of enough sleep, I've gotten some pretty bad breakouts lately... not a pretty sight to see

The counetr guy was kind enough to give me a sample of RMK Cream Primer and it helped to cover abit of the redness and open pores...

I swiped on a thin layer of foundation over and this is the result, most blemishes are covered but ther's no cakey look...

A second layer of foundation for stubborn marks and blemishes and this time, they've been totally covered! I didn't even have to use a concealer! Not to mention, I still had a dewy, fresh look after 2 layers of foundation!

End result, after the rest of my makeup, skin looks really nice and with a porcelain finish, in real life the skin looks dewy even...

Even with flash, my skin still looks even and radiant at a certain point, I didn't do any editing to any of the pics btw...

Ok here's my first ever review on a makeup product so I'm just gonna be blatantly honest about how it feels and works for me so there maybe differing opinions but this is just my own.
Anyway, recently I had an itch to get some decent foundation. I've been usi ng drugstore foundation for a few years already and they've been decent enough. I've also used SK-II foundation for those special moments where I actually felt like putting on something bit more expensive (you know what I mean?), however I just felt that both lacked a certain oomph so I decided to research around on decent foundations.
After fliping through countless magazines, one particular foundation kept popping up, and that was the RMK Cream foundation. So I caved in and decided to try it out, and as you can see from the pics above, I'm mad happy I got it! It maybe pricey at $78 a jar, but consdering I use like a coin-size amount for my entire face, the jar would probably last me a few months which is bout the same as me buying my drugstore foundation every month which I used to do.

I highly recommend this foundation and I can totally understand why most Japanese models and hostesses use this foundation. In real life your skin looks dewy and translucent but yet you needn't pile on the loose pwoder and mattify your skin for pictures. I don't now what exactly did RMK do, but the foundation makes you look good both in real life and in pictures! So this foundation is definitely a 5/5 stars for me

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Circle Lens

With the lens only in one eye... I really have a o_O expression here...

I love the speckled design on the lens, though the black rim makes it very obviously unnatural...

After hearing great reviews about the Barbie King lens and staring a magazines with nearly every single model donning a pair. I decided I had to get a pair and see what was all the hype about.

And I totally do not regret getting a pair! They're sooo comfortable! I don't feel them at all throughout the day and they don't require any eyedrops unlike my Max Pure browns. In fact, my Max Pure browns are currently stagnating in a corner because I wouldn't stop wearing my Barbie Kings.

My favourite lens for sure!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bag Meme

My bag of choice, a Jimmy Choo Turquoise leather Hobo style bag. It's techincally my mom's but I use it waay more often then she does. It's my go-to bag as it's really large and roomy and the colour makes it easy to combine with most clothes. My bag's weight with all my stuff thrown in was bout 2.3kg (only?!)....

Pretty much most of the stuff I usually throw into my bag (row by row from left to right):
Cher makeup pouch (you can read my makeup meme to see what I stuff in, those some of the contents have changed abit)
Umbrella (I have a more frilly one for more feminine outfits)
Anna Sui wallet
Bone comb (great for frizzy hair as it has natural negative ions)
Handphone no.1
Chocolate mirror
Dollywink Lash case
Camera (the camera bag is representing the camera as obviously I'm using the camera to take the picture)
Blue key pouch
Shirotan tissue holder (I have the large stuffed toy too! And both SushiCat and Rinka own Shirotan stuffed toys too!)
Handphone no.2
Mp3 player
Pokemon walker (it's like the pokemon version of Tamagotchi, and you can only get one with the latest Pokemon games)
Book (this one is Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, love his dry wit and black humour)
Chlorophyll powder squeeze bottle (mix it with water for a drink, tastes bit like green tea)
Organizer (I'll be damn lost without one, Kutusita Nyanko is so cute!)
Last Month, Popteen did an article about the bags that the various models they have under their wing carried. It included the overall weight of the bag and of course a peek into the kinds of stuff they carry.
Some of them actually kindda scared me, I mean 7kg? Isn't that like waaay too much weight on your shoulder on a daily basis?

Personal outfit 27 & Day Out

The Mook I bought with the free Lomo camera, my dad ended up assisting me in putting together the camera, it's really cool and functional too! Now I just gotta buy film...

Totally forgot to bring my camera that day so this is the only decent full outfit shot of me. Was taken when I was touching up for our Purikura before being rushed by the storekeepers to hurry up (I actually feel this shot is pretty unglam but oh well....)
Anyway, outfit consisted of:
Beige jacket: Forever21
Floral tiered skirt: Nichii (bought last year)
Nude heels: DMK
Louis Vuitton Red Epi Leather bag
Cher makeup pouch
A pic of the amazing Steph herself! And of course moi...
Gotta love her hair!

And our Purikura, which Steph promised she'll scan for me sometime soon...

Hi everybody! I'm so terribly sorry for not updating as frequently as I would love to, I have plenty of ideas for posts but my work has been ridding me of the time and energy to actually sit down and write out the posts. It's pretty difficult when the company always has serious shortage of manpower so I'm forced to repeatedly (almost habitually now) to actually give up my off days to simply make up for the shortage. Of course on the plus side, I am earning more money so it's easier to pay for the stuff I need for my cosplay and to treat myself too.
Anyway, I recently met the gorgeous Steph and we shopped around abit (okay, more like I did the shopping and dragged the poor girl around with me! Sorry Steph!). I ended up getting a mook that was giving out a free Lomo camera and an amazing new foundation (which I'll be writing a review about soon! I promise!).

We also took some purikura, which I dearly miss as I always consider it a fun way to remember outings with friends, before settling down to chat and eat at a fast food cafe.

It may have been a short meeting, but it was definitely enjoyable and I look forward to have many more enjoyable outings with her!

Also, look out for Steph's own Gyaru blog! She'll be launching her own pretty soon! Yay to more Gyaru-ness!