Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Personal outfit 27 & Day Out

The Mook I bought with the free Lomo camera, my dad ended up assisting me in putting together the camera, it's really cool and functional too! Now I just gotta buy film...

Totally forgot to bring my camera that day so this is the only decent full outfit shot of me. Was taken when I was touching up for our Purikura before being rushed by the storekeepers to hurry up (I actually feel this shot is pretty unglam but oh well....)
Anyway, outfit consisted of:
Beige jacket: Forever21
Floral tiered skirt: Nichii (bought last year)
Nude heels: DMK
Louis Vuitton Red Epi Leather bag
Cher makeup pouch
A pic of the amazing Steph herself! And of course moi...
Gotta love her hair!

And our Purikura, which Steph promised she'll scan for me sometime soon...

Hi everybody! I'm so terribly sorry for not updating as frequently as I would love to, I have plenty of ideas for posts but my work has been ridding me of the time and energy to actually sit down and write out the posts. It's pretty difficult when the company always has serious shortage of manpower so I'm forced to repeatedly (almost habitually now) to actually give up my off days to simply make up for the shortage. Of course on the plus side, I am earning more money so it's easier to pay for the stuff I need for my cosplay and to treat myself too.
Anyway, I recently met the gorgeous Steph and we shopped around abit (okay, more like I did the shopping and dragged the poor girl around with me! Sorry Steph!). I ended up getting a mook that was giving out a free Lomo camera and an amazing new foundation (which I'll be writing a review about soon! I promise!).

We also took some purikura, which I dearly miss as I always consider it a fun way to remember outings with friends, before settling down to chat and eat at a fast food cafe.

It may have been a short meeting, but it was definitely enjoyable and I look forward to have many more enjoyable outings with her!

Also, look out for Steph's own Gyaru blog! She'll be launching her own pretty soon! Yay to more Gyaru-ness!


  1. Wow, a mook with a free camera? That is sooo cool! I want to try lomo cameras someday^^

    I like your outfit, it's very sweet. And it looks like you had a very fun time with your friend Steph. I love her vibrant hair too^^

  2. @ さらまり- Yea! The lomo cam is so cool, but I've yet to get any film for it.

    Thanks, it was a pretty haphazardly thrown on outfit hahaha, Steph's really fun to hang out, she'll be launching her own Gyaru blog soon so do check it out when she does!