Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal outfit 29 & Party

Sabbie, Wan Keeat & I, missing you guys already!

My outfit for the night:
Flowery dress: bought 2nd hand
Can-can hat: Yesstyle
Straw bag: gift from mom
brown wedges (not shown): random shop in Orchard central
Wan Keat has finally arrived back in Singapore!! I was so excited that I immediately asked her out even if it meant meeting up after work.
We did quite abit of catching up before managing to attend the D'J (extended) party held at The Cathay, thanks to Sabrina who was one of the performers (Rock on sabbie!!).
I can't say I was loving all the performers, especially the last band, who, according to Akimme, seeemd to have 'rolled out of bed and simply decided to give a performance that evening just because they felt like it" or something along those lines. I couldn't agree more! I mean, usually the last to everything is supposed to be like the 'Bang!' to end an event right? Sadly, that last band left me with a bitter taste in my mouth....
Anyway after the whole thing, Sabbie, Wan Keat and I ended up chatting the night away whilst supping at a nearby 24hr cafe. Despite waking up the next day with symptoms similar to a hangover due to a lack of sleep, I wouldn't have changed the evening for the world.
Hey... lets have another meetup like that soon kays?

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