Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shopping Luck!

The first pair that caught my eye, its kindda like a milky brown that also appears somewhat nude in certain lighting.Love the rope detailing! My only gripe is the sole is completely flat and smooth so I'm worried that I might just brain myself on a lamp post or something whilst walking down the street... but at $29... heck! I'll take that risk...

Finally! I've found a pair of ankle cowboy boots! They're actually dark brown and in a velvety material. Usually I stay away from shoes in that material as they tend to turn to mush in the rain, but at $15.90 only... I'm not complaining....

Lately, I've been pretty broke lately after spending tons of money on make up and skincare, so I've only had a little bit left for clothes and shoes which is really difficult as I constantly have to resist all the great deals that are now flying around thanks to the Great Singapore Sale.... ugh, somebody just kill me already!
Anyway, it seems that the Goddess of Shopping has once again decided to bestow some shopping luck to me and this time, I managed to find 2 pairs of shoes in styles that I've been hunting high and low for! Not to mention, the prices of both combined are less then $45! Total steal!
Now if only some money would miraculously drop down from the sky, so that I can purchase the maxi dress I've been eyeing all week.... please?


  1. the milk brown wedge sandals are really cute at an awesome price! total steal ;D

  2. @ lisangel - Thanks! I totally agree, it was sheer luck I found them randomly whilst browsing through shops