Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Usamimi Headband

My black floral Usamimi. I also have another in white with tiny blakc polka dots and am thinking bout getting a denim one soon...

I don't always jump onto the bandwagon of the latest trends, on the contrary, I like to sit back, let it simmer abit before having a taste.

So of course it took me awhile to warm up to the whole idea of the Usamimi headband. I kindda felt it was bit stupid and bit much to wear on a regular basis, but after my friend showed me a shop that was selling it pretty cheaply, I crumbled and decided to give the trend a try.

After 2 days of wearing it, I can safely say that I am a convert and pretty addicted to it now!

It gives blah outfits an instant boost and makes everything appear that little bit more fun and playful, which is what spring and summer is totally about I guess.

Sure, it does illicit lots of stares, gawking, finger-pointing, whispers and others when I am wearing it down the street, but what's fashion when you cant have a little fun once in awhile?


  1. I feel the same way in getting into the usamimi trend but hey it looks so cute on you it makes me want to try one :D

    I'm glad you wear your usamimi with pride girl! XD

  2. Oh I totally agree. Usamimi were everywhere when I was in Japan in May, but I resisted the temptation to buy one. I might just have to break down soon though since they are still in style through summer.

  3. @ Lana Isabelle - Thanks! It is pretty cute, and my friends kept playin with it when I wore it out hahaha.... Just give it a try, worse case scenario is that you laugh at urself for wearing it in the future!

    @ さらまり - Really? I can see it being shown quite abit in mags but after lookin at alot of street photos, most girls seem more into the can-can hat and scarf trend. Haha, go get some! They're really fun and I feel so cheerful while wearing them becauase its so weird if your angry and sour with them on.

  4. Are you from sg? I am, too.
    I just bought an usamimi hairband too! and I am kind of paiseh about wearing it because i'm afraid of the weird looks people will give me ): Singaporeans can be so judgemental haha. but good for you, so brave :)