Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup Review: Candydoll Loose Powder

Lately, I've been overhauling my current makeup and skincare collection. So I've been through more products then I probably have for the past 6 months to a year. So far, I've been pretty lucky and gotten pretty decent products that have been doing wonders for my complexion and skin, but this could be because I did ample research before making any snappy purchases.

Anyway, to cut short, this post is about Candydoll Loose powder!

Yes! Moi finally got her hands on one and hasn't looked back since.

Mine is the normal 01 face powder, not the shimmery limited edition version, and I love it alot. The powder is very finely milled so it goes onto your face smoothly, the powder also doesn't cake up so no wories about looking like you've put a mask on. It does help to make my complexion smoother and set my makeup to last longer, this way, I have absolutely no need to even touch up through the day, just a little blotting of excess shine here and there. This a pretty amazing feat considering my workplace is surrounded by spotlights that radiate high amounts of heat, so if my makeup hasn't turned into a horrid mess after my shift, imagine how long it could last when you're doing somehting normal, say shopping?

The container is small enough for you to slip it easily into your bag, but becasue the powder is so fine, there's a large quantity of powder packed into that little container, so one container could probably last bout 2-3 months, if you use makeup everyday like moi.

Now I can understand why lots of girls are raving about this loose powder, and personally, it's the best one I've ever gotten. Now to attempt to get the shimmery, limited edition version... hmm....


  1. Wow! I would've never thought it to be that good. I'm not really curious since I've set up a big Candy Doll order I'll have to add it in. Thanks for the review♥

  2. @ Mitsu - I think it's waay better then the Candydoll blush, I tried it out and the colour stays exactly where ever you put it on, so you'll look pretty terrible if you aren't careful about the application.

    The Loose powder is definitely better

  3. cutee blog~~ love ur style *o*
    following u from ricoche <3333

  4. @ Emy - Thanks! Followed ur blog too!

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  6. what is the difference between purple and pink stripe??

    1. Purple is normal but pink is shimmery