Thursday, June 24, 2010

Personal outfit 28

My outfit consisted of:
white dress: bought in Macau
Denim shirt dress: Series
Belt: online find
Can-can hat: Yesstyle
Straw bag: gift from mom
Ankle boots: random shop in Orchard Central

On my last off day, I finally managed to actually put some effort into my slowly stagnating social life.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze numerous tasks into that one day. It started by meeting a seller all the way at Tampines, hitching a bus ride to Ikea Tampines to visit some ex-colleagues and finally rushing down to The Cathay to meet the BF for dinner and a movie.

Quite a frutiful day actually considering I managed to catch The A-Team, which I've been wanting to watch for quite awhile, spend alittle time with the BF and rekindle some old friendships....

Considering Wan Keat's home from Australia, I think I can pretty much forgo all my rest and off days in order to catch up with her and of course, prepare for next month's cosplay event. Now just crossing my fingers and praying damn hard that my wig reaches in time and my costume is done well.


  1. Your outfit looks great, the sweet style suits you so well^^ I'm glad to hear you are rekindling your friendships and building up your social life! I should be doing that too haha!

  2. You're cosplaying for Cosfest? Which day? I'll be going on Day 2 to collect a costume from a seller. Let me know~

  3. @ さらまり - Thanks! Haha, yea.. better to keep up socially instead of being left behind...

    @ Steph - Nope, I'm not goin for Cosfest, I'll be working then, but I'm goin for the event after, the one on 10th July

  4. Ooh, I'll be in Japan then. Oh well. Shall await picturessssssssss.

  5. A-team!!! aaahhhh bradley cooper's HOT :D

  6. @ josephine - Itwas soo funny!! I kept laughin allthru the show!