Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bag Meme

My bag of choice, a Jimmy Choo Turquoise leather Hobo style bag. It's techincally my mom's but I use it waay more often then she does. It's my go-to bag as it's really large and roomy and the colour makes it easy to combine with most clothes. My bag's weight with all my stuff thrown in was bout 2.3kg (only?!)....

Pretty much most of the stuff I usually throw into my bag (row by row from left to right):
Cher makeup pouch (you can read my makeup meme to see what I stuff in, those some of the contents have changed abit)
Umbrella (I have a more frilly one for more feminine outfits)
Anna Sui wallet
Bone comb (great for frizzy hair as it has natural negative ions)
Handphone no.1
Chocolate mirror
Dollywink Lash case
Camera (the camera bag is representing the camera as obviously I'm using the camera to take the picture)
Blue key pouch
Shirotan tissue holder (I have the large stuffed toy too! And both SushiCat and Rinka own Shirotan stuffed toys too!)
Handphone no.2
Mp3 player
Pokemon walker (it's like the pokemon version of Tamagotchi, and you can only get one with the latest Pokemon games)
Book (this one is Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, love his dry wit and black humour)
Chlorophyll powder squeeze bottle (mix it with water for a drink, tastes bit like green tea)
Organizer (I'll be damn lost without one, Kutusita Nyanko is so cute!)
Last Month, Popteen did an article about the bags that the various models they have under their wing carried. It included the overall weight of the bag and of course a peek into the kinds of stuff they carry.
Some of them actually kindda scared me, I mean 7kg? Isn't that like waaay too much weight on your shoulder on a daily basis?


  1. Sandra!!! I loved your last post, your skin is so fair. Such a gorgeous skin tone. Your hair is mega thumb up too.

    This post makes me feel like I should be more girly, I don't carry much around with me haha. Sometimes I just carry my bank cards in my pocket only =___="


  2. @ Desire - Thanks Truc!! I guess the whitening program which I did for a few weeks was worth it despite me breaking out badly! Haha, my hair was actually not that greta, it was more curled on one side den the other... but I guess it loosened out and evened out in the day.

    Haha, I can never go out without my bag! I need tissues and my hp and alot of other things so yea! Hahahah