Monday, February 18, 2013

Arcana Famiglia Shoot

Now that I have time on my hands, I managed to get round to editing my shoot photos of my amazing Arcana Famiglia team! The shoot was pretty rushed but fun nontheless and we managed to take plenty of nice shots thanks once again to Vaxzone's wonderful guidance.

Shots with the baka trio LOL. If you watch the series or play the game, you'll get why they're called that.

With Esther and Selicia's sis (god I always foget her name *slaps self*)

Gabby being a cute butler haha.

Selicia suits her character, Pace, to a T.

Family portrait with weapons

An individual shot of me

Bonus shot of Gabby looking extremely moe like his character, Luca.

I have to thank Selicia, her sister, Mini, Esther and Gabby once again for being my amazing Arcana Famiglia team, without them the cosplay wouldn't have been as fun or as amazing. Also to Vaxzone for producing such amazing pictures during the time crunch and guiding us to producing the best shots possible within the shortest time span, and lastly to the Bf for assisting the shoot and preventing all of us from starving by buying food and rushing back to us.
No cosplay is ever without an amazing group of friends behind it, and I'm so lucky to have met the best people to enjoy my hobby with.

On a side note, I start a new job tomorrow as a marketing executive for a company. I'm hoping things will work out well this time so wish me lots of luck!  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Personal Outfits (Happy Lunar New Year!)

Happy Lunar/ Chinese New Year everyone!! This year is the year of the Snake, my zodiac year hahaha so you know exactly how old I am if you understand the zodiac calender. I don't fully believe in all those fortune predictions and stuff but well, seems like my luck and fortune will only improve in the second half of the year, oh well :/

Celebrated the first day of the lunar new year with my Mom's relatives, and as per tradition I wore a new dress:

Dress: Snidel

Had a bad hair day but I couldn't really care less, wore simple makeup with only basic top lashes and also wore flats LOL probably the most relaxed New year outfit I've had on for awhile.
Necklace: Osewaya

Came home to change into something more relaxed for the late dinner/BBQ:

T-shirt: Tiger & Bunny X Uniqlo Collab
Shorts: Uniqlo
Tied my hair up into a simple high ponytail
Scrunchie: Franc Franc

Met the bf for our early Valentine's day dinner today since he'll be working on the day itself

Knit top: Uniqlo
PVC shorts: Salvation Army
Stockings: Can't remember
Scarf: borrowed from Mom
Even simpler makeup today with no lashes, just mascara and I used peach blush instead

The only reason why single people tolerate with nosy relatives year after year LOL I jest.

Sorry if my blog is getting kinda boring now, I'm in the midst of trying to rebuild my wardrobe to head towards more of the style I'm trying to head to.

Gotta sign off now, I'm going fishing with my sis and dad tomorrow and we have to get up early to get prime fishing spots so till next time!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Hair & New Style

Late post is late and I won't make any excuses for it, only to admit that I was being lazy and kept putting it off. Well, here I am, finally getting myself to write down this post so apologies to all.

With the upcoming Chinese New year celebrations, I finally made myself get my hair done after bout 3 1/2 months since my last hair dye and hair cut sessions.

Showed my hairdresser this picture to get an idea for the colour. Though I told him to make the actual shade darker since my hair is still a tad weak after all the bleaching from before

The eventual result!! I love it! Though I'm bit sad that it's bit boring now, but hey at least it matches my skin tone.

After that I went to my favourite hairdresser for a much needed haircut, I also found out that under different lighting conditions, my hair colour differs, sometimes it looks bit red like here. I took the plunge and decided to cut my fringe back to blunt bangs, it just seems to suit my overall style bit more though I am still getting used to camwhoring with the new length.
As the title says, I'm moving onto a different style of dressing now. Something about gyaru just isn't cutting it for me anymore, not quite sure why but then again, I can't quite say I'm really gyaru lately anyway. The 3 main styles that have been influencing me lately are namely, Mori kei, Cult Party kei and Dolly kei.

great examples of the 3 different styles, pic found on Tumblr

To be honest, I still get alittle confused between the 3 since they all share quite a number of similarities. All 3 styles prefer vintage clothes though it's not quite a must for Mori, and I know that Dolly is probably the richest and most colourful of the lot with rich embroidery and great detailing. Guess I gotta do more research on them before deciding what to add to my wardrobe next time.

Of course with real life, I won't 100% dress like that all the time, my outfits will probably vary depending on occasion, mood, weather etc. so I can't exactly say I'm definitely heading that direction and I do love Gyaru-style makeup. I guess I might wind up with a mix of everything hahaha, let's just see how it goes, it might work, or I might just end up as a huge mess.

On  side note, I thought I'd try this Instagram beauty challenge for fun: 

I've been right on schedule so far (though I did start out 5 days late :p), and it's definitely been fun. I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to achieve day 13 though, I only apply makeup if I'm going out so yea... guess I'll figure something out by then hahah. So if you're interested in taking a look at what my postings are for this challenge, just take a look at my Instagram: hortaru 

Though I do have to warn you that it is filled with alot of randomness if you haven't already checked it out previously hahaha