Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christian Louboutin Eyes Japan

Famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin was in Tokyo earlier this month for the launch of Christian Louboutin Japan which is a joint project with Japanese company, Aoi. Christian Louboutin Japan will handle all Japanese retail operations including the opening of about 10 store within the next four years, with two freestanding shops amongst the ten.

“We felt it was very important to show a strong commitment to Japan by opening our own company here,” said Alexis Mourot, COO and GM of Christian Louboutin.

The company's Paris headquarters has been directly handlinga wholesale business in Japan for the past decade, and this operation will still run the same as before. In the past, Christian Louboutin's products were available at about 30 various points of sale around the country, but about two years ago, the company decided to trim their operations hence dropping the number till about 20.

The first store that will open under this joint partnership will be a shop-in-shop at a Matsuya department store in Ginza, Tokyo. The store will open in February, followed by the first free-standing Christian Louboutin store in Japan, also in Ginza district, due to open in summer. Current overall sales in Japan make up about 4 percent of total sales, but this number is expected to increase steadily in the next few years.

“Ginza is a very important area, and we have a good customer base here,” Mourot said. “Matsuya Ginza offered us a really prime location that we could not refuse.”

In celebration of this joint venture, the company held a private party and exhibition in Tokyo, they also displayed the products from the upcoming spring collection, shoes stored in the brand's archives and a portion of the designer's collaboration with film director, David Lynch titled "Fetish", which made its first trip to Japan.

Information from http://www.wwd.com/footwear-news/shop-talk-nike-hits-tokyolouboutin-in-japan-2378501?gnewsid=4a59ff905b3074059780345a0428a352

Taylor Momsen on Nylon Japan December Cover

Fashion magazine Nylon Japan features up and coming American actress and singer ,Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame as their cover girl for their December 2009 issue. The young starlet talks about the music she listens to, her band, and loving vintage and Chanel.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tsubasa Masuwaka & Koji Collaboration 3

Boards and display holders for the Dolly Wink products

Clockwise from top left:
Quick-drying, smudge resistant black liquid eyeliner
Soft core pencil eyeliner in black and brown
Portable storage for fake lashes
Easy-to-use eyelash glue

Walking along Shibuya right now, you'll be bombarded with images of one very famous, very blonde Japanese gal on a number of signboards and billboards. Of course only Japan's top gal model and gyaru mama, Tsubasa Masuwaka, can achieve such hype and publicity. Not surprising since she's constantly running around with several projects up her sleeves at any one time.

The advertisements this time are for her collaboration with cosmetics brand Koji, to promote her "Dolly Wink" eyelash and makeup collection. Other the fake lashes for both upper and lower lids which she's helped to create, the line also includes various makeup products to further emphasis one's eyes and to aid in attaining the collection's goal of becoming "adult cute", which is the main concept of Tsubasa's Dolly Wink collection.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Edge/s Models'

(from top left, clockwise)
Jun Komori (Popteen): Casual Celeb
"Hibo" Hiromi Imaizumi (Egg): Cool Sexy
Ayana Tsubaki (Koakuma Ageha): Natural Feminine
"Rumiringo" Rumi Itabashi (Egg): Girly Rock
(From top left, clockwise)
"Momoeri" Eri Momoka: Noble Gorgeous
Kinkirakin (Koakuma Ageha): Glitter Sweet
Kei (Nuts): Black Beauty
Gals on the cover are Rumiringo, Kei, Jun Komori and Momo Eri
I did abit of digging and managed to find out abit more about the new Gal magazine that is being released, not to mention, several pictures of the models who are being roped in for this project. Each model was roped in to represent different types of Gal looks and as you can see from the various magazines they come from, Edge/s is definitely trying their best to be as diverse as possible with Gal style. Not to mention, the magazine's vision is "No Concept But Edge".
From their offical website, the contents that will be in the magazine are grouped into different sections as follows:
What is Edge style?
  • 10 Rules of Edgelista
  • Fashion
  • Edgelista's Best Buy
  • Whose Bag is This?
  • kei's Underwear Diary

Seven Senses of Edgelista

  • Colors in Edgestyle
  • Photo archive
  • 4 Denim styles
  • Kei X Jel'emets Solo
  • Change the Girl
  • High Private
  • Edge Snaps in Tokyo
  • My Mama Life
  • 3 models on 2 hairs

Groove your Edge!

  • Key 1: step
  • Key 2: Chronicle
  • Key 3: Relation
  • Key 4: Culture
  • Key 5: Money
  • Key 6: Children
  • Key 7: Business
  • Key 8: eat
  • Key 9: boy
  • Key 10: body
  • Key 11: Love
  • Key 12: People

Abit early to judge it yet, we'll see how it is when its come out, but from the content listed out, it maybe more for the older Gals out there, those in the late teens to early and mid twenties even. I'm definitely waiting for it with bated breathe now after taking a look at their website, so I can't wait for it to be released late this month.

Btw, don't you just love the way the models are styled? Its such a refreshing change to see them dressed so casual and simple instead of their usual, overdone looks.

Information and images from http://cherrypop.over-blog.com/ and the offical website http://www.futabasha.co.jp/news/edge_style/

New Gal Magazine

There's a new Gal magazine in production and reportedly, its being called Edge/s.

Models that they have lined up to be featured in the magazine include, Kumori Jun, Momo Eri, Ayana Tsubaki, Fujita Sifow, Rumiringo etc. The magazine's content is defined as profiling models and talents whom they deem as trendy and good role models amongst the Gal community. They call these selected people, edgelistas, and the magazine will have tutorials on how to become an edgelistas yourself.

Supposedly, the magazine will be launching their first issue on 28th November, and the second issue in March next year. And if eveyrhting goes smoothly, it'll be a monthly production from there...

What I'm curious and surprised is that one model they did not include is queen of Gal, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Not to mention, despite its focus on Gal, the pictures remind me more of somehting from Jelly magazine. We'll see how it turns out, if it comes to Singapore,I'll be sure to get my hands on a copy...

Information and image from http://garuzupress.livejournal.com/

Second Jill Sander Collection for Uniqlo!

After the long wait for Jill Sander's, +J collection for Uniqlo, the collection did not disappoint all who had waited impatiently for its release on October 1st.

As expected, the sleek, minimalist designs sold out like hotcakes. So it was only a matter of time beofre Uniqlo decided to create another collection for spring next year. If that isn't good enough news, Jill Sander has decided to expand the collection after the success of the first collection, news is that she's currently in New York, busy with the new spring collection.

This reminds me of the fact that I still haven't gotten my hands on any +J items yet... if there's any left that is.... oh the woes of being a poor fashionista....

Information and images from http://thefashpack.onsugar.com/

Friday, November 20, 2009

Korean Model, Daul Kim, Has Passed Away

"I'm usually very miserable, so I reward myself with a fur coat every year"

Those were some of her words that offered a glimpse into her short yet sad life. With rumours swirling around that cause of death was suicide, its a wonder that no one noticed the sadness within her that was constantly written in her blog...

Perhas she'll find peace now....


Issey Miyake X Ettore Sottsass Collector's Bottle

In the year 1997, Italian free-spirited designer, Ettore Sottsass had a chance meeting with Issey Miyake resulting in Miyake requesting Sottsass to create a bottle to hold his now famous L'eau d'Issey fragrance.

Sottsass, who passed away 2 years ago, was one of pillars of italian design. He's best known as the founder of the Memphis movement in the 80's and for his work with people such as Olivetti, Esprit, Poltronova, Knoll International and Alessi.

Sottsass's priginal design was a transparent, oval-shaped bottle with tapered ends, made totally of glass. Inside the bottle are strands of red, pink and orange, all interwining each other. Sadly, for technical reasons the project was never completed.

However, now, the partly hand-made bottle is being sold world-wide in limited quantity, numbering to only about 2000. From the article, only 10 are available in Australia and are priced at $495 a bottle.

Despite the hefty price-tag, lets consider the fatc that Sottsass's work is extrememly, sought after. In fact, ShapiroAuctioneers sold a Srio vase designed by him for $4000 last year. Not to mention, expensive frangrances can set you back about $300 a bottle and an average pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses sells for about $940. So after considering all that, perhaps this collectable, limited luxe perfume bottled in an artwork may not be that expensive after all?

The article states that if you wish to purchase this piece of art, contact (02)9695 5678

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Bathing Ape X The Beatles Fashion Line

Evidently, Beatle-mania is sweeping the globe with reissues of their songs and even their own video game. Even after the fact that they have teamed up with Comme des Garcons, I was recently told that yet another clothes brand has jumped onto the Beatles wagon.

This time its Japanese clothing brand, A Bathing Ape (or Bape for short). They've collaborated with Apple Corp. Ltd (the Beatle's multimedia corproation and the company that manages their songs) to release a capsule collection that features the band. Word is that the line will include a number of shirts, sweaters and even a coin pouch. Prices will definitely be high though probably not as high as Comme des Garcon's line.

While the Comme des Garcon X Beatles line is expected to be released later this month, there hasn't been any official word about this collection yet....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chanel Launches In-House Magazine

Following the footsteps of retail chains Forever 21 and H&M, Karl Lagerfeld has decided to launch Chanel's first-ever in-house magazine. Its named 31 Rue Cambon, after the oldest and first ever Chanel boutique in the world.

They've decided to bring the big guns out and have hired Purple magazine's Oliver Zaham. As Zahm has explained, "this is the first issue of 31 Rue Cambon, the first Chanel magazine which I have art directed and designed for Karl Lagerfeld, to be distributed worldwide in all Chanel stores."

Considering its Zahm whose the art director, we can pretty much expect glossy and artistic pictures in the magazine. No news if the magazine would be sold in any stores outside of the Chanel boutiques, but moi is hoping very very much to be able to get it...

Information and images from http://thefashpack.onsugar.com/

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tra La La x Liz Lisa Doll Collaboration

Sister Brands with contrasting styles, Tra La La and Liz Lisa Doll are collaborating together to create a line, not much is known if this would be a continued relationship or a capsule collection.
From the 21st of November, the items being produced from the collaboration will be released. Currently only pictures of their bag (that includes both brands' logos on the bag) have been officially released but news is that other products being released include a Liz Lisa hoodie and a Tra La La ruffled skirt.

They are now accepting pre-orders so better grab them before they're gone! Reservation site is http://rshop.jp/lizlisa/reservation/info/456

Hello Kitty Mania

I've never been much of a fan of Hello Kitty, yep, never in the past 20 years of my boring average life. But even I notice how much work Sanrio has been doing involving Hello Kitty's 35th birthday, I practically see and hear whispers of hello Kitty mania everywhere and what made me sit up and take notice was the fact that an online fashion mall, Zozo Town and Hello Kitty have collaborated to produce about 70 different items from 20 different brands, offering a dazzling array of clothing, bags, jewellry and accesories for men, women and not forgetting, children. Of course, this amazing feat is found in the one and only Hello Kitty-crazed land of Japan.

The brands that are involved in this collaboration project are, Beauty & Youth, MackDaddy, GDC, Devilock, Glamb, Stussy, Another Edition, SecretBase, SiFury, Whiz, Isbit Guardian, Malko Malka, Nana Nadesico, Candy Stripper, Rehacer, Atmos, KariAng, Swati, Siera Leone, Vadret Tello, Smaddy, DoArat and Crystal Ball.

Considering their Limited Edition status and the products are from extremely popular Japanese and inetrnaitonal brands, plus the fact that they are Hello Kitty items, these products are probably gonna sell out fast. So if your a Kitty fan, better grab your hands on them fast!
Check out all the various items available at http://zozo.jp/_news/4096/4096.html?kid=16156

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grand Opening at Nike Harajuku Store

Just this morning in Tokyo, the new Nike Harajuku Flagship store opened its doors. Plenty of peopel were present for the opening ranging from excited shoppers, TV crews and people merely drawn in by the huge crowd.
Despite the slight rain, this didn't deter the crowd which stretched all the way up Omotesando Avenue and headed towards Harajuku Station. Those in line had a slight opportunity to see the special guests that were present including Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Boston Red Sox and Nike's top executives, not to mention a chance to buy some of the exclusive and/or limited edition items being offered to hype the opening.

The Nike Harajuku Falgship store is located on Omotesando Dori between Harajuku station and Meiji Dori, near the Softbank shop and Quest Hall. For the brave people who waited in line for the opening, they were rewarded with plenty of Harajuku-only items for sale, including a special re-release of two colourways of Nike Air Jordan 1 Retor High Sneakers.

Jimmy Choo for H&M Launch in Tokyo

Across the world on November 14, wherever there is a H&M shop, people queued since the wee hours of the morning in order to try and get their hands on the Jimmy Choo designed collection which consists of women's shoes, clothes, bags and accesories as well as menswear items, all sold at H&M prices.

Thus its no surprise that in brand-crazed Japan, all four Tokyo H&M locations - Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya and the new store in Shinjuku all drew incredibly long lines, not to mention the people were so persistent that even the rain didn't have any effect on the line. My online source took a look at the effect of this collaboration at the Harajuku H&M shop and witnessed about 200 or so shoppers queuing up around the block, all the while braving the rain.

Unfortunately, many people were left with tears in their eyes after nearly all of the Jimmy Choo for H&M items were sold out in that shop within the first hour of opening alone. But H&M had tried their best to control the situation as much as possible by enforcing a wristband system in order to keep trakc of who would have a chance for first grab at the items. The first 160 shoppers at each store earned a chance at getting a wristband which granted the wearer a chance (though not a guarantee) to purchase from the collection.

Judging from Tokyo's response, I can expect that H&M would have its stores wiped clean of the collection worldwide(and sudden swamps of it going for incredulous prices on ebay). Plus in this economy, such a reaction from shoppers is great news for the fashion industry.

Alexander Wang Top of Japan's List

According to Women's Wear Daily, a new survey that was recently published by Japanese newspaper, Senken Shimbun states that the cutting edge designs of American designer Alexander Wang tops the list of the favourites of Japanese buyers.

The runner-up in this survey is French designer label Givenchy, which according to the paper got only about "half" the votes, this is followed by Balmain, Japanese street brand "Undercover", Italian powerhouse Prada, fashion-forward Dries Van Noten, master of minimalism and sleek 3.1 Philip Lim, Japanese avant-garde fashion rebellion Comme des Garcons and France's super fashion powerhouse Yves Saint Laurent (all in descending order).

Across the globe, Le Journal du Textile, a french fashion trade publication also had a poll from retailers in France to divulge their bestsellers. In first place ranked Lanvin, followed by Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten and Jean Paul Gautier...

Limited Edition Christmas Cosmetics

Jo Malone's Christmas scent range consists of amber and lavender, nutmeg and ginger, grapefruit, pomegranate etc. all blended with Orange Blossom, the scents can be mixed and matched to suit individual's desires
L'occitane's Christmas collection are Candy Rose Body Cream and a Milky Bath Sweet Cherry (not sure what this is, maybe a bath foam?)

Shu Uemura's Christmas set contains a premium brush set which consists of brushes that most women use on a daily basis such as face/blush brush, blush/eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow brush and lip brush all packed into a dainty pouch

Lancome was strikingly similar to HR and Sisley, but they differed from their competitors by packing their little bag with their best-selling products instead of their latest range

Sisley is also similar to HR, by producing miniature verisons of their latest skin care range, plus a little pouch to store the loot

Helena Rubinstein's collection consists of their latest skin care range all packaged neatly in miniature versions in a classy clutch bag

RMK's Christmas Palette 2009 consists of Powder, 4 Eye Colour, Cheek Colour, mini make up brushes, Lip gloss and a bag to store it all

Jill Stuart's Cake- inspired Christmas Collection as I've written about previously

Estee Lauder's "Jewel Tiara Compact" with Pressed Powder and Dior's "Crystal Gloss Jewel" filled with a soft pink lipgloss and decorated with a visually striking array of Swarovski crystals
Once again, as every year comes to a close, make up brands start to create, promote and eventually hawk their limited edition cosmetics. I do have to admit, many of them are incredibly beautiful and to seal the deal, they often come in extrememly beautiful packaging, however, all these beauty often causes my wallet and card to take a massive beating and not to mention, often they create such beautiful colours with their eye shadows and lipsticks but due to their "limited" status, often when you've gotten addicted to that special shadow or lip colour, you can never ever, ever find it again (did I stress the never enough?).
Still, despite that very sad fact, its too hard to resist the delicious packaging, the soft often glittery colours and the "Limited Edition" status.... so bad luck for you Mr Piggy.... here piggy, piggy.... *evil grin plastered on my face with a hammer in my hand*....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comme de Garcons X Beatles photo release

Official pictures of the Comme de Garcons and Beatles collaboration have finally been released, but sadly only of the first bag in the collection.

Unfortunately, I was left scratching my head about how was the bag related to the Beatles until I read up that the apples were the logos for Apple Corps Ltd, the record company that manages the Beatles music and legacy. Silly me nearly mistook the logos for Apple Computer instead.

Rei Kawabuko's explanation is that she wanted to avoid any resemblance to a Beatles souvenir shop and instead focusing on a strong conceptual approach to the first series of bags. Since the licensing agreement is for three years, who knows what other desing shse might just come up with within that tinme frame.

The first items that will be produced from this collaboration will be ten different bags, all made in Japan using "embossed polyurethane or printed PVC and detailed with metal grommets, embossing and cords". There will also be nine different shirts in the collection. Comme de Garcons was also very sweet by deciding to not use leather in any of the Betales bags out of respect for Paul McCartney's strong belief in animal rights and vegetarianism.

Prices for the products will range from bout $115 for a t-shirt to $860 for the most expensive bag. The collection will be offically launched on November 20th in Tokyo at the Trading Museum, a new Comme stroe concept at the Gyre building. Word is that Yoko Ono will be attending the launch party.