Monday, November 2, 2009

New nail polish

Sorry, covering my face as I haven't done my make up yet...
as you can see, the nails appear navy..
After I've done my make up and my hair, but didn't really feel like showing my face... here my nails appear dark blue/black...

Been splurging on nail polishes recently, as being rather broke, they're the only ones that can at least scratch my itch to buy things without breaking the bank, plus not to mention I've recently started this habit of painting my nails every week.

Today's nail colour is L.A. Girl's Disco brites, in a colour called Hustle. Its pretty weird, it looks kindda like dark purple in the bottle, but looks like navy when painted on in white light, under yellow light it goes back to dark purple and it appears black in the dark.
Pretty weird, in a good way....

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