Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comme de Garcons X Beatles photo release

Official pictures of the Comme de Garcons and Beatles collaboration have finally been released, but sadly only of the first bag in the collection.

Unfortunately, I was left scratching my head about how was the bag related to the Beatles until I read up that the apples were the logos for Apple Corps Ltd, the record company that manages the Beatles music and legacy. Silly me nearly mistook the logos for Apple Computer instead.

Rei Kawabuko's explanation is that she wanted to avoid any resemblance to a Beatles souvenir shop and instead focusing on a strong conceptual approach to the first series of bags. Since the licensing agreement is for three years, who knows what other desing shse might just come up with within that tinme frame.

The first items that will be produced from this collaboration will be ten different bags, all made in Japan using "embossed polyurethane or printed PVC and detailed with metal grommets, embossing and cords". There will also be nine different shirts in the collection. Comme de Garcons was also very sweet by deciding to not use leather in any of the Betales bags out of respect for Paul McCartney's strong belief in animal rights and vegetarianism.

Prices for the products will range from bout $115 for a t-shirt to $860 for the most expensive bag. The collection will be offically launched on November 20th in Tokyo at the Trading Museum, a new Comme stroe concept at the Gyre building. Word is that Yoko Ono will be attending the launch party.

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