Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tsubasa Masuwaka & Koji Collaboration 2

The hairs are placed in a random sequence to mimic natural lashes, for a more natural outline of the lower eye area

Cross type lashes for the Dolly look

Straight lashes with a extended part in the middle for higher impact

Lashes are grouped into bundles of 2 or 4, more a more conservative, natural look

I had already done a post about Tsubasa Masuwaka's fake lashes which she had created in collaboration with Koji Spring Heart, however, a little birdy had told me that she didn't only create the popular, common fake upper lashes, but also the fake lower lashes that are adored and loved by gyaru gals and that is a constant presence in their make up pouches.

Similar to the inital lashes that were launched, there's a variety of lashes for different purposes and looks, its really difficult to not be amazed and feel the urge to purchase all...

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