Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Current Favourite Songs 13

This month's selection:

It Hurts (2NE1): As everybody probably knows, I'm not a fan of K-pop. But this music video really grabbed my attention, with the amazing set, costumes and wigs. The drama student in me was squealing in glee at this visual porn, I always sit in awe at just how amazing this whole video is and my heart yearns to be able to work with a set like this someday.

Universal Bunny (sung by the character Sheryl Nome, whose actual singer is May'n): I haven't watched this anime yet, because I'm afraid of getting too obssessed with Sheryl Nome and start having delusions of cosplaying her. Alot of cosplayers have fallen into that trap and I've seen a local cosplayer who seems hellbent on cosplaying her and no one else. But after a friend showed me this video, I couldn't get the amazing concert scene out of my head. Perhaps I'll start on the anime after all...

Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks (DJ: Teddyloid): I kept listening to this song when I was studying. The constant heavy beat kept me awake and the lack of lyrics helped me focus my attention on my work instead of attemtping to sing-along to the song. I love this song alot and its really awesome to listen to when I'm getting ready to go out, because I find it really sexy and helps to boost my confidence.

Rolling in The Deep (Adele): Is it just me or what, but lately I've found most Western pop to have gone quite stale in terms of creativity, I keep hearing remixes and such a la Jennifer Lopez and Black eyed peas. So I was very relieved and excited when I came across this song, it was the palate cleanser I needed and a very much sought after breathe of fresh air in terms of talent and creative direction. I hope this girl goes far though her kind of music may probably only reach a niche audience.

Kare Uta (the Gazette): My favourite song from them, I love the poetic lyrics and the way Ruki's tongue rolls over the words. All the better to hear his incredibly sexy deep voice, hahah its the fangirl in me calling out! I doubt I'll ever stop loving Gazette.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Makeup Review: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in PK-313

Wow, I just took a look at the comments on my previous post, I'm glad you guys liked my outfit though I was really surprised it got that much response considering I didn't put as much thought into it as my other outfits. But thanks for the lovely compliments, it really made my day!

My exams are finally over!! Yay! I'm not feeling too positive bout the results as I couldn't remember major parts in my modules so I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll at least get a pass. Not the best result I know I could get, but I'll be quite content with it. So now with the holidays, I'll try and finish up all the reviews that I've listed for sometime now, so apologies to those of you who have been waiting for them, I'll get them up as soon as possible.

Today's review is Majolica Majorca's Rouge Majex in PK- 313. Rouge Majex is kindda like a cross between a gloss and a lipstick, with the ease of being able to slick it on without the need for a mirror but yet with greater colour intensity then a normal gloss.

The ever-cute packaging that always makes me squeal with delight whenever I purchase something from Majolica Majorca

A swab of the gloss on the back of my hand. Its a sweet light pink with silver shimmers and as you can see, the colour is greater in intensity as compared to other glosses

(Left: With Flash, Right: Without Flash)

I applied the gloss on my bare lips and as you can see, it does give a slight pinkish hue that I could only previously achieve with the combination of a lipstick and a gloss. However, as you can see in the pic without flash, it does tend to get bit frosty if you apply more then just a thin swab, but since I usually apply it over my Anna Sui pink lipsticks, it doesn't really produce the frosty effect.

I had decided to get it after I was getting rather irritated at my other 2 Majorlica Majorca Honey Pump lipglosses for constantly failing me. They didn't do much in terms of boosting my lipstick's colour, so I use them as nude glosses now. So in summary:

Colour: Sheer pink for me but some people have claimed it looks more peachy on them, so I guess it depends on your skintone. There is some shimmer in it so do be careful bout putting too much unless the frosty look is what you want to achieve, but other then that, the colour is buildable.

Ingredients: Claims to have olive oil and royal jelly in it to boost moisturizing properties and giving it, it's smooth texture.

Texture: Smooth but bit sticky in the usual lipgloss way, but its wipes off more easily then normal glosses.

Scent: Smells bit sweet to me, almost like candy, but not in a nauseating, artificial manner.

Long-lasting: Not quite, like normal glosses, it wipes off easily so you do need to touchup pretty often, but with the doe-foot applicator, it should be pretty easy to touchup even without a mirror.

Cost: $17.90 (bit pricey for a small tube but I like the colour and texture, and since its quality is on par with other pricier brands, I don't mind re-purchasing this)

Generally Majorlica Majorca's products are pretty good, my only disappointments were the honey pump liglosses that washed out my lipstick's colour, but I've found better use for them as sheer lipglosses, so I guess if you do get the honey pump glosses, get the ones in stronger colours. Trust me, the colours aren't as intense as it looks when you actually apply them to your face. I feel sorta tempted to try out their powder foundation after I read that a Kera magazine model uses them. If its good enough for her to be used in shoots, I guess it should be good enough for daily use I guess. Only problem is, I'm too used to using liquid and cream foundations now hahah, so we'll see I guess.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Personal Outfit 60 (French Dinner & School Modules)

Opps, okay, I kept delaying this post because I was trying hard to study for my exams tomorrow so it's been like a week since I wore this outfit. I wore it to join some friends for dinner at a cute little french eatery and to select my new modules for classes next semester. Nothing really spectacular bout it because I was more concerned bout comfort though I did like my makeup that day:


Over-sized off shoulder wool top: Taobao

Ripped Leggings: Murua

Shoes: Online

Bag: Chanel

Spectacle frames: Random shop in Far East Plaza

Red lips and less intense false upper lashes, I also didn't bother putting any lower lashes. I loved my makeup base here, my skin looks ultra smooth! I did not edit the photo in anyway.

A pic of Esther and I, used a purikura app to add the heart because my eye looked really weird there.

Ugh, I'm kindda upset about my whole school module selection thing. What happened was that I did the pre-registration with my friends but unlike them, I didn't get any information about change of classes or that their stuff had been registered and all they need to do was to pay. So blur old me, went to school, saw that most classes were already filled up, so I changed my registration to fit into the available classes. Only after the whole thing did my friends tell me that my registration had probably gone through and the school had probably failed to inform me, so now I suspect I may have a lesson all alone, without the company of my friends. Totally sucks!!!

Ugh, just gotta suck it up I guess, maybe I'll be able to make new friends I guess.

Friday, April 15, 2011

SOYC Cosplay Event + Pics

Finally, I'm gonna post about the recent cosplay event I went to. As you've probably read from the last post, it was a less then thrilling affair for me as I was constantly stressed out about my exam and I was literally being pushed and jostled about by the ever-increasing crowd throughout the day. But it was an experience nonetheless and I did meet some new people as well as catch up with some other people. I also did a fair bit of hair-cutting (technically, wig-cutting) practice on Esther's weirdly shaped wig and I wanted to strangle it after awhile of incessant cutting that didn't seem to affect it in any way. We finally hacked crazily at it in anger and it did turn out slightly better. On to pictures I guess before I start rambling on again:
Helped a friend do his makeup and a massive scar on his face. he's a cosplay newbie but he's helping me quite abit by being my male prop in the Just be Friends shoot and he'll also be my Claude Faustus partner for Cosfest when I'm cosplaying Alois Trancy

One of the few team pics we managed to get done before people started disappearing and I had to leave. I was gripping onto the handrails for dear life when descending those stairs because of my platform heels.

One of my favourite pics from the shoot near the end of the event. Thanks riE for being my Mikuo! (I know you'll be reading this!!) One last shot of me, to satisfy my narcisstic side hahah
I've got 2 more exams to finish up and then it'll be 2 weeks of freedom!!!! I have so many things planned for my 2 weeks of holiday such as meeting friends, cataching up with old friends, getting stuff prepared for my upcoming cosplay plans, and hopefully get my Just be Friends shoot done! The idea has been on the backhold for so long, I can see mould and spiderwebs growing all over it. Better get it done with as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you wanna see more pictures of my cosplays just head over to my deviantart: I needed it to satisfy my narcisstic side hahaahahah

On a side note, I've been bookmarking clothes to suit my new style, since I've decided to go into a more rock/gothic gyaru route, since Nonoka and Sakurina are my main inspirations now. I also ordered a pair of rings to suit this new style, so I hope my wardrobe overhaul would be done soon. Yay to a new fashion path!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Down and Out...

*mindless ramble of my feelings and thoughts over the past few weeks*

I'm tired, I'm stressed out and I'm being pulled in all directions. Things have been going downhill for abit, with assignments piling up, exams coming soon, stressed bout the SOY cosplay event and worried that I maybe becoming cold to the people around me because I always tell them the same thing lately when they try to talk to me which is, "assignment due soon. Chat later" which the "later" part never actually arrives.

I went for the SOY cosplay event today (or yesterday, depending on the timing I guess) and honestly, I was majorly disappointed. The location sucked, there were too many people and my team was anything but cooperative. Even my makeup sucked because of the build up of stress, late nights and sheer tiredness which caused my skin to flare up abit and look worn out. Even applying my thick photography/cosplay makeup couldn't conceal my tired, worn out look but I still kept a happy front and tried to help others the best I could with their makeup, outfit and wigs. But I couldn't pose properly for photos because I didn't feel my best and when I tried to smile, I noticed that my cheeks kept shaking and just wouldn't hold the smile, so I probably look glum and unhappy in alot of pictures.

I had to rush from the event to an exam and was bit upset at some of my team who took their time to do things and then was like all shocked and surprised that I had to leave without taking a team photograph with them, depsite telling everyone of them long ago that I had to make an early exit. I kindda feel that my personal sacrifice of choosing to carry on being the front person of the team instead of abandoning it and disappointing my team to study for my test was unappreciated, with people complaining bout everything and anything under the sun all day or conveniently disappearing from the team at regular intervals and not giving a damn about others. Perhaps I should just try to avoid doing cosplays in large teams from now on.... not much good seems to come from doing them and I'm often left feeling drained physically and emotionally everytime.

And speaking bout cosplay, a damn seller on Taobao ignored my agent's orders and thus i'm left with a sub standard obi belt for my Gintama Kagura costume that doesn't even have a ribbon. So I either have to find a piece of cloth that resembles the obi belt and make the damn ribbon myself (which I really have no idea how I'm gonna do that), or I'll just use my yellow yukata obi in replacement since the colour is pretty much the same anyway.
On the bright side, things are looking up.

I found a $5 note during the event today (I've always considered finding money a sign of good luck, and I've never picked up this amount before), the exam paper I had today was weirdly similar to the practice test paper I did just this week, and I've decided to drop from 3 modules down to 2 in the next trimester so that I can better cope with the assignments, and the exams will be over soon, so i can finally take my well-deserved break and finish up some overdue shoots.

Note to self, just hang in there, remember that with darkness there is always light at the other end...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Personal Outfit 59 (Shopping and recent gets)

I've kindda realised that my blog has been repeating itself with outfit posts and I apologize if you're sick of seeing my outfits by now. I've been really bad on keeping with my promise of writing up my skincare, makeup and lens reviews but I'll get to them real soon, I just need to get over my initial hurdle of the upcoming exams over and done with. Wore this for a brunch outing with old secondary school friends before doing some makeup/supplies shopping with my cosplay friends later:
Polka dotted dress: Bonica Dot

Black thigh high stocking with lace trim: Can't remember

Nude heeled loafers: Borrowed from Mom

Red bowler hat: Lips Enterprise

A closer look on the beautiful detailing of the collar. Okay, you can't really see it, sorry, but this was the best one that you could see the most of the detailing out of my many camwhore shots.

I actually bought the red bowler later in the day but decided to wear it immediately since it added some colour to my otherwise monotone outfit. I also bought a cardigan with beautiful draping and its cut so that the front hangs lower then the back, kindda like Sakurina's own cardigan here, wait maybe that's a shawl, but the draping is pretty similar. I was actually eyeing another jacket, that was similar to one that I am still regretting from not buying, but at $85++ its waay above what I'm willing to spend on a jacket that I won't wear as often.
After my decision to stop centring my style around gyaru and instead be looser with my clothing options, I'm embracing styles and labels that I used to love before I holed myself into gyaru. Like take for example, the shop which I bought my cardigan from, its from a local label called Mu, that features alot of unique draping, folds, pins and tucks in the fabrics. I stopped entering the shop after I decided to focus solely on gyaru style because it was such a different style, but now I'm loving it all over again. I still admire gyaru style and will incorporate their hair and makeup styles but I'm not gonna change what I like anymore just to fit into a particular subculture or style.

P.S. I actually bought this dress after falling in love with it when I saw Rinka wearing it for a TV show. I only received it after there was an explosion of polka dotted print on gyaru magazines, so I'm expecting girls to start jumping on this trend badnwagon pretty soon.