Friday, April 15, 2011

SOYC Cosplay Event + Pics

Finally, I'm gonna post about the recent cosplay event I went to. As you've probably read from the last post, it was a less then thrilling affair for me as I was constantly stressed out about my exam and I was literally being pushed and jostled about by the ever-increasing crowd throughout the day. But it was an experience nonetheless and I did meet some new people as well as catch up with some other people. I also did a fair bit of hair-cutting (technically, wig-cutting) practice on Esther's weirdly shaped wig and I wanted to strangle it after awhile of incessant cutting that didn't seem to affect it in any way. We finally hacked crazily at it in anger and it did turn out slightly better. On to pictures I guess before I start rambling on again:
Helped a friend do his makeup and a massive scar on his face. he's a cosplay newbie but he's helping me quite abit by being my male prop in the Just be Friends shoot and he'll also be my Claude Faustus partner for Cosfest when I'm cosplaying Alois Trancy

One of the few team pics we managed to get done before people started disappearing and I had to leave. I was gripping onto the handrails for dear life when descending those stairs because of my platform heels.

One of my favourite pics from the shoot near the end of the event. Thanks riE for being my Mikuo! (I know you'll be reading this!!) One last shot of me, to satisfy my narcisstic side hahah
I've got 2 more exams to finish up and then it'll be 2 weeks of freedom!!!! I have so many things planned for my 2 weeks of holiday such as meeting friends, cataching up with old friends, getting stuff prepared for my upcoming cosplay plans, and hopefully get my Just be Friends shoot done! The idea has been on the backhold for so long, I can see mould and spiderwebs growing all over it. Better get it done with as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you wanna see more pictures of my cosplays just head over to my deviantart: I needed it to satisfy my narcisstic side hahaahahah

On a side note, I've been bookmarking clothes to suit my new style, since I've decided to go into a more rock/gothic gyaru route, since Nonoka and Sakurina are my main inspirations now. I also ordered a pair of rings to suit this new style, so I hope my wardrobe overhaul would be done soon. Yay to a new fashion path!


  1. Awh~ I'm sorry to hear you were so stressed but you look great! ❤
    I'm so excited to see how your new personal style develops too~ rings ftwww, haha ;D

  2. cant wait to see your new style!

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW amazing cosplays!!!!!!! and nice shoes very very high i sopose that was a bit dificult to walk >____<


  4. @ Tori - Thanks alot bb!!

    @ Vernice! - Hahah, I'm trying to order clothes to match this new style. Just hope it turns out well.

    @ Harumi - Thank you! Haha, my friends had worn higher platforms then me before, it's just that I'm not used to them I guess haha