Sunday, April 3, 2011

Personal Outfit 59 (Shopping and recent gets)

I've kindda realised that my blog has been repeating itself with outfit posts and I apologize if you're sick of seeing my outfits by now. I've been really bad on keeping with my promise of writing up my skincare, makeup and lens reviews but I'll get to them real soon, I just need to get over my initial hurdle of the upcoming exams over and done with. Wore this for a brunch outing with old secondary school friends before doing some makeup/supplies shopping with my cosplay friends later:
Polka dotted dress: Bonica Dot

Black thigh high stocking with lace trim: Can't remember

Nude heeled loafers: Borrowed from Mom

Red bowler hat: Lips Enterprise

A closer look on the beautiful detailing of the collar. Okay, you can't really see it, sorry, but this was the best one that you could see the most of the detailing out of my many camwhore shots.

I actually bought the red bowler later in the day but decided to wear it immediately since it added some colour to my otherwise monotone outfit. I also bought a cardigan with beautiful draping and its cut so that the front hangs lower then the back, kindda like Sakurina's own cardigan here, wait maybe that's a shawl, but the draping is pretty similar. I was actually eyeing another jacket, that was similar to one that I am still regretting from not buying, but at $85++ its waay above what I'm willing to spend on a jacket that I won't wear as often.
After my decision to stop centring my style around gyaru and instead be looser with my clothing options, I'm embracing styles and labels that I used to love before I holed myself into gyaru. Like take for example, the shop which I bought my cardigan from, its from a local label called Mu, that features alot of unique draping, folds, pins and tucks in the fabrics. I stopped entering the shop after I decided to focus solely on gyaru style because it was such a different style, but now I'm loving it all over again. I still admire gyaru style and will incorporate their hair and makeup styles but I'm not gonna change what I like anymore just to fit into a particular subculture or style.

P.S. I actually bought this dress after falling in love with it when I saw Rinka wearing it for a TV show. I only received it after there was an explosion of polka dotted print on gyaru magazines, so I'm expecting girls to start jumping on this trend badnwagon pretty soon.


  1. I love your personal outfit posts! It's nice to see OOTDs :D

    Super cute dress! And your hair looks lovely~


    I totally love the blonde on you!

  3. Looking gorgeous! ❤ That red bowler looks amazing with your hair too~

  4. @ Ayame - Thanks sweetie!!

    @ Emy - Hahah retro vintage is uber girly and thanks for the compliment!

    @ Tori - hahah thanks bb!!