Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cosplay, cosplay....

I'm in the process of bugging my photographer friends and trawling the local cosplay community's website for any pictures of me at the Cosfest event and slowly putting them through the editting process of making myself skinnier and prettier (hur hur!).

I also need to work on my old Just Be Friends pictures, they've been on the backburner for far too long and should be ready soon. I'm just being picky with them becasue my legs had alot of bad marks because my eczema was flaring up then, so they also looked chunkier thanks to water retention. So I'm still contemplating if I should even be displaying them (>.<)"

In the mean time, enjoy this series of photographs that Kenneth took for me during the Haru Bazaar. I was playing around while he and Ryusei were prepping Esther for her shoot and he caught me twirling around and laughing like a maniac to myself. Kenneth initially didn't send me this batch of pictures, but I like them alot and I find that I just look so happy that I can't help but smile to myself at the thought of just how much fun I had that day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cosfest Here I come....

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...."

It's now 1:23pm and Kenneth is picking me up at 4 plus. It's hard to believe that the event that I've been looking forward to a month ago is happening this very weekend. It's been a crazy week of last minute preperation, praying for my Alois wig to arrive on time, writing up a list of what to pack and trying my best to not let my luggage bag explode from the sheer volume of stuff I shoved into it. I'm expecting more mayhem and madness this weekend since I'll be again on makeup duty for 4 people (Esther, Kenneth, Joshua and Daisy), but its a good kind of madness and mayhem, the kind you laugh about even after you're completely exhausted from it.

Looking back at the amount of stuff I'm bringing, I look more like I'm escaping to a far flung country for a few months instead of a quick local getaway. My luggage alone only contains all my cosplay stuffs, I'll be living off my other bag which thankfully my mum loaned to me as I doubt I have another bag large enough to contain all that I'm bringing. I can't imagine doing a cosplay photoshoot overseas, I'll probably pay extra for baggage if that ever happens.

Rememeber to look for me if any of you are popping by Cosfest to take a look. I'll be having a picnic with Esther tomorrow since we're the crazy and random Yato siblings from Gintama, and I'll be bossing Daisy around on Sunday as Alois Trancy since he's cosplaying Claude Faustus. So keep your eyes peeled out for us!

See ya!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personal Outfits 63-67 (Short Work)

Been bit busy lately because I've been helping my friend out at a retail store she's working at. Just a short 6 days but since the pay is reasonable, I figured why not? Especially when ever cent counts with a money-sucking hobby and ever-changing fashion trends.

The shop sells mostly office apparel and since the stocks are from Korea, most of the dresses tend to be quite feminine and with frills and flounces adorning them. So I figured I might as well dig out my old feminine looking dresses and stuff to match the type of clothes the shop sells, its not really nice to give a customer a rude shock after she waltzes in only to find a salesgirl dressed in goth or something.

I forgot to take a picture of the outfit I wore for my first day at work, and strangely I just realised it was also the only day I wore pants to work. Hmm.... the second outfit from the left was a trial attempt at mtaching a maxi skirt and I just found a rip in my stockings on the first outfit from the right. Damn it!

Makeup for all the outfits, you can pretty much match them from the headpieces I'm wearing and hairstyles. I'm seriously loving red lipstick now, though I always get stares from people who can't seem to appreciate the combination of red lips and blonde hair. Balls to you, everyone else not just Lady Gaga can wear this combination ya know?!

I need to pack for this coming weekend's Cosfest event. I'm seriously looking forward to it because its almost like a getaway with my friends since we'll be staying at a chalet close to the location. It'll also be my first proper cross-dressing cosplay since I'll be cosplaying Alois Trancy for day 2 of Cosfest, Ciel ballroom version doesn't quite count since I'm cross-dressing as a boy who's cross-dressing as a girl (confused much?) which equates to zero cross-dressing in the end. Luckily, Alois is a young British kid who has quite feminine features, so I don't need to try and look "man", since I'll probably fail at it. Esther does it much better.

I'm also trying to finish an assignment due this week but I'm having writer's block. Funny how blog writing comes easily to me, but writing an actual news story gives me nothing but frustration and blocks the flow of my creative juices. Haiz....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haru Bazaar 2011 (Miku in Seifuku Cosplay)

After dying from the heat and humidity of the Comifest 2 location, Esther and I decided to go to the Haru Bazaar instead of attending another day of Comifest 2. Main deciding factor was that the location was indoors and there was AIR-CON!!!! The event was alot smaller but just as packed and we also got to see our friend Sabrina win the karaoke singing contest!

On to pics, as always, fun stuff first:

Esther and I swapped costumes, so she's Kagura while I'm Miku instead. Sabrina is cosplaying Ranka from Macross Frontier, quite a suitable character since she won the karaoke competition.

Esther and I again. I can't deny she's definitely prettier then me when she does cosplay (thinner and taller too... bitch! XD) plus she always gets lots of requests for pictures.

Took purikiura at the end of the day, though there were more people (7 of us!) then the purikura booth could accomodate, so soemtimes you just see a part of their face squeezing in from the corner. Us 3 cosplayers took priority for photo space muahahahah!!!

Yay! And now its back to the more serious shoot for the day:

I brought a book, spectacles, a pen and a Japanese school bag to play around as props. I also tried a new eye makeup style and the upper lashes are actually Daiso lashes!

This picture is over-exposed but I still like it all the same

Miku is doing anything but actually studying... XP

This area outside was a nice spot to shoot some pictures

Ryusei got me to try a lying down pose. Not too bad I guess...

Met a few friends that day and made some new ones including one guy who's helping me alot for a article I need to write about for an assignment. Now I'm looking forward to Cosfest!! Kenneth, Joshua, Esther and I will be bunking together in a chalet since its really near the location, so that we wouldn't need to bother with the hassel of travelling to and fro and lugging our costumes and props.

Esther and I will be cosplaying togetrh for day 1, she'll be Kamui (my "brother") and I'll be Kagura again. Should be fun, posing all kinds of martial arts stances together hahahah. I'll be doing Alois Tracy (mean but cute!) for the seocnd day and I managed to drag my friend, Daisy to be my Claude Faustus, heheh I have a butler to boss around!! Now I'm just waiting for my alois wig to be delivered, why is my agent so slooooowww!!!! Grrr....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Comifest 2 (2011) Day 1 (Gintama Kagura, Yoshiwara Arc version)

Hey sorry guys for not updating for so long. Just been really busy with real life and I kept having to pester my photographer friends to hurry up and send their photos of me. Well, I've finally gotten the pictures for the weekend that I cosplayed, and Esther and I actually attended 2 different events but because we didn't really have much planned for these events we just decided to swap our outfits the next day. I also used this as an opportunity to give my Gintama Kagura kimono outfit a test run so that I would know what to expect for Cosfest. Okay enough talk, lets take a look at the pics! First up are the random, behind the scenes fun pics:

I laugh whenever I look at this picture because I find it looks so silly but fun at the same time. I was trying to do a "V" sign but Joshua's head is blocking my hand and Kenneth was scouting around for a good angle to take some pics.

Esther took this shot of me when I was gobbling a burger for lunch. I look like a hamster storing food in my cheeks but yet, this is so much like my character, Kagura, that its actually kindda funny. If you didn't know, she wolfs down food like crazy, and she literally eats all the rice straight from the rice cooker.

Since Kagura does martial arts and was trained in a dojo, I asked a group of Taekwondo practitioners who were conveniently practising in front of me if I could snap some pictures with them. This sempai was game enough and taught me this basic stance, because I know zero about Taekwondo.

Hahah, another picture, this time you can see the rest of the camera-shy students and sensei practising in the background.

Okay, now time for the more serious photoshoot pictures:

My favourite picture of the day. I had a "fat face" day so alot of my pictures made my face look chubby and round, but thankfully this one doesn't. I think the wig also contributed to the "fat face" look, gotta layer the sides abit more.

Love the movements in this picture (see my super stuffed pillowy ribbon, Esther and I nicknamed it fairy wings/mermaid tail, because its so big, I can hug is to sleep if I choose to do so)

Stupid lamp post (see if you can spot it!) ruined this nice nature shot, but it still looks nice anyway

Last picture, another one of Kagura staring out. She does that quite abit hahaha...

Sorry bout the picture spam, I know its bit much but I did have quite abit of fun that day, despite half melting from the heat and humidity and the event ending pretty early at 530pm. But it was a fun day, I'll update the next costume as soon as possbile. Just need to sort through the pictures now.

P.S. Thanks Kenneth (Zelmer) and Ryusei for the pictures!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tired But Happy

Attended 2 events over the weekend, and surprisingly, I had loads of fun! Maybe because I had already anticipated the events to be small affairs, so I didn't get my hopes up and ended up getting more then I expected!

Anyway, the rain over the weekend totally killed me, I was dying of the heat and humidity the first day, especially since it was an outdoor event and there were lots of foliage and greenery around us. I felt like I was walking around in a greenhouse, though I did end up getting some nice shots that suited my character. The second day was alot better, because I went to another event that was held mostly in an air-conditoned area, so the heat didn't kill me, but Esther had to brave a heavy downpour to get to my place so that we could prepare our makeup before the event.

Lots of pictures will be up soon once my photographer friends pass them to me and I'm thinking bout possibly writing a post about cosplay makeup, since I've had a few requests for it. Though I'm still bit apprehensive bout doing it since I'm not an expert and I definitely won't do a video since I doubt I have the time to do all the editting and stuff. We'll see I guess... (>3<)