Friday, June 24, 2011

Cosfest Here I come....

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...."

It's now 1:23pm and Kenneth is picking me up at 4 plus. It's hard to believe that the event that I've been looking forward to a month ago is happening this very weekend. It's been a crazy week of last minute preperation, praying for my Alois wig to arrive on time, writing up a list of what to pack and trying my best to not let my luggage bag explode from the sheer volume of stuff I shoved into it. I'm expecting more mayhem and madness this weekend since I'll be again on makeup duty for 4 people (Esther, Kenneth, Joshua and Daisy), but its a good kind of madness and mayhem, the kind you laugh about even after you're completely exhausted from it.

Looking back at the amount of stuff I'm bringing, I look more like I'm escaping to a far flung country for a few months instead of a quick local getaway. My luggage alone only contains all my cosplay stuffs, I'll be living off my other bag which thankfully my mum loaned to me as I doubt I have another bag large enough to contain all that I'm bringing. I can't imagine doing a cosplay photoshoot overseas, I'll probably pay extra for baggage if that ever happens.

Rememeber to look for me if any of you are popping by Cosfest to take a look. I'll be having a picnic with Esther tomorrow since we're the crazy and random Yato siblings from Gintama, and I'll be bossing Daisy around on Sunday as Alois Trancy since he's cosplaying Claude Faustus. So keep your eyes peeled out for us!

See ya!


  1. I see you've discovered the addicting power of + Labelbox, haha! ;Dvv
    Have a safe trip & lots of fun~! ♥

  2. Have fun! Give us loads of pictures :D xx

  3. I hope you have lots of fun! I can't wait to see pics!! :D

  4. @ Tori - hahha, yess!!! Combined togetehr, they're incredibly fun apps to play around with. Thanks! Hope you have fun in New York too!

    @ TheBadBarbie - hahah, I will! Once I've editted them up, I'll be posting them soon!

    @ MandarinPanda - Thanks!! I'm sill bugging my friends forthe pictures, but they should be up soon!