Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personal Outfits 63-67 (Short Work)

Been bit busy lately because I've been helping my friend out at a retail store she's working at. Just a short 6 days but since the pay is reasonable, I figured why not? Especially when ever cent counts with a money-sucking hobby and ever-changing fashion trends.

The shop sells mostly office apparel and since the stocks are from Korea, most of the dresses tend to be quite feminine and with frills and flounces adorning them. So I figured I might as well dig out my old feminine looking dresses and stuff to match the type of clothes the shop sells, its not really nice to give a customer a rude shock after she waltzes in only to find a salesgirl dressed in goth or something.

I forgot to take a picture of the outfit I wore for my first day at work, and strangely I just realised it was also the only day I wore pants to work. Hmm.... the second outfit from the left was a trial attempt at mtaching a maxi skirt and I just found a rip in my stockings on the first outfit from the right. Damn it!

Makeup for all the outfits, you can pretty much match them from the headpieces I'm wearing and hairstyles. I'm seriously loving red lipstick now, though I always get stares from people who can't seem to appreciate the combination of red lips and blonde hair. Balls to you, everyone else not just Lady Gaga can wear this combination ya know?!

I need to pack for this coming weekend's Cosfest event. I'm seriously looking forward to it because its almost like a getaway with my friends since we'll be staying at a chalet close to the location. It'll also be my first proper cross-dressing cosplay since I'll be cosplaying Alois Trancy for day 2 of Cosfest, Ciel ballroom version doesn't quite count since I'm cross-dressing as a boy who's cross-dressing as a girl (confused much?) which equates to zero cross-dressing in the end. Luckily, Alois is a young British kid who has quite feminine features, so I don't need to try and look "man", since I'll probably fail at it. Esther does it much better.

I'm also trying to finish an assignment due this week but I'm having writer's block. Funny how blog writing comes easily to me, but writing an actual news story gives me nothing but frustration and blocks the flow of my creative juices. Haiz....


  1. aww the pictures r so small i tried clicking them to make it larger but nothing hapend. but from what i see you look cute! yeh balls to them! i love how you said that. n i def love red lipstick too!

  2. Looking gorgeous~! ♥ Red lips really suit you~

  3. @ Bunnyluverz - Oh, I think it's because I combined the pictures using Microsoft paint, oops!!! Sorry about that!

    @ Tori - Thanks! I'm getting the hang of how I look with red lips though the Bf still isn't too fond of it XD