Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haru Bazaar 2011 (Miku in Seifuku Cosplay)

After dying from the heat and humidity of the Comifest 2 location, Esther and I decided to go to the Haru Bazaar instead of attending another day of Comifest 2. Main deciding factor was that the location was indoors and there was AIR-CON!!!! The event was alot smaller but just as packed and we also got to see our friend Sabrina win the karaoke singing contest!

On to pics, as always, fun stuff first:

Esther and I swapped costumes, so she's Kagura while I'm Miku instead. Sabrina is cosplaying Ranka from Macross Frontier, quite a suitable character since she won the karaoke competition.

Esther and I again. I can't deny she's definitely prettier then me when she does cosplay (thinner and taller too... bitch! XD) plus she always gets lots of requests for pictures.

Took purikiura at the end of the day, though there were more people (7 of us!) then the purikura booth could accomodate, so soemtimes you just see a part of their face squeezing in from the corner. Us 3 cosplayers took priority for photo space muahahahah!!!

Yay! And now its back to the more serious shoot for the day:

I brought a book, spectacles, a pen and a Japanese school bag to play around as props. I also tried a new eye makeup style and the upper lashes are actually Daiso lashes!

This picture is over-exposed but I still like it all the same

Miku is doing anything but actually studying... XP

This area outside was a nice spot to shoot some pictures

Ryusei got me to try a lying down pose. Not too bad I guess...

Met a few friends that day and made some new ones including one guy who's helping me alot for a article I need to write about for an assignment. Now I'm looking forward to Cosfest!! Kenneth, Joshua, Esther and I will be bunking together in a chalet since its really near the location, so that we wouldn't need to bother with the hassel of travelling to and fro and lugging our costumes and props.

Esther and I will be cosplaying togetrh for day 1, she'll be Kamui (my "brother") and I'll be Kagura again. Should be fun, posing all kinds of martial arts stances together hahahah. I'll be doing Alois Tracy (mean but cute!) for the seocnd day and I managed to drag my friend, Daisy to be my Claude Faustus, heheh I have a butler to boss around!! Now I'm just waiting for my alois wig to be delivered, why is my agent so slooooowww!!!! Grrr....


  1. You 2 look fabulous! ♥ You look especially adorable, haha~

  2. Your group did a good job on the costumes and the overall look. ^ ^

    I wish I was as good as you on posing.

  3. @ Tori - Thanks bb <3

    @ Sia - Haha, all of us were from different series, but we just hung around togetrh since we're good friends. Haha, the posing i have to thank the photogs and Esther for giving me tips.

    @ キャセヂ姫 - Thanks!!