Monday, June 6, 2011

Tired But Happy

Attended 2 events over the weekend, and surprisingly, I had loads of fun! Maybe because I had already anticipated the events to be small affairs, so I didn't get my hopes up and ended up getting more then I expected!

Anyway, the rain over the weekend totally killed me, I was dying of the heat and humidity the first day, especially since it was an outdoor event and there were lots of foliage and greenery around us. I felt like I was walking around in a greenhouse, though I did end up getting some nice shots that suited my character. The second day was alot better, because I went to another event that was held mostly in an air-conditoned area, so the heat didn't kill me, but Esther had to brave a heavy downpour to get to my place so that we could prepare our makeup before the event.

Lots of pictures will be up soon once my photographer friends pass them to me and I'm thinking bout possibly writing a post about cosplay makeup, since I've had a few requests for it. Though I'm still bit apprehensive bout doing it since I'm not an expert and I definitely won't do a video since I doubt I have the time to do all the editting and stuff. We'll see I guess... (>3<)


  1. I'm glad to hear your events turned out better than expected, thats always a nice feeling! And I can just feel what you mean by "walking in a greenhouse" thats so terrible haha

  2. @ SARA MARI - ahah, yeah it was nice espically considering esther and I had low expectations after getting disappointed repeatedly for so many times. Yea, teh heat and humidity was a killer, but we braved it and had fun in the end 8D