Monday, May 30, 2011

The Spa-Lon Spa Buffet *Advertorial*

* Advertorial* Brought to you by Cozycot & The Spa-Lon (Local readers only)

Moi was lucky enough to receive this blogger invite by Cozycot to attend a spa event on Saturday. So I excitedly dragged my fellow (beauty) blogger friend, Patricia ( along to the event to check it out. I was really intrigued with the name of the spa treatment (ATP 38) as most spa treatments tend to be named after some organic, floral thing to give you the impression that its relaxing and natural and all that, but when I noticed it was simply named ATP 38, that really caught my attentuon.

Here's the invite!

We were briefed on the amazing technology wonder that is the ATP 38. Its basically a machine that emits pulsing LED light rays to penetrate deep into the inner most layers of your skin to stimulate your cells. This would encourage healing, regeneration, pain relief, anti-inflammation and tons of other positive stuff. Best part is, it can actually be applied to any area of concern, not just the face but even body and hair too!

With an overwhelming number of people who turned up for the event, not everyone was able to try out the treatment. So after the first volunteer was randomly selected, I was quick to voice out my willingness to be the next volunteer to try out the treatment and was ushered to the changing room to change into the spa's fluffy robe, shorts and slippers. Loved the dressing room, it was large with multiple cubicles and a long makeup table and comfy chairs to sit on.

Unglam picture of me after changing into the spa's robes, with unstyled hair, minimal makeup and a dorky smile. I doubt photoshop would be able to salvage it, so I'm not even gonna try.

The first volunteer (I found out her name was Pris later on), trying out micro-dermabrasion and then doing the LED treatment on her face. I didn't manage to talk to her so I can't verify just how well the treatment went for her.

When it was close to my turn to try out the ATP 38 treatment, I asked the staff of Spa-Lon if instead of doing the same facial treatment for me, they would actually try out their LED treatment on my eczema wounds instead. I figured that if it worked pretty well for acne and stuff, it could potentially help me with my eczema problem. I know I probably threw a wrecking ball at their carefully-laid plans, but they amazingly accepted my random request!

Another unglam shot of me, with the LED lights focusing on my legs. I'm sure there's plenty of mug shots of me being posted around the internet as other bloggers were taking pictures of me doing the treatment.

Shining the LED lights on my legs to help with my eczema.

Treatment process

I honestly was so comfortable during the entire duration of the treatment that I was seriously tempted to just snooze right there and then. Of course the thought of me potentially snoring and drooling at how relaxed I was during the process and potentially embarassing myself in front of a multitude of bloggers kept me awake, but I seriously had to fight the urge to just doze off and sleep because I just felt so warm and comfy throughout the treatment.

Results of the treatment

To be honest, I didn't feel any different before or after the treatment, just terribly sleepy because I was so relaxed. But amazingly, that very evening I noticed that the skin on my legs had a healthy glow to it, something that I haven't seen since my eczema started appearing. My eczema patch has also started to scab over and its become less itchy and swollen. Which is amazing since it was just one session and trust me, I've tried everything possible to help my eczema and nothing has ever worked this fast or effectively before. So imagine if it works this well for my eczema problem, what could it possibly do for your skin?

I'll definitely consider approaching them for potential treatment for my eczema if my skin condition worsens and they have a branch conveniently located pretty near my home. If anyone is interested, this is the outlet I went to:

The Spa-Lon

302 Tiong Bahru Road


Contact Number: 6276-6313

Do check out their website for more details at:


  1. wow that looks pretty intense. Congrats on being invited yourself~ and how sweet of you to bring your friend along 8D

    lol omg i feel yea~ the thought of me also sleeping in front of others... no thank you! Save all the dignity you have!

  2. @ Mie - Yea! It was really lucky to be invited to soemthing like this and having a friend along made it all the more fun. hahahah, I had to try my best to not conk out because it was sooo relaxing!