Friday, May 6, 2011

Blonder and Blonder....

Bleached my hair again on Thursday evening, so I finally managed to be rid of the icky black roots.

After the twice bleaching process again, my hair is less orange but still yellow

So my hairdresser again dyed my hair after the bleaching process

End result! The top is alot lighter almost a milky kind of blonde (think Chii from Chobits), though my ends are still just a tad lighter then my previous colour

I'm abit surprised at the milky colour of the hair, though at least this means its reaching the nearly whit-ish blonde that I'm looking for. I just need to get it abit more ashen looking and not completely white and it should be exactly like Nonoka's. I also plan to add one lock of pink down one side, though it may be detrimental to all the efforts made to get my hair blonde, because of all my hair, the parts that had been dyed pink previously are the hardest to actually turn blonde. So once the pink starts coming off, I may end up with a weird orange streak. But the idea of doing that pink streak is too tempting, I may end up just buying a bottle of pink dye and constantly touching up on my own.


  1. I love the milky blonde colour~~xx

  2. I LOVE how this turned out~ you're definitely on your way to Nonoka hair & I love the idea of the pink streak! ♥

  3. OMG you're so blonde <3 I LOVE IT!

  4. @ kalai - Thanks!!! I'm still adjusting to it!

    @ Tori - Really!!! *gives puppy-eyed look* Ur comment made my day, hahah and the pink streak idea also came frorm Nonoka, except hers is purple.

    @ Emy - Yessss, I am Blondie now!!! Wahahahah Thanks!