Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi guys! I need your help real bad!!! I've had this shirt stuck in my head for awhile now and for the life of me, I can't remember what brand they're from. I clearly remember reading about them from someone's blog, but I can't find the post anymore T^T

Here's 2 pictures of the back and front, so please if anyone recognises it, please let me know! Thanks!!

The front, as you can see, the picture is too small and blury for me to see the brand! Whyyyyyy????? The "skull" is actually formed by phrases that are supposedly the last words of some famous people (macabre I know, but that's what intrigues and appeals to me the most about it)

The back has cut outs at the top and chain links

I've kindda exhausted all methods of searching as nothing seems to yield the result I'm looking for, so if anyone knows, please let me know!

(I keep getting the feeling its from Gilfy or Backs or something, but I really can't confirm)


  1. I wish I could help but I have no idea T-T

  2. Blooomzy had a buy similar to this in one of her old posts! Probably in April or March, but I can't remember ~_~ Maybe you can try asking her.

  3. It looks like tutuHA to me, honestly... I'm not sure though~

  4. @ Melody - Hahha thanks its okay!

    @ riE - ooooh!!! Thanks thanks! It was her blogpost that I had been searching for!!! Thanks so much!!

    @ Tori - Haha, thanks for trying anyway