Saturday, May 14, 2011

Personal Outfit 62 (Melting Under the Blazing Sun)

With temperatures in my country reaching bout 37 degrees celcius, I feel like a slug these days and all I want is to lie under a cool shade with the fan blowing directly at me and a cool drink by my side. However, my university friends decided on a movie outing so I was left scratching my head at deciding what to wear that could withstand the intense heat without making me sublimate in a fraction of a second whilst not freezing in the cold frosty air conditioning of the movie theatre.

I managed to balance both somehow with this outfit:

Maxi Dress: Random Shop in Holland Village

Lace Cropped Top: Online

Quilted chain bag: Bugis Street

I actually styled my hair, kindda like how Muto Shizuka constantly does it, a high ponytail with loose curls, but all my efforst went to waste when I got caught in the rain. So my hair went flat and frizzy and my left wedge broke. Not to mention, we ended up watching some teenage flick called Beastly that's a modern version of Beauty & the Beast in a high school setting.

I would have been pretty upset considering my bad luck during the day, but things worked out. I actually kindda enjoyed the movie because the 'prince' was nice eye candy and the 'witch', played by Mary-Kate Olsen, had a great wardrobe. Man, I wanna steal all the costumes from her character, everything was so goth-influenced with amazing hats and dramatic stockings and killer heels, they're everything I need in my cupboard like right now! Plus I made some new friends and laughed so hard that I was hoarse for the night.

Just the kind of outing with friends I needed for a few (or many) laughs....


  1. Lovely outfit! Especially digging the pattern of that dress ❤
    Haha, I kind of wanted to see Beastly when it was in theatres here... I thought that looked like MK in the trailer, but I can't believe it was actually her! XD

  2. Really love the maxidress <3 its so cute epsecially with the knit top over it ^^

  3. Maxxidress! So perfect on you I loveeee the knit top too it goes together so perfectly you look amazing!

  4. Loose crop top, gorgeous. & you look totally fab with that hair color! xx

  5. nice outfit! great combination :)

  6. @ Tori - Thank you! I think its better if you just rented the movie instead of wasting money to watch it in a cinema, nothing much to rave about other then Mary-Kate's wardrobe. I didn't realise it was her too, till I noticed her signature lip pout hahahah.

    @ Maria May - Thank you! The top gave it a fresh look I guess hahah

    @ Emy - Maxi dresses are loves!!! Thanks!

    @ Desire - Thank you! I look weird and sick without makeup with this hair colour though hahahah

    @ L - Thanks!