Sunday, May 1, 2011

Personal Outfit 61 (Twin Coordinate & Night Out with Steph)

Met Steph on Friday for some drinks with her and some friends. After one guy left, we went off to sing karaoke till bout 5 the next morning. Had alot of fun with her despite the drunken antics of her friend and getting yelled at by my parents for coming home so late.

So outfits:

Oversized knit top: Forever 21

Leopard Scarf: This Fashion

Shorts (hidden): Can't remember

Stockings: Anna Sui

Knee High Boots: Taobao

Bag: Chanel

If you're wondering what's so special about the stockings, that's because I wore them back to front, because I felt like there was too much details if I wore the lace-up design on the front. I bought them awhile back, but been too chicken and unsure how to coordinate it to wear it out.

Steph and I, with our twin coordinates. We both wore oversized knit tops, stockings and boots and even carried our Chanel bags. We also matched our contacts by wearing green ones and she wore her Navana wig to match my hair length. It was really nice when 2 ladies came up, chatted abit and complimented our bags.

A close up pic

We actually exchanged our knit tops because the one I had ordered from Taobao was so long, it reached my knees, whereas Steph's was so short it barely reached her belly button. But considering our difference in heights, our knits fitted each other perfectly haha!

I think Taobao knits hate me, the white knit that I wore in my previous outfit post was supposed to be cropped but it ended up too large again. Luckily this time it looked just like an oversized knit on me so I guess its okay, though the outfits I had previously planned had to be scrapped. Totally sucked!

Oh, Steph and I also took some purikura, so I'm waiting for her to scan them and I'll show them here once I get them. We'll definitely have moore twin coordinates up our sleeves so do check back!

Check out her outfit at her blog:


  1. cute stockings! they remind me of a betsey johnson pair i saw recently on UO.

    i've never been up for twin coordinates, but i've to say you & steph pull it off pretty well! even better that you guys managed to swap tops; double win. nice job! [:

  2. I really love your outfit especially the stockings <3

  3. Super cute outfit and hair! I love twin coordinating (never done one before though ;;)

    Its not fun getting yelled at, but nonetheless sounds like you had fun singing till 5 XD

  4. You both look gorgeous! ♥
    How is Steph doing btw? Tell her I miss her blog~~

  5. love the stockings~~ twin coord is so cute~ i wish i had someone to do it with me~x

  6. @ ursie - Ooh, betsy johnson has one in a similar design? Cool! Yea, it was lucky that our stuff fitted each other haha, and thanks!

    @ Maria May - Thank you dear!

    @ LanaXIsabelle - Thank you, and yes it sucks getting yelled at but the fun we had more then made up for it.

    @ Tori - Thanks bb!! Aww she's set up another blog, its in the link above, go follow her there!

    @ kalai - I'm a lucky girl I guess, maybe you'll meet your fashion sister one day!