Monday, May 16, 2011

Cosplay Photoshoot (Just Be Friends)

Had a relatively casual shoot yesterday following the Vocaloid MV, Just Be Friends. We didn't follow the whole video exactly since both my partner and I were having wardrobe and budget constraints so we just wore the more iconic and casual clothes. We actually took most of the shots at a back staircase in a mall, since hardly anyone except the staff who worked there uses it, but as always, security chased us out and demanded that we seek permission to use the damned location next time. Seriously, not like we're planting a bomb or something or disturbing the shopkeepers and their customers, we even clean up our mess, geez!

So we left and ended up finding this pretty nice outdoor location, which we might use for future Vocaloids shoots too! If anybody chases me away from this location too, I'm gonna take up law and study the clauses and conditions and rights for the public to use public property for whatever the hell reason we want!

The dirty staircase that we used for our shoot, I didn't even realise this pic had been taken as I'm clearly distracted with kicking around the rose petals haha! Esther looks cute and bishie as a Starry Sky (dating game for girls where the characters are all created after different zodiacs) character.

Esther took this shot of us, I think she lost the mood to do her own shoot after we got chased out. The left are Kenneth, a photographer and the one with his back to the camera is my partner for the shoot, we call him Daisy (long story...) and you can see me and the other photographer on the right.

I don't think the pictures here turned out that nice because it was towards the end of the day already so we were slowly losing light, plus my helium balloons magically untied themselves from my bag and flew away, ugh! I watched my $8 worth of balloons floating away till they became tiny black spots, carrying some of my ideas of some shots with the balloons away with them.

I'm waiting for the photographers and Esther to do some editting to the pictures before they send them to me, but so far in my head, I only have one picture that I really like and I hope its as good as I am imagining it. I also need to work on looking sad in pictures, because no matter how much I try, I either crack up or look like I'm bout to slaughter someone. So no depressive characters for me now till I learn how to get the sad look right.

Now that this shoot is done, I need to channel all my energies into my upcoming cosplays Cosfest, taking place in end of June. I'll be cosplaying Kagura from Gintama (Yoshiwara Arc version) for the first day and Alois Trancy the next day. Hehehehehe, I managed to bully Daisy into becoming my Claude Faustus so I have a butler to boss around on the day itself! Cross my fingers that the preperations get done as soon as possible.

*Just a little extra ranting* I got quite annoyed when I saw this family staring at me when we went to a nearby mall for dinner, the daughter even turned around after her father gestured at me and opend her mouth so wide, I swear I could shoot marbles in for fun. I had removed my wig by then but was still wearing my photoshoot makeup, and I fought the urge to walk up to them and tell them off, especially the mother and daughter for looking at me with a look that was a mixture of shock and disgust. I nearly spat this out at them "Sweetie, shut your mouth dear and learn to accept others instead of judging them before you know the whole story, and you're not that pretty yourself so don't hate. Your mommy dearest should teach you this much to not to judge others by the way they look." But I just forced myself to carry on walking. Esther did purposely smile sweetly to them on my behalf to make them realise that we did know that they were staring too obviously at us. A group of fat office ladies turned round and stared too as we were walking past a pizza place, though I could sense that all the stares were directed at me. I don't usually care when people stare, but just that family's reaction really hit a sore spot with their looks of disgust, stupid closed-minded people in Singapore. We're supposed to be a bustling, international metropolitain city for goodness sake, change your attitudes instead of acting like you just came from a farm in the countryside and pointing and gawking at everything that is just slightly different.

Funny thing is, I got more reactions that day then when I usually go out dressed in gyaru, I wonder why....


  1. As stupid as it is, I feel the same way about people who stare because of fashion/hair/whatever... You try to learn not to care or pay too much attention to it, but it can get super-annoying :(

  2. i cant wait to see the photos^^ i've always wanted to do cosplay but don't know anyone who'd do it with me~ i know i will some time though^^ when people make remarks it is saddening.
    but life is too short to care about what others think. as long as it doesn't hurt anyone we all should be able to do what we like~ keep up the good work.xx

  3. @ Tori- Yea, I don't really know why but most of the time, I'm able to take all the staring, gawking, finger pointing and rude remakrs, but just somehow the reactions hit a sore spot that day. Maybe I was tired after the shoot that's why...

    @ kalai - The photos are being editted right now, so it'll be awhile before they get posted here. I really recommend giving cosplay a try! Actually more like just try doing everything you wanted at least once in your life, you only live once after all ;) and thanks for the kind words