Monday, November 26, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Event

Steph and I managed to snag invites to the recent MAC makeup event for their latest collection, Glamour Daze. I'm usually not too bothered about MAC's collaborations but this collection definitely caught my eye, I just love the whole concept and retro-style look of the makeup & hair.

The place was incredibly crowded, naturally due to MAC's popularity, but I managed to snap a few quick pictures of the collection

 Took all I had to stop myself from grabbing these beautiful palettes. If only they came in the form of clutches, I would have grabbed them in a heartbeat.

 Their eyeshadow and blush shades look pretty similar to what I already have in my makeup box so alittle disappointing, but it was also inspiring as I never realised they could be used for the vintage look (LOL, yes I can be that dense sometimes)

 Steph and I kept molesting the pink bag, it was just so "us" LOL. The brushes were incredibly soft too!

 Watched a demo on how to get the look with the collection's makeup. I love the model's skin soo much!! It looked like porcelain from afar but I saw up close that she had alittle acne on her skin, so I'm really amazed at how well the makeup was applied to make her appear totally flawless!!

Also loved her hair, doe eyes, dress etc.... basically, they got the perfect model for the collection. End of Story. 

 Steph and I. Love her Emoda cropped top paired with the pearl necklace. I just look old with pearls, or maybe it's just me.

Outfit (amped up the exposure cuz the picture was really really dark & this was the only decent outfit pic I had):
Knit Top: Uniqlo
PVC skirt: Murua
Belt: Taobao
Necklace: Borrowed from Mom
Boots: Gripz
Bag: Jimmy Choo 

Steph celebrated her birthday yesterday with a party, so I'll churn out that post as quick as I can. But for now, gonna catch up on some zzzz before I head to work tomorrow. Nites people!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sponsored Review: Nail Decor

Been super busy with work as its been a real learning curve from knowing the products to how the office is run and stuff. It's a good thing that being a small company, there isn't much politics or a strong heirachy system since everyone's work differs from each other slightly so at least that's one less worry.

Today's review, kindly sponsored by KKCenterhk is about nail products that change your simple nail polish to something fancy and totally different from simply having plain, blah nails.  

No idea why blogger is being a bitch and refusing to let me turn the picture, but these were the items I chose for the review. Lovely nail stickers and ribbon decorations

I used a Dollywink nail polish (review coming soon!) for the bluish-green base and then carefully applied the nail stickers over it before sealing with a top coat. The ribbon was stuck on with nail glue

 Here's how my right hand design looked like, just some minor changes but the overall look is the same

The completed result! LOL only whilst taking this picture did I realise that the ribbons on my nails coincidentally line up when my hands are stacked this way
Picture of the completed result! From a different point of view 
My initial inspiration for the design of the nails was the manga/anime Paradise Kiss, and more specifically the dress the protagonist wore during the showcase of the team's final work.

You can clearly see why I chose the stickers with the butterfly and cloud motifs as well as the beaded butterfly decoration

What surprised me was how the eventual result actually looked pretty Oriental in design, kind of like a chinese porcelain vase motif or something. Oh crap I'm digressing again anyway here's the review:

Ease of use: 9/10 (just peel the sticker off the board and stick, I use a nail clipper to cut away the excess and I was done)

Effect: 9.5/10 (I loved the look of the stickers though it was pretty obvious that it wasn't painted on when viewed up close but there's only so many people who would scrutinise your nails from a super close range right?)

Lasting Power: 8/10 (being a rather rough person, I'm surprised it lasted a total of 4 days before I noticed the edges starting to peel off. A little tip is to seal the nail's edge with your top coat to try and make it last a day or 2 longer. The ribbons dropped off after 2 days but it wasn't surprising since the ribbon is fairly large and got in the way some times.)

Overall: 7/10 (really recommended for a special look like for an event or something but not regular use since it does take alittle more work on top of painting your nail polish.)

If you wanna purchase these lovely nail stickers or beaded ribbons or even other things (KkcenterHK has a wide variety of wigs, eyelashes & eyeshadows too!) do take a look at their online shop. Just remember this unique coupon code: somethingborrowedornew in order to get 10% off!

I'll be really really busy next week as I've got 3 different activities lined up. This of course means plenty of new material for you guys to read so till next time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post AFA Event

Still suffering from post-cosplay event syndrome though the event seems like it happened ages ago instead of a mere 2 days ago. The above picture is the collection of coscards I managed to get from friends/other cosplayers from this event, however, its a pretty sad collection compared to previous experiences. However, it can't really be helped since I did only have a day to go to the event as I had work commitments on Saturday.

I cosplayed Felicita from the anime/otome game La storia della Arcana Famiglia, who is the main character in the series. Being an otome game, I had my usual "harem" with me LOL, and was lucky enough to have a Malaysian cosplayer join my team specially for the event and shoot. 

 Made use of the Canon photo booth with lovely backgrounds. From left: Esther as Nova, Gabby (the Malaysian cosplayer) as Luca, me and Mini as Debito.

 Another picture but with a different background this time

There were alot of things to see at the event though I missed quite abit due to the sheer size and lack of time as well as having to fight the huge crowds of people all day long.

The Rurouni Kenshin movie prop and costume on display 

 Beautiful fan artwork of Cardcaptor Sakura on display. it was the only one and you had to bid for a chance to win it.

 [K] is this season's most advertised anime as well as Animax's most up to date series, so naturally lots and lots of advertising as well as these massive posters were on display all over the Animax booth

 Gabby being a fanboy of InuXBoku hahaha, he cosplayed Soushi before.

This cute statue of Kyubey was being used as a subject for photography at the Canon booth

Towards the end of the event, my team and I quickly rushed to a studio which we had booked and appointment with earlier for a quick photoshoot. We didn't know when Gabby would have the time or cash to head down to Singapore again, so we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have a shoot with him for the series.

 Playing on set while everyone was getting ready hahaha

A picture of my full team, Selicia and her sister joined us during the shoot as Pace and Liberta

Pictures from the shoot will be posted once Mini has edited them nicely.

Overall, time passed rather quickly, I was getting into the swing of things at the event only to realise that I had to get ready to leave for the shoot. Even at the shoot, we had to take group shots as well as everyone's individual shots within the span of 2 hours which is really really little time. However I did have lots of fun that day depsite not enjoying the event as much as I did for STGCC.

The next event I'm looking forward to is EOY (End-of-Year). I'll be with a partner and we'll be cosplaying characters from the series C The Money of Soul & Possibility Control. So look for me if you do pop by!

& a little funny extra during the shoot:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Things Come All At Once

As the title says, plenty of good things have happened in my life recently, and more speciifically within the the space of last and this week alone. Since it's too much of a hassle to post individual posts about everything, I'll just thrown it all into this post. So secure your seatbelt and check out the flurry of excitement I've had all week!

 Sweet Jo was in town last week due to some stuffs, so naturally she contacted me to meet up! I miss her whenever she's back in Indo as she's definitely the girlfriend to have for girly dates such as shopping or just hanging out and gossiping.

Shirt: Snidel
PVC shorts: Salvation Army
Laced-up Sandal boots: Salvation Army (the brand is stated as Free People, but I just like it because it's like a suede rip off of the famous S/S 09 Ann Demeulemeester sandal boots)

 Finally got a chance to do full makeup with contouring and lashes. I love how much my green Geo Mimi lenses pop in contrast to my darker hair

Monday was a day that I had been waiting for ever since I finished my last lessons about 2 months back. It was the day of my University Convocation and I finally got to don my graduation robes and mortar board for the event. It was really eye-opening to see the Dean of the school and other top professors wearing their own fancy robes and donning the different headgears showing their education rank as well as watching 2 students recieve their certificates for doing PhD.

 My robes and Mortar board. I still can't get over how much the colour resembles Gryffindor house's colour, I'm just lacking the gold sash

 Me standing next to the school insignia and motto

 Obligatory picture of me with my proud parents

 With some of my University friends who made team work and going to classes fun 

 With Ellialyn and Melissa, who without them would have made school work a complete chore. Thank you guys for giving me the best last memories of school, I'll miss laughing and joking with you guys as well as quarreling about what we should eat for lunch.

 Outfit for Convocation:
Top: Snidel
Skirt: tailored for me
Belt: This Fashion
Nude stockings: rnadom Taiwanese brand from Watsons
Shoes: Giorgio Armani

If you follow my Instagram you'd probably seen these babies awhile back. But if not, these lovely beaded shoes were purchased by my mom specially for my Convocation as she insisted I wear something showy instead of ordinary black pumps. It's a good thing that they are insanely comfortable too.

On the day of my Convocation, whilst busy fretting about in preparation for the ceremony, I received a call from a company I liked and they offered me a job!! So now, I'm officially a graduate and employed! I'm not really superstitious but I do believe and fate and charms and stuff, but I really think God answered my prayers this time.

I'll be working in a small company (really small, there's like only 6 people, including me) that import and distribute organic foods like chocolates, chips and fresh veggies and fruits. The bad thing is that being small, I'll be doing alot of work including packing and sorting the stuff though my main job scope is to bring in and secure clients to sell our products to. I also have to work some Saturdays, so I'll be missing one day of the AFA event next week haiz. The boss is really hands-on (he packs and delivers the products himself), so I'm sure I can learn alot from him and my colleagues.

The best part is that being a distributor, the boss doesn't give a rat's ass about attire, so I can wear whatever I want to work as long as I wear covered toe shoes and no jeans with rips or patches or fancy designs. He also told me as long as I look presentable, my hair can be whatever colour I want LOL. I'll also be able to climb the company ranks faster as the company grows with time. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that all goes well. 

Bought myself this lovely water bottle/flask/ thermos from Franc Franc as a present for getting a job. I had been eyeing it since forever.

I also bought a dress to stash in the office in case of an accident on my attire. It's the perfect crease-free and any occasion dress, though it maybe alittle too fancy for my workplace (everyone wears jeans or khakis and a shirt to work) but I don't care, I still like it. I'll probably get a few more things to make my work alittle easier and make my cubicle more home-y. But for now, I'm just a a bundle of emotions, feeling excited, nervous and scared to be officially starting proper work on Monday. So crossing my fingers and praying that all goes well. 

I'll still be running this blog as its become like a diary of sorts where I list down the highs and lows in my life, but with full-time work and cosplay, the number of posts may drop. However, I'll still update whenever I can so I hope you, my dear readers, will carry on sticking around and reading. But in the mean time, thanks guys for reading all my nonsense over the past few years.